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Captain's Physical

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2015 @ 10:25pm by Captain Farenia Meowlith & Lieutenant Commander Valyre Reen

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: Sickbay

Farenia never enjoyed this part of Starfleet - the medical checkups. Taking command, she was expected to go through a physical to at least provide a baseline health status. Her genetics would be an issue as usual though.

Stepping into the small sickbay, she glanced around before spotting a woman in the glass walled office area. Poking her head in,Farenia gave her best smile, hoping this was the CMO. "Doctor Valyre Reen, I presume? I'm the new Captain. Do you have time for a quick physical?" she said, a seeming Vulcan with longer hair swishing about her smiling face.

"Yeah, just a second. Just finishing this and then I need a couple of aspir--" Valyre caught a glimpse of Farenia's face and abruptly cut herself off, giving the other woman a concerned look. "Are you feeling all right? You're... smiling."

A worried expression crossed Farenia's face as she stepped into the office. "I feel fine. Why do you ask? Are smiles that unusual on this ship?"

"No, it's just... aren't you Vulcan?" The other woman certainly looked Vulcanoid, and Romulans weren't too common in Starfleet. As she spoke, Valyre was already reaching for her tricorder that waited in her lab coat pocket.

"If I was, that would be worrisome. How about you scan me for that physical and see?" Farenia said, keeping up the worried look.

"That's exactly what I intend to do." Not sure if she should be ready to call Vicky for a psych consult, Valyre pointed Farenia to a chair as she was beginning her scans.

Farenia sat down in the indicated chair, now grinning somewhat foolishly. "May I recommend a DNA scan?" she said cheekily, not letting on that she wasn't actually Vulcan.

"Why would I--" Valyre frowned at her tricorder reading, tapping the side of the device a few times before giving up and grudgingly setting the tricorder for a DNA scan. "I don't know what sort of trick you're using..."

"The trick, my dear doctor..." Farenia began, pausing dramatically as she grinned like a cheshire cat. "Is that I'm not Vulcan. I'm V'gelnian and I was born on Rigel V. I'm a hippy looking, desert dwelling, beaded hair, Vulcanoid Rigelian. You'll note a few minor differences in your database, including variances in drug interactions from Vulcans."

"Not funny," Valyre retorted, though she was trying not to laugh at how easily she'd been fooled. "In my defense, I've already had a long day, and my head is pounding. I should have thought of that on my own."

"Or read it in my file. Either way, it's a common mistake and one that I've used to my advantage several times." Farenia explained. "For example. Vulcans don't lie. If I see a need to, I'm perfectly willing to bluff, lie, cheat, or infer whatever I need to for the mission. Want to play poker sometime?"

"I'm not much of a poker player... Reen thinks the game is dishonest and objects rather strenuously if I attempt to play." Setting her tricorder down, Valyre leaned back on the edge of her desk.

"So you are joined then? I've read so many files today that I'm not sure who is who right now." Farenia said with a softer smile. "And I don't play poker often."

Valyre nodded slightly. "Fifth host, and likely the least crazy of the bunch. It can get... interesting, to say the least."

"I can only imagine." Farenia replied. "So how's my physical? Anything unusual?"

"Far as I can tell you're healthy as a horse. Only unusual thing is I didn't have to hunt you down and drag you in for it." Valyre grinned a bit.

"I somewhat enjoy these sorts of visits, if you can believe that." Farenia replied, still smiling softly.

"Enjoy? Should I call for a psych consult?" Valyre replied in a lightly teasing tone as she retrieved a tiny bottle of aspirin from her pocket and shook two of the small tablets into her hand.

"If you want to, go for it. I plan on meeting our counselor soon anyway." Farenia said, suddenly looking serious. "On that note, I've heard some rumors about her. What can you tell me about her? What should I expect?"

"She's an Allasomorph and extreme pacifist. Can't handle the thought of seeing blood, hates her beastly morph with a fiery passion, likes being a tree. A tree with magnificent boobs." Swallowing the aspirin, Valyre continued. "She's my best friend, other than Snickers."

"She sounds like a real keeper then..." Farenia grumbled before continuing, plans already turning in her head on how to use her in future missions. "Who is Snickers?"

"Holographic pet fox. Cross marble morph, very pretty. Acts like a real fox." Hearing the approach of Snickers' running paws, Valyre put her hands out and caught the holographic animal as it made a running leap.

"He looks very cute." Farenia said, a bit distant. "Does he cause allergies or shed? I assume not, being holographic..."

"No allergies, no shedding, no potty messes... she's the perfect pet for starship life." Valyre freed one hand to scratch her pet's ears.

"What if power goes out?" Farenia pressed.

Valyre pointed at the apparent ID tag on Snickers' collar. "She isn't on the ship's hologrid. She has a miniature emitter based on the one Voyager brought back."

"Ingenious. Can you replicate one for me then?" Farenia asked curiously.

"I can replicate the emitter, but I can't program the pet. I mean, one of Reen's past hosts was an engineering type, but I'm... not. Obviously."

