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Posted on Mon Dec 15th, 2014 @ 6:07am by Commander Vene

Good day,

I want to take a moment to inform everyone a little about NPCs and invite you all the make one.

There are two types of NPCs on this ship Linked and Open.

Open NPCs are NPCs anyone is free to use for any post. They may have a set personality, good and bad traits, but anyone if free to play them as they wish. These are fun NPCs to use as red shirts from time to time when you want someone who more than just "Random Crewmen,". Having NPCs on the crew manifest makes the ship feel real.

I highly encourage all members to make Open NPCs as they wish. I suggest they stay in Non-comm ranks for the most part but not they don't have to be.

Linked NPCs are NPCs that can only be played by the person who owns it. In most cases, these are family members of the players main character. You should treat them with respect and allow the owner to play that NPC if you want to post with it.

You are all welcome to have Linked NPCs, I think you need to contact me to link them for you. They can be None family members but they need to be in minor positions and should be low ranked.

I suggest that all department heads make one or two open NPCs for their department so you have someone to talk to on a normal basis.

If you want to make a NPC for a positions not listed on the manifest let me know and I can add the positions.

I am happy to be simming with all of you and together I know we are going to create great adventures. We are building a very interesting Crew of PC and some interesting or very normal :) NPCs mixed in would do us great.

Thank you,
Commander Vene


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