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1st Lieutenant Joseph Myomoto

Name Joseph Kazamir Myomoto

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 225lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Joseph (yō-sef) is a short, well muscled man with long black hair that is kept on a topknot in the traditional Japanese warrior style. A square chin bottoms what is otherwise a soft featured face. He has large thick hands that are calloused from his low tech weapons training.
Very swift of step, when moving with purpose he walks at a pace most people would almost call a jog.
His piercing blue eyes will meet any persons without flinching and yet show no arrogance.


Spouse His work
Father Hataiyama Myomoto
Mother Tatiana (Sirogostov) Myomoto
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Natasha Sakura Myomoto. A younger sister (17yo) applying to Starfleet academy for engineering.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A man of few words but direct approach he can seem very distant and hard to approach, which suits him just fine since he is. A very hard worker he repeatedly sacrifices personal comfort and time to get his work done. He is also extremely protective of anyone put into his care.
His extensive time undercover as a bodyguard has made his social skills rough around the edges and he feels very awkward in conversation with people, especially casual.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Dedicated to his work
+ Extremely protective
+ Always willing to improve and consider constructive criticism.
+ Very handy in a fight

- Does not relate well to others.
- Can be too quick to action when protecting someone.
- Diplomacy
Ambitions Would like to one day command his own deep insertion recon team and possibly one day work at Starfleet special operations command intel division.
Hobbies & Interests Spends a lot of his time reading about military history and running combat simulations in the holodeck.
When his ship enters a new area of operations he will be seen wondering the ship with pad reading anything and everything he can about the planets, people, and politics of the region.
Has an inexplicable interest in old earth firearms. Particularly side arms and long barrel rifles. Can be found in the holodeck in his off time practicing. His favorite is his "hand cannon", as he likes to call it. Impractical but big and loud, perfect for a bodyguard making a statement.
Privately he is passionate about traditional Japanese cooking and practices often.

Personal History Joseph grew up as light hearted and fun loving boy. His parents always encouraged him in everything he did, but, they did tell him that he does need to take things more seriously.
All through school and his combat training he was always the joker. This was tolerated though because he always had a big heart and good grades.

He continually scored high in memory and observation and extremely high in protective instincs on the aptitude tests.

Upon graduation Joseph was assigned to his first combat forces detachment as a security officer. Because he was such an outgoing person he very quickly made many friends and a few very close "comrades" (what he called his closest group of friends. A call back to his Russian heritage).

On one particular mission he and his comrades were assigned to hold a position to cover the units evacuation route. However because of poor operational security the plans were leaked and the intelligence unit didn't probe deep enough to discover the leak.

Their position was overrun but Joseph managed to escape and pull his friends to a secure hiding position severely damaging his hearing in the escape. This is where his good humor was burned out of him as He did his best to keep his friends spirits up and hopeful while he slowly watched them all eventually die.

Upon recovery he transferred to Intelligence full time swearing to never let anything like that happen again.
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy training in ground based combat/security with top honors and a member of Team Delta

5 years Starfleet Military Police
- 7 Tours in active combat
- Infiltration and exfiltration specialization training (Escape and evade)
- Finished Sergent military Police Emergency Response Team/Special Forces

10 years Marine Intellegence
- 3 years training, Intel gathering and analysis, VIP transport and protection, counter surveillance.
- 5 Years undercover work as mercenary personal guard for hire
- 2 Years additional training including officer training, advanced tactical, and counter intelligence.

Current - CTSO aboard USS Islandica