"That's fine. I know someone back at Command that specializes in holotech. I'm sure I can get him to send me a program." Farenia said, smiling a bit brighter. "Maybe I can have a pet sehlat once more."

"Just don't scare anyone to death with it." Valyre set Snickers down on the floor, rubbing her eyes as she straightened back up. "What time is it?"

"I think it's close to 8 PM, ship time." Farenia replied. "Is that late for you?"

"Considering I came in at the start of alpha shift... yeah." No wonder she was tired and fighting a headache! Twelve hour shifts might have been normal for past nurses, but Valyre wasn't used to them.

"Want to go get something to eat then? I'm technically off shift as well." Farenia said, standing and motioning towards the door.

"That's probably a good idea," Valyre agreed readily. "I actually don't remember if I ate lunch or not, and even if I did... it was a long time ago."

"Too long ago. There's a Talaxian dish I've been meaning to try but I hate trying new foods alone. Company enhances the experience, don't you think?" Farenia said with a wide grin.

"It does, but I think I'll pass on the Talaxian food. Last time I tried eating it, I thought Reen was going to escape." Valyre snickered a little, ignoring the tail whip of protest the worm gave at the comment.

"I can't imagine what that must be like, joining with a different entity with such a different form." Farenia said as she headed out of sickbay with Val towards the galley. "I'm told that it changes you quite a bit."

"Most hosts who are joined end up adopting behaviors from previous hosts, and the worm tends to influence decision-making. Often we're seen as more 'mature' or 'worldly', but that's not always true. Younger symbionts can cause some child-like behaviors... older symbionts tend to make one seem more distinguished. Reen brings a little of both... old enough for some wisdom but still young enough to be silly when it's in the mood." Valyre knew that much of the knowledge the Trill had about symbionts hadn't been shared with other races, but she didn't mind explaining a few things. "Reen also offers me skills and knowledge that past hosts held. If I have to, I can fly a shuttle or make a few emergency repairs, but since those things aren't natural to me, it means Reen takes over a bit. People usually don't like when that happens."

"That explains an old academy friend of mine then. She went from a serious and somewhat adventurous pilot to... well... She's the first host for the Telvan symbiote. That might tell you a lot." Farenia chuckled as she thought back to her academy days and about her old friend.

"Telvan does have a reputation for trouble," Valyre remarked lightly, well aware of the strange circumstances surrounding the Hera. "I'm sure her crew has their hands full dealing with that."

"I'm sure they do." Farenia shook her head and chuckled softly.

"Anyway, regardless of the insanity that Reen may contribute to, I tend not to play jokes or pranks on people. Not really interested in ruffling feathers... I just want to do my job. Can't tell you how hard it gets some days, with me not having a doctorate in medicine." Valyre rolled her eyes, shaking her head slightly.

Finding a small observation lounge with a replicator, Farenia punched in an order for some finger sandwiches and some tea before sitting at the solitary table. "I would imagine that would be a challenge all on its own. If it helps any, I've not had many good experiences with doctors and I'm happy my Chief Medical Officer is a nurse."

"It helps." Valyre smiled a bit, sitting down. "I have nothing against physicians. Most do good work. But to have supposedly enlightened people tell me they want a 'real' doctor is pretty grating."

"Not going to eat anything?" Farenia asked before poking one of the sandwiches into her mouth. "If they want a 'real' doctor, activate the EMH and let him take care of their runny nose. Heavens know how that'll end up. I haven't met a single one that had anything resembling bedside manner."

"I will. Just want to actually sit down for a minute first... I don't think we had five minutes of quiet in there today." Valyre smirked a bit at the idea of letting the EMH take care of needy patients. "I might try that, just to see the looks on their faces."

"Consider it Captain's Orders then. If they won't let you treat them, they deal with the EMH." Farenia said with a similar smirk.

"Works for me." Her mood improved, Valyre grinned and got up long enough to get a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese from the replicator before sitting down again.

Eating in silence for a few minutes, Farenia finished up her sandwiches and sipped at her tea before asking her next question. "I'm not sure if you've realized this or not, but you're the third highest ranking person on this boat. That effectively makes you the second officer by default."

"I don't have bridge officer training," Valyre replied sweetly, though she was certain that wasn't going to matter. Reen had been a starship captain twice, and a bridge officer before that each time. She knew the training from memory. "And no, I didn't realize. I don't spend much on duty time outside of sickbay."

"What can you possibly learn about bridge duty that you haven't already learned in the past couple hundred years?" Farenia quipped back. "I'm sure you could breeze through the certification in your sleep. And besides, if something happens to our XO, I'll need you."

"Well, you might have a point there. Two starship commanders in Reen's past... I know the test from both angles." Valyre snickered just a little. "If you insist on making me part of your command chain, I'm not going to argue. I always had Ronnie's ear, regardless of my position on the ship, so it won't be that different for me."

"Thank you," Farenia replied, sipping her tea a bit more. "Just no declaring me unfit for duty without a good reason, ok?"

