The rules are not that complicated and will add to your skill as a member of the crew. We try as best we can to involve all the crew in the plots, and it will not matter if you are new to the role-playing experience or not. The rules will give you some background information as well as how the game works and who to go to for help if you find you need some.ns.

1. Character:

1.1- Make a character we will all interact act with, it must be original.
We do not do clones of Star Trek characters and we do not do Q or any superhuman heroes.

1.2 You will need to create a background that will support that position. If you are new to the Trek simm then it is a good idea to start out in a junior role so you have time to work on the character's interaction with others and do a bit of reading up on the kind of things your character would be responsible for. The more believable, the better the chance you have of getting the position on the ship you want. If in doubt, ask the captain for a hand.

1.3 Stay in character

1.3.1- If the Medical Officer just told the XO that she is pregnant, then no one knows but the XO. If the XO and CO are having a discussion and exchanging information about a mission and your character is not in the room, then you did not hear it. If the Captain says that we are on Red Alert, you do not go play in the holodeck.

1.3.2- You do not post the Captain coming to you with a problem or info on a mission unless she has approved it. However, if the Captain or XO states an order within a post that affects other crew or the ship, then it is assumed that the order has been passed on down the line to all crew that are affected by the order. For this reason, it is very important to carefully read all the posts

1.4-On the Islandica you are limited to one main character

2. Rank

2.1 You rank will be determined by your bio and sample post. Along with that makes sense IC.

2.2 You can only go so high on the ship.


2.3.1 Promotions are determined by your postings, both in quality, quantity, and your activity in OOC polls and decisions.

2.3.2 Ranks will be chosen by the CO depending on the things above,

3. Language, Violence and Sex

This means that there is no room for explicit violence and language. It's been decided that while there is plenty of diplomatic and peaceful missions in Star Trek, there's some violence as well. No need to leave out the good bits if that's what you want to write about... just make sure that your descriptions are appropriate and not over the top. While some sexual infringement is ok, remember that this is Star Trek - if you haven't seen it on the TV or movies, then we don't really want to see it in the game.

Don’t write what you would not want your grandmother to read.

4. Posting

4.1 On the Islandica we ask all players to post at least once a week. If you are only going to post once a week then that one post needs to be at least 500 words to count for your weekly post.

4.2 If you fail to post after a 2-week period you will be dropped from the ship.

++++++++Detailed Posting Policy++++++++++

I am never sure how to write posting policy. I want to make sure everything is fair both to those who want to be on a lot and to those who can only get on once a week or so. In the past I have done strike policies, which never seem to work. I tend to be very fluid and understanding But i need to make policy that will ensure a healthy simm. So below is what will be expected depending on your position.

No matter what position you hold you need to be on at least once a week responding to tags. If you have no tags than you need to be posting a personal log or solo posts of at least 500 words.

CO: The Commanding Officer is expected to be on almost everyday to respond to tags and messages. It should never take more than 48 hours for the CO to respond to you on anything. The CO is the person who moves the plot to the next page and should be active so we do not sit around too long.

XO: The XO should be on almost as much as the CO, and 100% as much if he or she is running an away team mission. The XO Also moves the plot along and should be on to do so in a timely manner. At most 72 hours is how much time the XO should be giving to respond to a tag or messages.

If the XO does not respond the CO will write for the XO to move the plot along. There will be no message sent asking the XO to respond the CO will just do this for the health of the simm.

The XO may be removed and demoted as the CO sees fit to keep the simm running healthy. The CO will send the XO messages and emails before taking such actions asking if he or she needs to be put on LOA or is having issues.

Senior officers: Senior officers are the driving force behind the ship they make things happen and are the bulk of the crew on most simms. As a Senior officer, department head, you should be getting on twice a week at Minimum to respond to tags. More is always encouraged but twice i week is required.

If in an importing post we will wait 3 days for someone to respond to a tag before we move on and leave it to be filled in later. If a tag is importing enough that it can not be skipped the CO or XO have the right to respond to the tag as that Character. For the health of the simm.

After seven to ten days of not responding to tags a message will be sent to the player by the CO or XO asking them if everything is ok and if they need a LOA. If the Player does not respond within 24 hours of that message there Character will be declared on LOA and will be NPCed out of the current mission.

The player will then be sent a 2nd message by the CO or XO. If player does not respond to that message in 48 hours they will be demoted. Be in mind you have been missing for 10 days now maybe more with no contact.

After being demoted a player will be sent a 3rd message which they will have 24 hours to respond to. If there is no response the player will be removed from the simm. Their Character will be written out of the mission and off the ship as the CO sees fit, this includes death. If the Player wishes to rejoin the simm they may. In a Non-senior staff position, with a different Character.

None-Senior officers: Players should be getting on at least once a week to respond to tags. Or to post a personal log or solo post. After 10 days of not being on they will be given the same warning and penalties as Senior officers above.


