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Lieutenant Commander Valyre Reen

Name Valyre Reen

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (joined)
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Valyre is of average height and weight with long red hair and distinctive dark spots framing her face. While on duty she wears her hair tied back.


Father Markis Tygen
Mother Ellyn Tygen Rell (joined)
Brother(s) Zakari Tygen Tetz
Sister(s) Aeryn Tygen

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance, Valyre seems to be laid back and gentle, but upon closer examination she proves to be much tougher, both physically and mentally, than she looks. Like the four hosts before her, she shares what Reen's Guardian calls the “Reen Hero Complex”, an unusual trait that all five of Reen's hosts have had. She is more likely to put her own life on the line than anyone else's and often treats dangerous situations as games. Valyre is intensely protective of her patients and the crew she serves. She is also highly competitive and intuitive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Valyre has an intuitive nature and is quite skilled in her field, with an apparent natural healing touch. She takes great pride in her work and is constantly striving to improve the field.

However, outside of sickbay Valyre has a tendency toward clumsiness. Due to this, she will often avoid rigorous physical activity for fear of getting hurt.
Ambitions Valyre's ultimate goal is to retire from Starfleet and have her own private clinic in a rural region of Trill.
Hobbies & Interests Though clumsy and somewhat accident-prone, Valyre occasionally indulges in holodeck simulations with the safeties turned to maximum. She also spends quite a bit of time doing crafty projects, such as pottery and jewelery making.

Personal History Valyre was born aboard the USS Aries in the spring of 2356. Her mother, Ellyn, was the ship's commander, and her father, Markis, served as a civilian counselor. From the moment she learned to crawl, Valyre was constantly getting into things, and often getting into trouble. As one of only a few children aboard the Aries, Valyre did not have many friends growing up and made up for it by playing games alone. Often these games ended with a trip to sickbay.

As she got older, Valyre did not stop exploring the ship or getting hurt while doing it. Her fascination with every nook and cranny on the Aries led her to consider Starfleet as she neared her eighteenth birthday.

When Valyre entered Starfleet Academy, she chose what some thought was an unusual track. Rather than opting for the medical academy, she chose to major in nursing as she felt she would get more hands-on experience working with patients that way. Though she struggled somewhat in the lecture portion of the classes, she thrived in the clinical setting and quickly decided that she would go on to advanced practice after a few years of experience within the fleet.

After carrying out her requisite two years of bedside nursing on board the Gryphon, Valyre returned to school for four years to achieve her doctorate degree. After graduating from this program, she chose a specialty in trauma nursing, using the more critical work there to strengthen her skills.

Valyre spent several years in trauma nursing until she was assigned to the Aristotle as the ships assistant head nurse. Though she'd held her doctorate for quite some time at this point, she now found that she was truly beginning to practice at a level that would require the extra schooling. Over the next seven years, she gradually advanced to head nurse and was made the assistant chief medical officer in 2387 when the officer formerly assigned there was killed during an away mission. Rather than replacing her with a doctor, the Aristotle's CO made the position permanent when he realized how well patients in sickbay responded to Valyre's care.

Upon the decommissioning of the Aristotle, Valyre followed Ronnie - who had been the XO - to the Islandica when Ronnie took command. Because the Islandica was a small ship with a small sickbay staff, Starfleet did not assign a physician, essentially making the head nurse the chief medical officer.
Service Record Service Record: 2363 – 2367, Starfleet Academy, student
2367 – 2369, USS Gryphon, Nurse
2369 – 2373, Starfleet Academy Nurse Doctorate Program
2373 – 2375, USS Pisces, Assistant Trauma Nurse
2375 – 2379, USS Paul Revere, Assistant Trauma Nurse
2379 – 2382, USS Columbia, Senior Trauma Nurse
2382 – 2384, USS Aristotle, Assistant Head Nurse
2384 - 2387, USS Aristotle, Head Nurse
2387 - 2391, USS Aristotle, Head Nurse/Assistant Chief Medical Officer