Aftermath of the core virus

Posted on Fri Mar 6th, 2015 @ 9:39pm by Lieutenant JG Jason Tannon

Personal Log -
Well, That was fun. I think this mission will be a bit more exciting than my last. I had to break in to the computer core because of a virus. It was strange though. Some of the reactions of the computer bother me. In the event of an emergency, the core is supposed to remain accessible unless an intruder alert is active, but there was no alert. Hell, there was barely any power. Running the ship off of a reactor in a runabout is a scary concept. I will have to remember to make sure that runabout gets a once over.

The core access. That is a mess. We will probably have to purge the whole system and restore everything from the protected archives. assuming the virus didn't find a way to corrupt those. although i doubt it. those circuits are supposed to be write once. It doesn't look like it so far as we have brought a few systems back online and they are working fine. At least main power is back online. We will probably need to bring that shuttle of ours to a maintenance yard far sooner than expected, but that is tomorrows worry.

I am still curious to take a look at the system logs to see what the computer thought of our simulation trickery. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the computer let us win. It sounded good at the time, but the way we did it, there were too many places for errors to occur. It was too fast, too rushed. I better make sure the code is totally clean before it is brought back online. =/\= Computer. Set personal reminder to verify....=/\=. Right. no computer. heh. well, at least the PADD's can record personal logs for now.

In other news, so far this post has been my most interesting assignment. I have never seen anything do that much damage to the running systems on a starship. Fortunately i have rebuilt starship cores at the starbase so I have some experience. It will still take some time to restore all systems because we will need to replicate and calibrate a number of parts and pieces. Should be a good challenge.