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Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah

Name Se'Lah

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 71

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Despite her age, Se'Lah appears to be in her early 20's. She has short black hair that is styled more like a Human than a Vulcan. Blue eyes, and a look of innocence. Don't let her appearance fool you.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Da'Lan (Deceased)
Mother Vila (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Until recently, Se'Lah was a typical Vulcan. However a recent head injury robbed her of her memories of who she was, her permanent Vulcan control, and her entire past. She tends to be the shy, quiet type, and has the ability to temporarily supress her emotions at will.

Due to her training in SFI, Se'Lah tends to be paranoid of others. As a result, she carries a 21st Century tranqualizer pistol on her at all times. It looks almost exactly like a .44 Caliber handgun. Se'Lah does not like energy weapons of any kind.

Although Se'Lah is still trying to learn who she is, she is still aware of her duties in Starfleet. As an officer, she tends to go by the books, but has no qualms disobeying a direct order if she believes the order to be a bad one.

As a Commander, Se'Lah understands her responsibilities, and would go the distance to protect the crew of the ship she serves on. She tends to be strict, and has a level head in most situations.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Level headed in most situations
Excellent in hand to hand Combat
Specially trained in the use of Bladed weapons
Specially trained in the use of Projectile weapons

Has almost no memories of her past
Paranoid of others
Has nightmares of her past in SFI, and the explosion which took her memories, but never remembers any of them
Ambitions Se'Lah's only ambition is to recover her lost memories, and continue her career where she left it.
Hobbies & Interests Collects projectiles weapons from various worlds, and various time frames
Collects bladed weapons from various worlds, and various time frames
Enjoys reading, Martial Arts sparring, Stargazing, target practice, and the occasional game of standard Chess.

Personal History Se'Lah was born on her home planet of Vulcan in the year 2324 to Da'Lan, and Vila. Her first 18 years of life were lived as a typical Vulcan child. She learned emotional control, and went to Vulcan schools to learn the ways of her people.

On her 18th birthday, Se'Lah left Vulcan and headed to Earth to join Starfleet Academy. During her time at the Academy, Se'Lah showed great skill in using weapons, and so she majored in security.

Four years later, Se'Lah graduated from Starfleet Academy in the top 100 of her class. Se'Lah spent the next 5 years serving as a security officer at the Utopia Planetia shipyards. Her career there ended when her investigation into the murder of several civilians coincided with the same investigation by members of Starfleet Intelligence.

Se'Lah was promoted to Lieutenant (jg), and offered the chance to work for Starfleet Intelligence. She immediately accepted the offer. She spent the next 6 months training for Starfleet's Special Forces. (Location Classified)

Shortly after completion of her training, Se'Lah was informed that her parents had been killed during a trip to Earth when the freighter they were traveling on had a warp core breach. She took 2 weeks of time to arrange services, and mourning for her parents, then returned to active duty.

The next 4 years were spent serving in various classified missions before she was promoted to full Lieutenant, and offered the chance to become a specialist. She chose the option to work undercover, and specifically requested to work alone.

Se'Lah spent several more months undergoing specialist training for the use of projectile weapons, bladed weapons, and undercover operations.

Upon completion of her training, Se'Lah was assigned to starbase 114 where she worked undercover posing as a mercenary for hire for the next 25 years. (Further details of this posting are classified).

After serving for so long with no time off, Se'Lah was given 2 full years of shoreleave. She spent the time on her home planet Vulcan where she met, and fell in love with S'Van.

Shortly before she left Vulcan to return to active duty, S'Van proposed marriage, which Se'Lah accepted. Though she couldn't tell him where she was going, she did make it clear that it might be some time before he saw her again.

Se'Lah returned to active duty, and was assigned to Starbase 122 where she again posed as a mercenary for hire for the next 12 years. without letting him know her location, or what she was doing, Se'Lah managed to keep in touch with S'Van by sending monthly transmissions.

An investigation into the abduction of a small child for ransom was cut short when Se'Lah managed to successfully locate the missing girl in the residential sections of Starbase 122. While attempting to rescue the child, Se'Lah had failed to notice the presence of an explosive device, which went off moments later.

Though she was not burned in the explosion, the shockwave from the blast knocked her head first into a bulkhead. The resulting collapse took the life of the child, and left Se'Lah with a severe concussion.

Se'Lah spent the next two weeks in Starbase 122's medical facility where she was kept unconscious, and restrained so she could properly recover. When she awoke, Se'Lah had absolutely no memory of who she was, or anything about her past.

When Se'Lah regained consciousness, a medical report was released stating that the individual caught in the explosion passed away as a result of her injuries.

A few hours after waking, Se'Lah was informed of her bravery, and given a special promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

In an attempt to jog her memory, Starfleet arranged transport for S'Van to Starbase 122. Se'Lah's personality was not what S'Van had remembered. Though Se'Lah was engaged to be married to S'Van, the loss of her memories caused her to discard her relationship. She felt that she could not be with someone that she couldn't remember.

Se'Lah spent the next month and a half recovering from her injuries, and learning about her past by way of her own Starfleet service records. During such time, it was discovered that Se'Lah frequently had nightmares. It is believed that her nightmares concern her past in Starfleet Intelligence, and possibly the explosion that took her memory, but Se'Lah can never remember the dreams when she wakes from them. Medical experts believe that her memories will never return.

Upon her own request, Se'Lah was put on Starfleet's active duty roster. As a result, she was given special orders by Starfleet Intelligence, and reassigned to the USS Islandica as the Executive Officer.
Service Record Age 18 - Joined Starfleet Academy
Age 22 - Graduated from the Academy in the top 100 of her class
Age 22 - Assigned to Security at Utopia Planetia Shipyards
Age 27 - Promoted to Lt. JG and began training for Starfleet Special Forces
Age 28 - Completed Training
Age 28 - 2 week LOA to arrange Funeral services for her parents
Age 28 - Assigned to Starfleet Special Forces, performing numerous classified missions in various locations (Classified)
Age 31 - Promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant.
Age 31 - Chose to become an undercover specialist, and began specialist training
Age 32 - Assigned to Starbase 114 under an assumed name for covert and undercover operations, posing as a mercenary for hire. (Classified)
Age 57 - Offered 2 full years of shoreleave, which was spent on Vulcan.
Age 59 - Assigned to Starbase 122 under an assumed name for covert and undercover operations, posing as a mercenary for hire. (Classified)
Age 71 - Injured in an explosion which ocurred in the residential sections of Starbase 122 while attempting to rescue a child.
Age 71 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander
Age 71 - Granted 2 months of medical leave
Age 71 - Assigned to the USS Islandica as her Executive Officer upon her own request after being cleared for duty by medical personel