The Sim

The USS Islandica is a Diligent class starship modified to handle an area of space known as the Erebus expanse. Erebus in earth Greek mythology is a place of darkness between earth and Hades. The Erebus expanse is an area of space filled with spatial anomalies. This area of space is so dangerous for larger vessels that it has yet to be charted. The Islandica is the first Starfleet Vessel to enter this area of space in over 75 years. Due to the areas isolation the area is known for its smugglers and rogue factions of mercenaries. Along with many myths.

Glebben Station

Glebben Station is the Main port of call for the USS Islandica. This Ferengi run Station if full of those low lives you love to hate. The Players on the USS Islandica have an option to play an NPC on this station and take part in side missions and adventures apart from the Islandica mission. Being away from Starfleet's rule of law the possibility is endless.