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Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

Name Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

Position Astrophysicist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Chameloid/El Aurian
Age approx. 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 100 lbs.
Hair Color Cream white
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Shae, in her natural state, is petite and willowy with a pale complexion and waist length hair. Her fingers are long, nimble and delicate. Instead of feet, she has digitigrade paws with creamy white fur up to her knees. Her ears are large and vulpine in nature, covered in more fur and capable of moving to follow sounds or articulate her moods. Finally, she has a long, tail covered in long, creamy white fur. Since El Aurians age slowly, she appears to be about 17 or 18 years old. She was raised among the Irish and as such has a distinct accent. She's tried to suppress it, but it tends to slip out from time to time.


Children Aoife Brennan
Father Liam Bennan, Freighter pilot (human, adopted parent)
Mother Anna Brennan, florist (human, adopted parent)
Brother(s) Commander Caden Brennan, Executive Officer, USS Saburou (human, adopted sibling)
Lieutenant Commander Dylan Brennan, Design Specialist, Mars Fleetyard (human, adopted sibling)
Lieutenant Sean Brennan, Computer Specialist, Deep Space 10 (human, adopted sibling)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shae is most often quiet and reserved, willing to watch events unfold and then react, but she prefers just being an observer. She's also a damaged individual, so she's often afraid to speak to others. She is quickly learning that her days of mistreatment and isolationare behind her, but changes to behavior take time and she is having trouble adjusting to her new environment.

Shae is also subject to intense instinctual urges she doesn't fully understand, not consciously anyway. though she's content to remain passive most of the time, if provoked she can become quite aggressive, almost feral.
Strengths & Weaknesses Shae's senses are those of a predator's: exceptional sense of smell, advanced hearing, and her eyesight is designed to track movement and see in dim lighting. There are downsides to these specialized traits, namely that exceptionally strong scents can nauseate or even disorient her, loud sounds and intense vibrations (sonic showers) can pain her ears, and she requires glasses for reading and she's partially colorblind.

Being a Chameloid, Shae can assume a variety of forms. She can mimic most biped and quadruped forms and can maintain the form more or less indefinitely. Her skeleton is not made of bone but rather a specialized cartilage which allows for the change in size as well as incredible flexibility. Her muscles, designed to facilitate the shifting, also allows for strength beyond what her lithe frame should be capable. She could match a young Klingon in strength, but she is still limited by her size. The only thing she cannot change about herself is her eyes, which have slit pupils. She can retract her tail to achieve a fully humanoid form. When she shifts her paws into humanoid feet, her gait is unnatural and practiced. It's subtle and few are likely to notice it.

(Shae is in no way, shape, or form related to the race changelings called the Founders. Though a shifter, Shae is most definitely a 'solid' and has a natural humanoid form, unlike the changelings from the Gamma Quadrant who are little more than a puddle of goo in their natural state.)
Hobbies & Interests Stargazing, people-watching, soft music like strings or woodwinds. She can play the Irish flute. She is also a gifted archer.

Personal History Shae doesn’t remember much about her life before she was adopted. She was found on an unnamed planetoid in Klingon space by a supply ship that detected a distress signal. The Klingons were informed of the crashed ship and details of the casualties for their investigation and the captain of the supply ship received permission to take the child they had found and continued on their route. Shae was near starved to death but the ship medic was able to nurse her back to health. She was terrified of being alone now that she was surrounded by so many people, so each crewman took turns keeping her company while on their route until they could return to a settlement that could take her. Along the way, she captured the heart of the ship’s pilot, Liam Brennan, who eventually took her home to his wife on Earth where they adopted her. Her name, originally just Shae, was changed to Kalin Shae Brennan, although she continues to go by Shae.

On Earth, Shae lived a happy life. It didn't matter that she was a strange alien of unknown origin, the people of Wicklow Ireland accepted her as soon as the Brennan's announced the adoption. To them, family was family, and the signatures were barely signed and already Shae was 'one of them'. Growing up, she had a few bumps in the road, but none of them directly pertaining to her unknown origins; Shae was aging slowly and had trouble identifying with her peers in school as they continued to outage her, but they made a strong effort to ensure that she remained included. Several of her closest friends joined the archery club with her in high school so they would always have something in common.

Following the example of her three older brothers, she worked hard to make it into Starfleet Academy where she earned honors in Astrophysics and became a Cartographer, voluntarily taking an extra year to expand her studies to include Flight Control. Her first assignment was not as an officer, but as a student; Shae showed so much promise in the field of Stellar Cartography that she was stationed at the University of Stellar Science on Alpha Centauri where she could continue her studies in Astrophysics, but it was also something to give her a little time for her body to catch up with her brain; she was still physically immature despite the mental maturity.

As the War with the Dominion drew close, a fear of Changelings broke out and Shae was met with a great deal of discrimination even though she had no connection to the Founder Changelings. And then the decision was made by close-minded individuals with no accountability: at the outbreak of the war, Section 31 abducted the young Astrophysicist in the hopes that she could be made useful against the Founders...