"Wouldn't dream of it. Too much paperwork that I don't have time to do... you'll have to work pretty hard to get me to do that." Dunking her sandwich in her soup, Valyre took a few bites of it. "Besides, I have no one to leave in charge of sickbay if I suddenly had to pull command duty. Why would I do that to myself?"

"A very good point. Which means I'll have to rely on our Intel Chief to lead away teams, as well." Farenia replied somewhat mysteriously.

Valyre snorted at her. "Yeah, if you think you can trust him."

This piqued Farenia's interest, one eyebrow raising. "He seems trustworthy enough to me. Do you know something I don't?"

"Reen doesn't like him. Therefore, I don't like him. It's not exactly an easy thing to explain." From experience, Valyre knew that most people didn't understand the symbionts and their oddities, particularly their judgement on character or trustworthiness.

"Does Reen like me?" Farenia asked out of curiosity.

"No one's ever asked me that before." A bit off guard, Valyre blinked a few times. "But Reen does like you. Finds you fascinating, even."

"Fascinating..." Farenia repeated. "I hope I live up to that interest."

"Most people Reen has an interest in do live up to it." Valyre couldn't explain how the symbiont picked its friends; she just knew it did and nothing would change its mind.

Farenia smiled, setting her teacup aside for the moment. "In that case, call me 'Nia, if you like. It's a sort of family nickname."

"More inventive than 'Val'. I like it." Valyre grinned a bit. "I don't think there's a soul on this ship who uses my full name. Even Shae calls me 'Val', and we haven't known each other very long."

"Some nicknames are meant to stick." Farenia replied as she got up and returned her plate to the replicator, getting another plate from it with a red spicy looking fingerfood on it. "If this sends me to sickbay..." she muttered, staring at the strange Talaxian dish.

"You'll be talking to the EMH. I'm off duty." Valyre smiled innocently, finishing her sandwich and sipping the rest of her soup.

"Hmmm..." Picking up one of the spicy pastry-stick looking things, Farenia bit into it, chewing thoughtfully. After a moment, she cleared her mouth enough to speak. "It's a bit like a tomato roll stuffed with cayenne."

"I'm still waiting for you to keel over and start dying," Valyre replied dryly, not at all interested in trying the pastry thing.

"Talaxian food is known for being spicy, but I think the replicator messed up - I can still breathe." Farenia replied, seemingly not bothered by the dish.

"Vulcanoid races are rather well-known for not being terribly susceptible to spicy peppers." Valyre didn't pretend to be an expert, but she'd known several Vulcans and a few Romulans through Reen's lifetimes, and none of them had ever been bothered by spicy food.

"True enough, but the last dish I tried was almost too hot for me." Farenia replied with a grin before eating a bit more of the dish.

"Now that's hard to imagine." Valyre chuckled a bit, pushing her empty bowl away.

"Can you imagine a Vulcan laughing and having fun?" Farenia asked with a slight grin.

"Not easily... they're all so serious all the time. Worse than Guardians even, and that's saying a lot." Valyre knew it was no secret how seriously the Guardians took everything, not just matters concerning the symbionts.

"The life of devotion to logic, I suppose." Farenia replied, finishing up her food.

"I guess so. But I can't think of why the Guardians have to be so serious... I mean, I get that the symbionts are kind of defenseless and need to be protected, but a little humor isn't going to kill them or anyone else. Although..." Valyre snickered a little, remembering something the previous host's husband had once done. "There are a few people who might deserve the seriousness. After sticking their hands in the symbiont pools and getting electrocuted."

Farenia looked a bit shocked herself as she composed a reply. "I'll remember not to do that if I ever get to visit them."

"Yeah, they're not fond of touching. The symbionts, I mean... but the Guardians aren't so fond of it either." Suppressing a yawn, Valyre checked the time and made a face at her watch.

"That late, huh?" Farenia said, catching a glance at the watch as well. "I suppose we should both call it a night. With any luck we'll be able to get underway tomorrow so we'll both need some sleep."

"It's not that it's late... I was up three hours early for emergency surgery on someone's rabbit." It was common knowledge on starships that the ship's doctor often also served as the veterinarian, but that didn't mean Valyre had to like it. "Normally I'd take an hour off for a quick nap but there just wasn't time today."

"Someone has a pet rabbit aboard?" Farenia asked, making a mental note to check the authorized pets roster.

"Yeah, a cute fluffy one. Not sure if it's authorized or not."

"If it's not dangerous, I don't see anything wrong with it." Farenia replied.

"I doubt it's dangerous. Rabbits aren't really known for aggression... and it didn't have any bacteria on its scans." Valyre yawned again, making less effort to hide it this time. "Sorry. Just one of those days I guess."

"Looks like a good time to head to bed." Farenia too was rather tired looking, an unusual sight to be sure.

"That's the plan. If you'll excuse me, Captain... we have an early start in sickbay." With a smile, Valyre got up from the table, collecting the remains of her meal and sliding them into the replicator to be recycled before she quietly left the mess hall.


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