4.3 Everything that is written in character may very well be reacted to and will have consequences for your character, good or bad. Along with promotions, there will be demotions if necessary. Extreme cases will result in extreme measures. Eg. reassignment off the ship (create a new character) or court martial, etc. Likewise, 'battlefield promotions' of rank or position will occur if the situation warrants it.

4.4 If you have an idea for a mission or a sub-plot send it to your Captain in writing who will approve or reject it, and will say why

4.5 If you see a post that is taking the ship off in another direction, you know the poster has permission 'cause if they don't the post will be deleted, and may be cleaning the transporter room tomorrow with their toothbrush.

4.6 Read the posts...

4.6.1 Make sure if you are going to be at a dinner with the doctor that she has not already posted that she is in the middle of an operation. If you want to have dinner with the doctor, ask her out after the operation is over. Follow what is going on aboard the ship. We would not have an evacuation drill in the middle of the Security Chief's wedding.

4.6.2 Everyone's Bio will be up so go read it.

4.7 The CO/XO are responsible of keeping track of the posts and the plots.

The CO/XO will make sure the game is continuing properly, seeking to involve all players and all their plots. However at times the plots tend to interfere a lot and sometimes characters are not directly involved in any plots, for that reason all players have the obligation to help each other and the captain to streamline the posting. This means to make sure that there are no conflicts between plots. Major plots are started by the CO/XO but can also be initiated, with approval, from the CO/XO by other players. Minor plots, mostly departmental plots or single character plots can be posted without approval of the CO/XO. In general, post whatever you wish to post, but if you feel uncertain about the effects of the post on the major plots contact the CO/XO

4.8 Also you as the player will be held to your role. Department heads have a great deal to do with the main story, and are obligated to help those in their department. The XO is required to oversee all departments and make sure that they work properly. Whenever your role as department head or as XO falls significantly, the captain has the right to transfer you back to another position after three warnings.

4.9 When the captain falls out of his role significantly the department heads and the XO have the right to warn him and advise him on steps to be taken. The Captain cannot be resigned, be transferred off or be killed, unless he does so himself.

5. Keep it real…

5.1 This is our universe and it must blend in with the Star Trek universe.

The Star Trek universe copyrighted by Paramount and our imaginations must blend. Even in this universe we like to keep it believable.

5.2You will not have the Queen of the Borg surrendering her ship to you.

5.3If the computer is down then you can't use it till it is fixed. If you are the Doctor you do not go and fix the computer - the engineer will do that.

6. LOA

6.1 If you're going on vacation or doing exams or the dog is sick (you get the idea), let the CO know and we will put you on the LOA (leave of absence) list. This will keep you alive until you can come back and continue playing. A LOA is a planned absence and I can even send you off to 'visit a relative' if you need time away. Please remember ALL LOA requests must be in writing and you can email them to me off list. So talk to the XO or CO if you need a break.


7.1 No one, except the captain, is allowed to play someone else's PC or RNPC.

7.NPCs are an entirely different matter. NPCs can be played by anyone on the ship, and can be used at the will of the player.

7.3 At some points some players may become attached to some NPC and they can request the captain to make him an RNPC. This means that the NPC gains a status where it cannot be killed, transferred off or used in any harmful or very dangerous way by any player except the ones who created it and the captain.

8. Problems

8.1 There is a problem on the ship with another player please try to work it out among yourselves. If, however, it is being brought to others in the crew or you cannot resolve the problem, bring it to the XO and he and the Captain will sit with you both and help you work it out. Most of the time you will find a misunderstanding has occurred.

8.2 Should a player make a complaint against the Captain or XO or another player, then it must be put in writing and sent to the person you lodge the complaint against as well as the Captain and the XO. The Captain will have 24 hours to respond to the complaint.

8.3 If need be we will bring it to the Fleet JAG.

Breaking Rules:

Breaking the rules will result in a warning depending on how serious. Continuously breaking the rules or offending players can result in removal of the character from the game.

Remember: It’s just a game. From time to time people have duties elsewhere in real life. This means not everyone, not even the captain, is capable to be online every minute of the day. Also note that although we try to stick to the reality of the Star Trek universe, its by no means useful to judge other players. perceptions of that universe. Last but not least: This game is intended for fun and entertainment, make sure you are entertained and entertaining as well!

Special Note:

-These rules are subject to change.
-Any questions please ask me.
-The Captain will enforce procedures on the Islandica
-This means that your character will be held responsible for their actions
-The CO and XO hold the right to remove anyone from the simm without warning (this most likely will not happen)
-The CO reserves the right to edit and delete any post that changes the main plot.
- We are all in this for the fun. If you are not having fun let the Captain know and he will try to help you. If and when you quit, do it off list after talking to your CO.

Enjoy the game!