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Ensign Theron Storme

Name Theron Revell Storme

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Storme is a slim and fit human male. Clean cut in appearance with dark brown hair and gray eyes. He speaks with a touch of a southern accent from North American Continent.


Father Jack E. Storme
Mother Irene R. Storme
Brother(s) Zachar (Zack) Michi Storme

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the exterior he looks the part of a clean cut Starfleet officer, but that is not always the case. He socializes well, especially with the ladies, but a bit of a loaner. Not trusting of others, he would rather rely on his own abilities. He has a natural curiosity which typically gets into mischief. He doesn’t follow all the rules, especially when he wants to “hotdog it” in an air/space craft.

Strengths & Weaknesses He is confident in his own decisions, but never seeks counsel for advice. He doesn't always follow the rules, which has usually gotten him into trouble. This is his major character flaw. He lacks ambition and seeks just to satisfy thrills and self interest.
Ambitions After three years serving Starfleet, and still an Ensign, he's not sure what he wants to do. He's not sure if Starfleet is for him anymore, but want to try and turn things around and make a difference; a positive contribution.
Hobbies & Interests He has enjoyed carving since a kid, but keeps it to himself. He spends all the time he can on the holodeck, flying "propeller driven Aero planes" just prior to the jet age. He practices as a fighter pilot, but has no desire to do that for Starfleet. While attending Starfleet Academy he became interested in climbing. He always climbed with friends and classmates, but he found it to be an individual sport he could succeed on his own terms. He loved the feeling of being strong and in control of his situation.

Personal History Theron Storme was born June 24th, 2366. He was born and raised in the farm country of what was once Eastern Oklahoma, which is in the North American Continent on Earth.

As a young boy he was fascinated by the flight of birds. As a very young boy he was fascinated by the soaring of birds in the sky. He did well with his studies, but would rather spend time outside flying a kite and then later flying remote controlled models. While working on the models he found that he really enjoyed putting himself into a project and would work many nights into the early hours before slipping off to bed.

Theron's mother, Irene Storme, was a wonderful caring and loving mother. She always tried to encourage him and nurture Theron’s creativity. Unfortunately, Mrs. Storme died when he was 9 years old. Jack Storme, his dad, worked for the local power distribution service company. He was a serious man and had little time for playing with his son. When his dad was home he was too busy taking care of the many duties of the home and didn’t have time for Theron. Theron’s only sibling was his brother Zack, who was 4 years his senior. Zack didn’t have much time for his kid brother, either. Theron was normally left to his own volition. As a boy Theron was kind of a wimp and was teased many times by bullies. He was called Stormy or Stormy-boy. They would say, “Oh, I am so afraid, here comes a storm.” That soon stopped after an incident that changed how he was treated for a long time. Theron was about 10 years old when he found himself away from shelter during a heavy thunder storm with multiple tornadoes. While trying to run home the winds became too fierce, so he climbed into a culvert under a road to hide from the weather. This did not stop the storm from trying to suck him out of the pipe. He had to keep pressure against both sides of the pipe while ice cold water was pouring through it at the same time. It was an experience he would never forget. The next morning he was found walking down the road towards home. He was quite a sight; his tattered clothes barely hanging to his body. The look on his face was like he had lived through the sinking of the Titanic. He wasn’t teased much after that, because Theron would either walk away or beat the snot out of his tormenter.

He was called “Stormy” sometimes after that point, but with more respect. Theron did learn to defend himself and became strong in his youth. But, he was still a loner. He preferred to be by himself, making model aircraft and flying them. Along the way he found that he liked to whittle. So, he usually had his pocket knife on him as well as a small piece of wood.

He did well with his studies as a youth, but would rather spend time outside flying a kite and later flying remote controlled models. When not able to be outside, Theron would spend hours reading. His reading encompassed adventure novels, as well as, technical specs on the latest Starship designs.

His fascination with flying vehicles led him to trouble more than once. When he was 16 he “borrowed” an aircraft from a family friend. He was doing low level flying through the trees and gullies in the area when the authorities spotted him. He evaded them and they chased him for 2 hours before he finally was cornered and put the craft down safely. No charges were pressed, because the aircraft owner was so impressed with the story he had heard. Theron’s father, however, was furious and punished him severely and lost all faith in Theron. Storme was very intelligent, but did not have the ambition to match. It was suggested that he apply to Starfleet, and that he might find his calling there. His father did not approve of this, and discourage him up until the day he attended the Academy.

- - -

Unknown to Theron Storme, nor anyone else for that matter, his great grandfather on his mother's side was from Tau Alpha C. (The Traveler race) Theron had not shown (nor will he show) any mental abilities other than a good understanding and knack of physical spacial dynamics.

Service Record Theron Storme completed Starfleet Academy in 2388, about middle of the class with an Engineering Certificate. His area of knowledge was in small impulse and warp drive engines. Following the Academy he was placed at several menial positions as a maintenance engineer and shuttle pilot, where he got bored and would typically get into mischief and then be transferred. This routine led to not getting a good review for promotions. He never showed disrespect to authority and was never officially reprimanded. He just screwed up good opportunities. After 3 years of service to Starfleet he was still an Ensign. His tour of service would be up soon. He wasn’t sure if he should continue or find other work as a civilian. Then, at a posting at a research station on a small moon in the Darren system an attack occurred and orders were given to evacuate.

Of the 6 shuttles that launched with evacuees, all were destroyed but 1. Theron, as pilot, was able to flee, out maneuver, and then hide until Federation starships arrived to repel the attack. Because of Ens. Storme's natural flying skills and non-standard approach, he was able to save 16 souls that day. One of those in the shuttle that day happened to be the daughter of Admiral Webb. Adm. Webb wanted to recommend a commendation for Ens. Storme. He also wanted to give him a Battlefield promotion to Lieutenant, but it would not have looked appropriate. Instead, Adm. Webb recommended that he transferred to a position aboard a starship, where his obvious talents as a pilot could be encouraged. Ens. Storme was transferred to the USS Islandica where he was assigned as Helmsman.