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Commander Vene

Name Vene

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 640

Physical Appearance

Height 5-6
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Vene looked to be coming on middle age but not there yet. She the names of her children and both her husband on her upper thigh cover a large scar from a rock climbing accident. She tends to wear her hair down with bangs to the side. When things spice up however she quickly tosses it into a sloppy Bun.

Vene Will be wearing an overcoat over Her uniform most of the time.  photo Var-Duster.png


Spouse 1st Husband Hiltin (Rip) & 2nd Husband Phen (Rip)
Children Hiltin Jr (Son with Hiltin)
Evey (Daughter with Hiltin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sense starting her “new life” in starfleet Vene has been pretty care free and light hearted. Going with the flow and enjoying everything life tosses at her. This is very much the way she views life when not on duty. More than happy to break a rule and have some fun.

However as a command officer she pulls herself keeping that care free self held in until appropriate. This does lead her to being lenate on her officers at times. Vene can be very protective of her crew at times. Stemming from her lost of loved ones in the past.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Able to read others
+ Welled versed in other cultures
+ Passion for finding out the truth
+ Great Listener
+ Engineering
+/- Takes time to hear everything before acting
- Personal issues with Borg
- Personal attachment issues.
- Lenate with crew
Ambitions Venes Ambitions are always changing but this moment in her life she would like nothing more than the experience new things that she has not seen or done in her 640 years.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Holodeck, Floating around with Gravity turned off
Telling stories and listening to others, People watching.

Personal History Vene was born in Earth year 1750, to two loving parents on her Home world. As with many races Vene went to school and grew up to the age of 20 pretty normally. She was an average kid nothing standing out too much. At the age of 20 Vene was exposed to the more advanced ideas of her race. Data which had been collected over lifetimes were brought to her attention.

It was her parents rule she could not leave to collect her own experiences until she was 100 years old. They believed that is how long it took before one knew oneself. Vene would argue that one can never know oneself making the rule mote but there was no point.

Until the age of 100 Vene spent a lot of time reading. She enjoyed fiction and the history collected from other races. As Vene got closer to the age of 100 her desire to experience other cultures for herself grew immensely.

On her 100th Birthday Venes father provided her with his old shuttle. He informed her that it was now time for her to leave the home world and see what was out there. Leaving the homeworld was Emotional for Vene but with her father's ship under her feet she felt closer to home.

For the next 20 years Vene was like a kid in a candy store. She would stop at almost every civilized planet she could find and take part in the cultures most extreme traditions or pass times. Vene was only discovered once as being an Alien after a bad accident while taking part in Underwater cliff jumps. She was luckily able to talk her way off the planet without any major problems. But was pretty sure whomever told the story would be getting a movie deal.

After getting bored with jumping from prewarp planet to prewarp planet, Vene chose it was time to experience the other warp civilizations. Most major civilizations somewhat annoyed her. she thought that might be because she had only read about them and Never experienced them herself.

Because everything should be experienced first hand she made the decision to become a Merchant. Her father had told her that he became a merchant and it was through trade and money he learned a lot about other races.

It seemed that sales ran in the family, for Vene had no problem starting up a business. After about 10 she very sadly sold her father's ship to buy a newer larger vessel. Her business took her all over the beta and alpha quadrants. She interacted with most races and tried to avoid the most violent. It was in this time her ability to read others developed.

Vene loved traveling around but after 50 years of it, now 170 years old, she thought maybe she should take a decade or two and make a home. While in communication with other on her homeworld Vene heard of a Planet called earth. A prewarp civilisation full of life and drama.

Taking the advice of her friends she set course for earth. Arriving in earth year 1920, Vene set up shop on the east coast of the United States in one of the worlds largest Cities, New york.

Vene instantly fell in love, the city was like none other. So many different beliefs and people in one location. Although at times the Humans could be savages to their own overall they seemed to be good people.

Vene set up a clothes shop in the city and spent the next 20 years attempting to experience all that she could. Every culture, every language, and every kind of food. She felt like she could live on this planet forever and never truly know everything about its people.

Much to Venes dismay however the nations of earth went to war. Vene was very much willing to stay in the city and see how this planet would handle such conflict. Being Present for a world war is rare. But Venes ship, hidden behind the moon, detected the manhattan project experiments. Using knowledge from other planets she chose to leave in the 1940s before the bomb was complete. She did not want to witness the death of a planet she loved.

