That Quirky Worm...

Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2015 @ 6:15am by Lieutenant Commander Valyre Reen

I try to like everyone. Really, I do. And usually it doesn't take me that much effort. Having Reen has helped with that... it's a quirky little worm, but generally pretty outgoing.

Which is great, when Reen's behaving normally. With all the education I had to go through to be joined, you'd think they'd have mentioned what to do in a situation where your symbiont just refuses to be reasonable.

Lieutenant Whistler didn't do anything odd or suspect. Just hearing that he was an intelligence officer was enough to set the silly worm off. I suppose I can't blame it though, especially after the hell Starfleet Intelligence put the last host through. Setting her up as a murderer and then investigating her as if she intended to actually carry through with the task... a huge mess, all around. It would certainly be enough to make me dislike the department as a whole.

But then it got worse. I know life out in the universe isn't always the rosy, loving environment that the Federation likes to pretend it is. Two murdered hosts back-to-back pretty well proves that. But Reen's got this thing about people who admit to willfully murdering people. Like, a serious complex. Bad enough that it doesn't care so much for my comfort when such topics come up.

I wish I could have explained it better to Whistler. He seemed puzzled by Reen's reaction to him... but I don't have the words to tell someone that the worm in my guy doesn't like them. At least, not without sounding incredibly silly...