Glebben Station

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Status Current Mission
Description The ongoing Adventures of those living on the Glebben Station.
Start Date Wed Jan 14th, 2015 @ 4:29am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
A mystery to be solved....
by Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Lieutenant JG Tyler Alvarez
Before the away team return from Turalek
Why, oh why?
by Lieutenant Commander Valyre Reen & Ensign Theron Storme
June 1 - 0645 hrs Sickbay
This Cannot Be Happening
by Ensign Theron Storme & Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen
June 1 - 0610 hrs Storme's Quarters
Just a drink. What could it hurt?
by Ensign Theron Storme & Lieutenant JG Ranav Brott & Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen
May 31 - 18:30 Hoex's Ingot
Meeting The Boss
by Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen & 1st Lieutenant Joseph Myomoto
During the USS Islandica's Arrival Glebben Station/USS Islandica
Hidden Treasure
by Enlisted Cadet Freckles
Mission Day 1 - 1700 Lower Levels
A Short Introduction
by Enlisted Cadet Fagh
Glebben Station

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