Smuggler's Delight

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The Islandica is headed into the expanse finally and as soon as she gets out into known dangerous space, a distress signal is received from the FSC Venture's Bounty, a notorious smuggling ship. When the signal suddenly cuts out, the crew has to wonder... Is it a trap or are they genuinely in distress?

Part of Islandica Season 1

OOC Chat

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Glebben Station

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The ongoing Adventures of those living on the Glebben Station.

Death of a Planet

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Tracking the Rang'tor, an unlisted class of raider, to a small class F planet, what the crew finds there has them shocked as first contact with this unknown race is made just before the planet is rendered devoid of life.

Part of Islandica Season 1

Boarding the Islandica

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The Crew is coming aboard the USS Islandica. Reporting for duty and getting settled in. Soon they will launch on their maiden voyage.

Part of Islandica Season 1

Into the Unknown

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The USS Islandica Launches on her maiden voyage to the Erebus expanse. On her way, the crew conducts tests to ensure the new systems are fully functioning. All is going well when these tests get interrupted by a strange signal. Choosing to investigate the origins of this signal the crew is tossed into a series of events which lead to more questions than answers.

Part of Islandica Season 1

Ferengi, Tramps, and Thieves!

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Part of Islandica Season 1

Turalek Misadventure

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Part of Islandica Season 1