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Lieutenant JG Tyler Alvarez

Name Tyler James Alvarez

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 135
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown (almost black)
Physical Description Tyler Alvarez is a fit human male. He is shorter than the average human male, and is trim with some slight muscle definition. As someone who has had trained in ballet, and gymnastics, his lower and upper body are defined, and strong. It’s important to him to stay in top physical condition. He has a mixed Latin and Anglo heritage, leaving his hair and eyes a dark brown, almost black, but his olive skin is on the lighter side.


Spouse Single
Children No children
Father Captain Carlos Alvarez (63) – CO of the USS Constantinople
Mother Captain Natalie Alvarez, PhD (60) – CO of the USS Blackwell
Brother(s) Lieutenant Benjamin Alvarez (28)
Sister(s) Lt. Commander Caroline Alvarez (35)
Other Family Several on both the paternal and maternal side, almost all of them are Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview There are two personas that describe Tyler Alvarez. There is his on-duty persona, and his off-duty persona. To him, it’s easy to keep it all separate. When he is on duty, he is all business. Despite not really wanting to be in Starfleet, he still gives his all. He strives to do a good job, and this is mostly because he knows his parents would expect nothing less. He fulfills his duty, and believe it or not, he is quite good at being an operations officer. He has a strong analytical mind, scoring high marks in mathematics, and sensor analysis. He could have easily been a science officer as well, but with a fairly good knowledge of engineering (due to his father being an engineer at one point in his career), Tyler chose his Starfleet career to be in operations.

Off-duty is a different story. As soon as he can, he sheds his uniform, which is symbolic in that it’s like shedding his Starfleet persona. He knows duty has to always come first, but when he isn’t needed he focuses on other things in his personal life. He puts much of his off-duty into fitness, ballet, and gymnastics. He will socialize, but that isn’t as often as he probably should. He has formed very few friendships, but this doesn’t bother him. Sometimes, he would rather be alone then deal with people. However, with that said he is friendly, but can be on the shy side.

He also tends to bottle his emotions. He isn’t stoic or tries to suppress his emotions, but he doesn’t really know how to express them either. There are often times he wants to confront his parents, his resentment to them runs high and it’s simply something he can’t get past. He tries, but the uniform and the Starship postings are reminders of what his parents wanted over what he wanted. One day, he hopes to get up the nerve to confront them over his choices, to remind them that he is an adult, but until then he just tries his best to do his best in his everyday life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths & Weaknesses:
- Strong analytical mind
- Friendly – but can border on shyness
- Focused and determined

- Doesn’t necessarily want to be in Starfleet
- Quiet and unassuming
- Tends to bottle emotions
- Can be a bit competitive in the ballet and gymnastics worlds
Ambitions Tyler differs from most Starfleet officers his age in that he doesn’t care about rank or position. Ambition in Starfleet isn’t something he focuses on. His ambition lies more in ballet and gymnastics. He wants to win competitions, and eventually resign his commission and join a ballet troop. Everything he does though, he does it all to the best of his ability. Some see him as an over achiever, and he supposes that might be the case. But, he doesn’t pay much attention to that.
Hobbies & Interests His primary hobby and interest is ballet. It’s something he has been doing for 20 years, and it was a career he wanted to pursue if his parents hadn’t intervened. They saw his dancing as a hobby and not something he could truly make a living at. Coming from generations of Starfleet officers, it was expected of him to join as well. So, when he is off-duty, he practices, and practices, and it’s his hope to one day to resign and join a ballet troop.

His second hobby is gymnastics, which is something he found he enjoyed after he figured out how much he loved ballet. He has a few competitions under his belt with hopes to continue competing so he continues to train. He had someone who helped his train on the Cairo; he hasn’t been able to find someone to help on Islandica.

He has some other minor interests, such as art, mathematics, and cooking, but those really take a back seat to ballet and gymnastics.

Personal History Tyler was born on the USS Melbourne, to two career officers. He was born three months early when his mother had gone on an away mission and was injured. Things were touch and go for a while, but through the miracle of modern medicine, survived. Luckily, his early entry into the universe didn’t cause permanent damage. The Melbourne was one of the many starships that he grew up one. Sometimes he was with his mother, sometimes with his father, and there were times he was with his grandparents (who were both retired Starfleet) on Earth, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From a young age, it was expected that he and his siblings were going to join Starfleet. It was also at five years old that Tyler had found ballet. His sister was involved in ballet, and he took an instant liking to it. His parents were certainly okay with the extra-curricular, but didn’t encourage it further than that. Over the years he continued in ballet, and added gymnastics into that as well. Again his parents were fine with it, as long it helped lead to the Academy.

While in school, he did excel at Academics, especially math, and physics. It wasn’t hard for him to get into the Academy. He knew he could have botched the entrance exams, but he knew that wouldn’t get him anywhere. His parents would only make him retake the exams, so he just went with it. The one nice thing about the Academy was that he got to stay in one place for four years, and there was an Academy gymnastics team. He did fairly well academically, but he still put more emphasis on ballet and gymnastics.

During his four years at the Academy, he didn’t talk much to his parents; he also did very little socializing. He had only made a couple of friends, and even then he didn’t consider them close friends. He did focus on his studies, and did his best to do well, but that was only so his parents wouldn’t get onto him. He certainly loved his parents, but they were also quite over bearing people.

After his graduation – which his mother was only able to attend – and his commissioning, he was assigned to the USS Cairo. On the Cairo he was a junior operations officer, most times he was stuck in operations on the lower decks, but once in a while he got to do bridge duty. It was a fairly mundane assignment, which wasn’t a bad thing. Though it was mundane work, he still put one hundred percent into the job. Another positive about the job was that he did enjoy working on the bridge when needed.

After his initial tour of duty with the Cairo, he was transferred to the USS Islandica as an operations officer. Shortly after boarding he, was assigned as the assistant chief operations office. In an interesting turn of events, Tyler was made the Chief Operations Officer the first time he met the captain. He currently resides on the Islandica.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Cairo – Junior Operations Officer
USS Islandica – Asst Chief Operations Officer/Chief Operations Officer