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Lieutenant Mark Whistler

Name Mark Whistler

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6"1
Weight 87 kilos
Hair Color Bald with Brown Stubble
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Well built, with clearly defined muscles, Mark is easily distinguishable in crowds, and yet can blend in and vanish whenever he wants or needs to. He keeps his head shaved, and his deep voice is a trademark. He is quick, and strong.

When he was younger on his home world, he was implanted with ocular implants which allows him a 'night shine' vision, which gives him perfect vision in the dark, and he can change from either seeing clearly, or detecting heat and heartbeat signatures. He uses that in battle, which gives him a clear advantage. When his implants are active, his eyes are pure white.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Augustus Whistler - Deceased
Mother Annabelle Whister - Deceased
Brother(s) Malcolm Whistler - Captain of USS Victorious
Marcus Whistler - Captain of USS Antares
Sister(s) Carrie Ann Whistler - Federation Arts Academy
Other Family Kevin Whistler - Cousin - Convicted killer, Federation Penal Facility
Oscar Whistler - Uncle - Deceased
Amy Whistler - Aunt - Deceased
Devon Abraham Martin - AKA Scourge - Adoptive Father, Deceased
Jessica Martin - AKA Black Widow - Adoptive Mother, Deceased
Mike Lewis - Brother in law to be

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mark, having been raised on a planet of criminals, has a complete understanding of the darkness of the universe and of mankind. He will not hesitate to take the life of an enemy, and has done so before. He will also kill anyone who harms an innocent. He lives by a code.

His code means he protects the innocent, but growing up there were no innocents. He has killed more than six hundred people, but most of them were on Turalek, where there are no police forces to investigate.

If someone is a friend to Mark, then he cares about them enough to consider him a part of his family, and there is nothing more important to him than his family. He is devoted to them, even though his birth family want nothing to do with him because of his past.

He cares for his sister, and will never let anyone harm her. He will protect her with his last breath.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Hand to hand combat, marksmanship, weapons training, advanced weapons training, agility, explosives, stealth, basic combat medic, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, archaic cars and engineering

Weaknesses: Science, advanced medical, advanced engineering, diplomacy
Ambitions To keep his friends and family safe
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, working on old cars and transports, weapons training, listening to classical music, reading, playing the violin, playing the guitar

Personal History Mark was born when his parents, both Starfleet officers, were en-route to a medical conference, as his mother was a doctor. His older brothers were on Earth with their uncle, Oscar, and as he was born, the transport they were on was passing through an unknown system, due to an ion storm causing the ship to divert. As the ship approached Turalek Four, a malfunction caused the ship to crash land on the planet. Whilst everyone survived, they soon found out that the planet had no real law and as such, a portion of the survivors were killed by scavengers, wanting to get any supplies they could.

Mark's parents grabbed all of the supplies that they could, and found themselves hiding in a series of caves. However, their supplies ran out within six months, which meant they needed to find supplies and a new place to hide. They had managed to set up a subspace beacon, but although they didn't realize it but the signal wasn't strong enough to leave the system.

A little over a year after Mark was born, his sister Carrie Ann was born. However, during the birth, raiders found their encampment, and attacked, killing both Annabelle and Augustus. Before the children were killed, another group of raiders came along, and killed the first group. Feeling sorry for them, the leader, Devon Martin, known as Scourge, took the children back to his encampment with him, where he and his wife decided to raise them for their own.

By the time Mark was five, he was already learning how to fight, and when raiders attacked their camp, one raider managed to find their home, so Mark grabbed a curved dagger and used it to surprise the raider and kill him. Devon was proud of him, and gave Mark the daggers for his own.

At the age of ten, Mark was given an Ocular implant as well as a combination of Steroids, something everyone in the Scourge gang was given at the age of ten, to mark the ascent into manhood. He was also given a nickname of his own - 'Hell's Messenger' - and was to be trained to be in the attack groups.

However, at that point, several raider groups attacked the camps, and killed most of the camp, including Devon and Jessica. Mark managed to grab Carrie, along with supplies, and escaped the camp. He led her into the forest and managed to find an old tree hideout to live in.

Mark and Carrie lived in the forest for five years, and led her to the city. The two of them found a building to call home, where Mark took over. He and Carrie found a way to secure the building, and Mark took in a number of kids who needed a place to call home.

Mark learnt that the government of the planet had failed over a hundred years earlier to keep the planet stable, and chaos ensued. Space faring races used the planet as a black market hub as the security forces on the planet were there to merely ensure other species like the Federation didn't interfere with their world. Murder was rampant, and every crime was being committed on the streets. Mark had to fight off people trying to take over the building daily, and built up an impressive kill count, all the while making sure his sister was safe.