At the age of 190 Vene found herself without a home once again. Not sure what she wanted to do she began to just randomly wander from planet to planet hoping something interesting would happen.

After a year it did. While on a prewarp planet called Gelta Vene met a man. She fell for him right away. For almost 5 years they lived together in bliss but Vene had not told him she was an alien.
When Hiltin, the lover of her life, asked her about having kids Vene had no choice but to tell him. She did consider just leaving one night but her heart wouldn’t let her. Hiltin was a pretty reasonable man and she believed he wouldn’t freak out too badly.

When she told him he did not believe him at first and it took her bringing him on her ship for it to sink in. Hiltin was upset but after some time was able to accept it. He was most upset that they would not grow old together, for Vene ageg so slowly.

After sometime the two chose to have children and after being on Gelta for 7 years Vene gave birth to twins, Boy and girl. The boy was named Hiltin Jr. and girl Evey. At the age of 15, when her kids started to notice dad was ageing and mom wasn’t. They told their children they were hybrids. After much denial and many arguments. Both of the kids wanted to see the galxay right away but Hiltin Sr. and Vene wanted them to know their own world first. Even only being ½ El-Aurians the children would have plenty of time to explore.

At the age of 91 Hiltin Sr. passed away. Watching him grow old without her was very hard on Vene. It was most difficult when she could no longer pass as his wife due to age difference. But she stayed by his side till the end.

Her now 261 and her kids 61, Vene left Gelta for the home world. For several years Vene showed and taught her kids the way of her people. It gave her purpose however she had to let her kids go at some point. Choosing to do the same as her father she allowed her kids to leave at the age 100.

For the next 50 years Vene studied on the homeworld and became a teacher. It was nice to live with her own kind again. 200 years away was a long time. She started getting into archeology after a while and joined a team on her own planet.

After many decades of working with mostly the same team members on lifeless and abandon planets Vene started to grow closer to man named Phen and at the age of 470, 170 years after the death of Hiltin, Vene fel in love.

40 years into their relationship, Vene and Phen began to talk about having kids. It was a big deal on the homeworld. The long lifespans made having kids a topic of debate. But before they could decide the Borg began to threaten the homeworld.

The El-Aurians held off the borg as long as they could but when it became clear the homeworld would be lost Phen and Vene left with Hiltin Jr, Evey and several other dozen of their race. the year was 2265 (earth) and Vene was 515.

For the next 28 years the El-Aurians refugees moved from planet to planet trying to stay together. They felt they needed to stay together but it was not easy. Vene allowed Hiltin and Evey to leave and find happiness.

It is in this time that Vene hatred to the borg grew inside her. She found herself attempting to find ways to destroy them at every planet. Hoping one race or another would hold a weapon or idea.

After 28 years Phen and Vene found themselves in the Nexus event within the Sol system. This event is something Vene never talks about for not only was it beautiful it was also destructive for Phen did not survive.

At the age of 543 Vene finds herself without her children, husband or homeworld. In an attempt to not completely break down she returns to one place that had no bad memories, New york. Hundreds of years had past but the city still felt like home.

It took years for Vene to start becoming an active member of life again. She spent those years reflecting on the life she had lived. The people she had lost and the time she had left, which was a lot.

On her 600th birthday Vene chose to start a new life. She knew she could never put behind her what had happened but she had to try. She had to look forward, smile and take life on. Reverting almost back to how she felt when she first left the homeworld. Vene chose to join Starfleet.
Venes time at the academy was interesting. Due to being in no hurry to graduate she took her time testing out all the department courses. after 3 years she chose Engineering for it was the thing she knew the least about.

Vene got along great with the other cadets. She tended to fill one of two roles, mother and adviser or instigator. She highly encouraged her classmates to try new and crazy things. Telling them they only had one life and they needed to experience it.

It took Vene another 3 years to graduate.
Service Record Academy: 6 Years engineering track.
USS Dillon: Engineer 3 years
DS8: Structural specialist 5 years
USS Maine: Asst. Chief Engineer 5 years
USS Lincoln: Chief Engineer 6 years
Starfleet Command Engineering Instructor while in Command and diplomatic Training: 5 years
SB76- XO 4 years
USS Rice: XO 4 years