Islandica Season 1

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Included Missions

Turalek Misadventure

Post Count: 24

Boarding the Islandica

Post Count: 23

The Crew is coming aboard the USS Islandica. Reporting for duty and getting settled in. Soon they will launch on their maiden voyage.

Smuggler's Delight

Post Count: 44

The Islandica is headed into the expanse finally and as soon as she gets out into known dangerous space, a distress signal is received from the FSC Venture's Bounty, a notorious smuggling ship. When the signal suddenly cuts out, the crew has to wonder... Is it a trap or are they genuinely in distress?

Death of a Planet

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Tracking the Rang'tor, an unlisted class of raider, to a small class F planet, what the crew finds there has them shocked as first contact with this unknown race is made just before the planet is rendered devoid of life.