When Mark was 23, a Starfleet team led by Thomas Quinn found the planet and wanted to send in a team to recon the planet, to see if they could help. However, the security forces and the raiders found them, and attacked, killing two security officers. Mark, who was out gathering supplies, saw the attack, and as the Starfleet team ran down a dark alley, Mark cropped up and killed all of the attackers. He insisted the Starfleet officers remove their uniforms, and led them to safety.

The team was there for a week, learning about the planet from Carrie whilst Mark continued to hunt for more supplies, helping more people. A second craft arrived to help Quinn, but before leaving, Quinn gave Mark Starfleet Medical supplies and food to help the group he was protecting.

It was when Mark was thirty that he knew it was time to leave Turalek. He and his crew saw an Orion craft land on the planet, and they took it over, leaving the world behind. Mark knew they needed to leave because Carrie had fallen ill and he needed to save her. A few of his crew remained in the building, to carry on his mission. By the time he had left Turalek, his kill count was at least five hundred people. He had, however, never killed in cold blood, and that was something Mark would never do. He had only killed when he had to, preferring to save lives than take them if he could.

The ship got them to a black market outpost, where he found doctors who were able to save his sister. He and his crew decided to try and find a new place to call home. He had taken almost two hundred people from Turalek, and now they needed somewhere safe. They got money for fuel by selling the cargo of the ship, and headed for Federation space.

The first ship they came across was the USS Gladiator, commanded by Mark's brother, Malcolm. Malcolm, at first, was excited to see his baby brother and sister, and was saddened to learn what had happened, but he had already accepted that everyone had died.

As the Antares arrived, summoned by Malcolm as their other brother, Marcus, was in command, they all learnt what Mark had done to survive. They learnt of his strength, his implants and his cold, uncaring side.

They spoke with Starfleet, and were authorized to escort the ship to Earth. By the time they reached Earth, Malcolm and Marcus had decided that Mark was not a part of the Whistler blood line, because they had never been happy to take a life with so little disregard. Mark, at that point, criticized them for their hypocrisy after learning of the Dominion War, and the lives of the Jem Hadar. Mark agreed he would have fought the Jem Hadar in defense, just as he had fought on Turalek. Malcolm agreed with Mark, but Marcus, the older brother, rejected him, and ordered Malcolm to do the same. Malcolm, who had always obeyed Marcus, the older brother, agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Starfleet ran a complete mental and physical workup on Mark, and could tell he was a man they wanted on their side. Whilst he had been forced to kill before, he was a man who believed in honor. He was invited to join an advanced Starfleet training course, to speed him through the academy. Mark accepted, and asked that Starfleet do something about Turalek, to help the people there. To that end, a full task force was dispatched to help Turalek, a mission which is still ongoing. Carrie, whilst not joining Starfleet, was allowed to live with Mark.

The advanced course took Mark two years to complete, mostly because he had trouble adapting to Starfleet life. He was always armed, but the hardest thing he had to cope with was the discipline. He was close to quitting, but then he met a Vulcan woman, T'kella, who taught him meditation techniques and methods to help him calm his mind, which he used to become more stable, by Starfleet's standards.

However, as Mark finished the training, T'kella, whom he had begun an intimate relationship with, was killed in a shuttle crash when the shuttle she was in was struck by an ion storm and crashed into an asteroid. Mark didn't allow anyone to see how much it affected him.

When Mark completed the course, he was assigned to the USS Victorious, as a security officer.

Whilst he was initially looked upon with distrust by the security officers aboard the ship, Mark soon showed his dedication, and skill, by helping improve the rating of the security department aboard the Victorious. He pushed himself, and his team, to be the best, and soon enough the Security teams had an exceptional reputation.

Less than a year into his service, the Victorious came across a pirate battleship preying on trading ships. Mark was sent aboard with a security team and took out the pirates, showing his skills and abilities. Having saved a number of civilians, he earned the respect of his crewmates.

Five months after that, a crewmember was found killed aboard the Victorious, and Mark showed his investigative skills by studying the crime scene, and learning who the killer was, but not before the Security chief was killed.

Mark was promoted to Chief of Security aboard the Victorious, and again his team received an impressive service record, showing the best stats in training and in combat.

Aboard the ship, Carrie met Mike Lewis, a man whom she fell in love with. Mark warned the man not to hurt Carrie, but he could tell that the two of them were clearly in love. Carrie, who loved to paint and do anything art related, was truly relaxed for the first time in her life, and for that, Mark gave Mike his respect, and friendship.

When Mark was 38, the Victorious was finally decommissioned, after a full thirty nine years in service, and Mark was assigned to the USS Islandica as the Chief Intelligence Officer. Before the Victorious was decomissioned, Mark was able to help retrieve a kidnapped child by using his full range of skills, and Starfleet, in their wisdom, decided they needed to keep him using those skills, especially given the results.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Advanced Training Course - 2 years
USS Victorious - Sec/Tac Officer - 1 year
USS Victorious - Chief Sec/Tac - 2 years
Present: USS Islandica - Chief Intel