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Arrival at Turalek

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2015 @ 10:37am by Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah & Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

Mission: Turalek Misadventure

Mark, having decided to take a nap, opened his eyes as his alert went off, so he quickly got up and made his way to the cockpit, where he saw they had dropped out of warp. On the screen in front of was Turalek. He remembered seeing it from space for the first time when he had left the planet, and he had felt joy at leaving. Now he was feeling dread at going back. "Mr. Gonnadie, can you modify the deflector field to block EMP?" He asked.

"Shouldn't be too difficult." Gonnadie said, as he made some adjustments to the dish, using Thortin's calculations. "Should be good to go."

"We should also be careful as we land, we need to make sure we don't attract too much attention." Mark said.

"When I came around last time, I parked my shuttle in this quarry," Shae said, pulling up the coordinates at the edge of the quarry. "It's isolated, no bio-signs for miles, and it's a dead zone for the detection grids the clans have managed to scavenge. It'll be a tight fit for this ship, but I can manage."

"Sounds like as good of a spot as any." Se'Lah spoke up. During the trip, her and Shae had setup a number of different weapons. She had chosen a 12 gauge shotgun to carry concealed within the black trench coat she'd replicated, an uzi to carry on one hip, and her pistol on the other hip. This wasn't counting the katana that was strapped to her back, and the impressive assortment of grenades, and bladed weapons she now had concealed. "The quieter we are slipping in, the easier it should be to go unnoticed... Even if things never go quite as they're supposed to."

Mark nodded. "The quarry is good. Used to be a group that lived there, but they were killed when I was twenty." He said. "We'll also need to keep someone at the ship, to make sure no one does find it, just to be safe."

"I'm against splitting up," Shae said as she began to navigate the ship into the atmosphere. "With as dangerous as this place is, I think it's worth the risk to stick together."

"I agree." Se'Lah said as she moved to stand next to Mark, discreetly taking his hand. "If Turalek is as you say it is, then splitting up would probably be unwise."

Mark nodded. "Alright then. Our first stop will be my old camp. If my people are there, then we'll be able to find out about whoever's using this place as a base. We're about two kilometers from camp. However, there's only one speed here; mine. We hang around, then we'll be caught by roving gangs." Mark said. "Gonnadie, set the ship's systems to remote in case we need an emergency bug out. Also, see if you can get a proximity alarm set up." He added, ignoring, for now, the feeling of Se'Lah's hand in his. He loved the feeling, however, and would definitely make sure she got out alive.

Gonnadie quietly did as he was told, then stood up from his chair. He was dressed much like Se'Lah, carrying almost the same loadout of weapons that Se'Lah had. He'd opted against the sword, and grenades, but kept the rest. "Done."

Se'Lah turned to face Mark more fully. "You wanted to see what I'm truly capable of..." She reminded him. "If worse comes to worse, we may both find ourselves learning that truth."

Mark nodded. "Maybe, but I hope you won't think worse of me when you see who I am." Mark said softly.

"If anything, it might teach me something about myself." Se'Lah told him. "Hell... All these weapons, and explosives that Angela helped me to assmble can't exactly say good things about me, now can they?" She gave him a bit of a humored look. "No one here is innocent."

"Except for maybe Mr. Gonnadie," Shae volunteered as the ship touched down in the quarry. She knew their conversation had most likely been private, but she couldn't help how good her hearing was. Granted, some of it was dulled with the humanoid outer ear shape, and she didn't have the advantage of directionality, but her hearing was still hella good. "Alright, Gonnadie, you're up. Finish doing whatever you need to do to the ship, then we can get on the move," she said, shutting down as many systems as possible so the ship would be less likely to be detected.

"I'm already done." Gonnadie said. "The ship is good to go."

"Remember people, if you see someone, don't hesitate to fire. Someone draws a weapon, shoot to kill. There is no stun setting here." Mark said, as he went to the exit hatch.

"As merciless as this world is, if you're in a position to give someone what they want to avoid harm, do it. There are still people on this world, like Mark's clan, who are just trying to get by and survive," Shae said. Then she looked to Mark. "You probably won't see a lot of me once we're out there. I know that before I was more a team player, but after so much isolation it's easier for me to scout alone. I will be close, I promise."

"Weren't you the one who said we should stick together?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Just stay close. I don't want to lose you again." He said, as he opened the hatch. He took a look around, and smelt the air. "There's been a battle about two clicks away to the south. Luckily, we're heading to the North."