[Section 31 files classified]

At the end of the War, Starfleet and the Federation began taking a long hard look at the influences Section 31 and made the decision to disband the unofficial organization and absorb them into Starfleet Intelligence. Shae heard rumors and for a moment hoped that this might mean she could go back home and forget the nightmare that had been Section 31, but then she heard a number of projects were being sanitized, destroying all evidence so that those in charge wouldn't have to be held accountable for the crimes against humanity involved. One of those projects was Shae. As soon as she realized that her days were numbered, she managed to escape, stealing a shuttle and getting as far away from Federation space as she could get.

But her escape had not been clean and her shuttle was damaged. Flying blind, she looked out the portholes and used her knowledge of stellar science to get her bearings and pointed her shuttle away from Earth. It was the best she could do and she just let the shuttle fly, doing her best to avoid other ships and planetary systems until finally the fuel reserves started to run dry. She set her shuttle in orbit of the fourth planet in the Psi Gamma system as she searched for some place to go from there where she could refuel or maybe just settle down, but a strange array built on the planet caused a malfunction in her computer system and she crash landed. Injured and unable to leave, she sought out the locals only to find that they were primitives, late Stone Age in development. Knowing she couldn't interfere with their culture, she did her best to blend in, changing her shape to match their features and eventually dress in primitive fabrics and layers of fur.

But fate had another twist for her. Section 31 had imbedded a slave device on the back of her skull. During her escape it had been damaged and was stuck switched on, constantly shocking the pain centers of her brain. She could learn to live with that, but the array that had caused her shuttle's computer to malfunction was also causing the device to malfunction, inflicting pain beyond what should be bearable, often rendering her unconscious or even giving her seizures. It was then that Shae put distance between herself and the array, and thus the primitive community, the Vo'Zan. They looked to the array as a religious icon they called the Humming Tree, but Shae couldn't bear to live near it, and she couldn't deactivate it or influence the people to move away from it so that meant she had to live alone. She found a cave to call home and there she stayed, frequently visiting the Vo'Zan community for things she couldn't get or make on her own.

Among the Vo'Zan, she became something of a myth. They knew her as the strange Vo'Zan woman who lived by herself, but also as a strange fox-lady who hunted in the forest. When she came to trade, the primitives would warn her of the fox-lady who kidnapped children or steal from unsuspecting travelers. Shae could often barely suppress her laughter at these warnings. She was the fox-lady, but instead of kidnapping or stealing, she was protecting, guiding children home when they became lost in the woods or returning items travelers dropped along the way. It was strange the deference the Vo'Zan held for the fox-lady, sometimes a trickster but other times a guardian, like the Kitsune of ancient Japan. She never encouraged this myth to grow, nor did she ever let it go to her head.

After many years, there was an attack on the Vo'Zan community by a neighboring tribe and Shae came for a visit for trade. Her senses muddled by the affects of the array and the slave device, she didn't notice the danger and was captured. She was kept with the other Vo'Zan women and used in any way the men deemed necessary, but at the first opportunity to free herself, she killed her captors and liberated the Vo'Zan. The entire experience, both the captivity and the bloodshed afterwards, was something Shae tried hard to block out, much like her past with Section 31, but when she returned to her cave she returned with a reminder: a child. For the longest time, Shae didn't know if she could love the child growing within her, the reminder of the child's origin was simply to painful to allow love to grow within her heart. But when the child came and Shae held her for the first time, Shae knew then that love was pure and unconditional. The child, which she named Aoife, was born prematurely and required a great deal of meticulous care, but Shae persevered and Aoife survived.

In 2392, a full 20 years after her disappearance from the University of Alpha Centauri, the USS Islandica was en route for the Erebus Expanse and stopped in the Psi Gamma system to investigate the array that had grounded Shae 17 years prior. They had no knowledge of Shae and her shuttle crash, only that the array was apparently sending a signal into the Expanse, so a team was sent down to investigate. As with Shae's shuttle, the Islandica's computer became compromised and communication with the Away Team was severed. Shae saw the team beam in and, worried they might interfere with the native culture, hid Aoife then followed the team. The Vo'Zan attacked the team for getting too close to their Humming Tree, injuring the team's science officer and capturing Commander Se'Lah in the process. Shae helped the team escape and later went back in with 1st Lieutenant Joseph Myomoto to rescue Se'Lah. Once communications were restored and the array was finally destroyed, Shae returned to reclaim her child then left with the Islandica.
Service Record [2349]
Discovered in
Klingon Territory

Starfleet Academy
Astrometrics/Stellar Cartography

University of Stellar Science, Alpha Centauri
Astrophysics Ph.D program
Ensign to Lieutenant j.g.

Detained by Section 31

[2375 - 2392]
Escaped from captivity
Crash landed on Psi Gamma IV

[2392 - PRESENT]
USS Islandica