"I will stay close, you just won't see me," Shae affirmed as she reached into her boots to pull out a pair of batons, extending them both with a flick of her wrists. Then she took off and she was simply gone. Where she had gone exactly, there was no telling, but this was part of her skillset, being practically invisible. There were no bootprints, no disturbed rocks or foliage to indicate where she'd been; this part she had perfected on Psi Gamma. At her core, she was a predator, a fast and agile hunter, and it was easier for her to move on her own to scout ahead to ensure it was safe for the group.

Se'Lah smirked as she stepped out the hatch, then turned to face the others. "Based on her skill set, and how she was when we found her, I'd have to agree with what Angela said." She explained. "There is no doubt in my mind that she is good at what she does."

Mark nodded. "Oh, believe me, she's good." Mark said, as he looked around. "Alright, let's move." He said. He began to walk away from the ship, looking around as he did.

Gonnadie hesitated a bit, obviously worried for his own life, based on the things he'd been told about this place. Finally he stepped out the door to follow Mark.

After Gonnadie started following Mark, the other security officers headed out, and Se'Lah brought up the rear as a defensive measure, her ever watchful eyes, keeping track of anything that might move within her line of vision.

As Mark led the group across the land, he knew everything was the same, and yet he was seeing the land with new eyes. He knew what was out in the universe, and how much better it was.

He frowned as he saw smoke from ahead, and drew a set of binoculars. Using them, he looked ahead, and saw a camp ahead of them. "Wondered if anyone would move in." Mark commented. "Alright people, there's a camp ahead. I don't know if they'll be friendly or not, so follow my lead." He said.

Knowing what she did from her conversations with Mark about Turalek, Se'Lah reached into her trench coat, and unsnapped the safety strap holding her pistol in it's holster, which would allow her to pull it without any extra effort on her part. Since her weapons were not silenced, she would resort to using them only as a last resort. The last thing they needed was to draw a crowd from other areas.

Shae had already found a two man hunting team from the campsite. They were nearly upon the Away team, so in a flurry of movement she attacked. She cracked one on the head with a baton to render him unconscious, and the other she grappled into a choke hold, leaving him also in an unconscious state for her group to find as they passed by. It happened so fast, the hunters barely had any time to react or call out. Mark, or even Se'Lah with her Vulcan hearing, probably heard the scuffle, but they were still far enough away from the campsite that her actions went unnoticed there.

As Mark heard the scuffle, he became aware of a group racing towards them, carrying a flag. What was worse, Mark recognized the flag. "Cannibals. Stay back." Mark ordered, drawing his kulaks. As the group neared them, Mark ran forward towards them, knowing what he was facing.

He leapt up into the air, and landed on the horse of the leader. Without hesitation, he brought one of his daggers round, and slit the throat of the rider. He then stood up as he shoved a dagger into the horse's neck. He leapt off it as it went down, and landed in front of the group. He walked towards them, and as one swung a blade at him, Mark stepped to the side, avoiding the strike, then brought his dagger up into the face of the man. He spun around and kicked another in the face, before slicing the throat of a third raider without even blinking or breaking a sweat.

One of them got away from Mark, rushing for Se'Lah, who simply studied the man's movements, right up until he swung a sword. As the sword sliced through the air, Se'Lah's Katana was out of it's sheath just in time to block it, causing sparks to fly from the impact.

Though the cannibal didn't expect the move, he was not without the skill to do something about it as he swung again, looking to take this small woman out. Much to his dismay, she blocked him again, and in one swift movement, the sword cut through the air, causing an arterial spray that covered Se'Lah in blood, and leaving a headless body that collapsed to the ground... If asked to justify her actions later, it was a simple answer of her life, or his.

"You never fully grasped the concept of 'covert' during your training, did you?" Shae asked Mark teasingly as she rejoined the team, her weapons still drawn. "I cleared a path for you, all nice an neat, but no one appreciates my work," she continued to 'complain', really getting into the 'Angela' character. Another cannibal rushed them, but Shae stopped him with a rather effective crack to the nuts. Before he could hit the ground, she turned on him with a kick that slammed him into the ground. Maybe he was alive, maybe not, but he wasn't moving anytime soon.

"What training?" Mark replied, with a small smirk on his face. He looked at Se'Lah, and saw the body in front of her. "That was the easy part." Mark commented. "Cannibal's don't normally come out of caves unless they have to, and even then they only set traps. They never attack like this. Something isn't right."

"It's sad when they give you no choice, but to kill them." Se'Lah said as she used her victim's clothing to clean her blade, then put it back in it's sheath. She stood up, looking at the others. as she wiped the blood from her face. If the fact that she'd killed a man actually affected her, she didn't show it. "Your path is appreciated, Angela."

"Unfortunately, it's a way of life here." Mark replied. "Cannibal tribes couldn't be bothered to hunt animals, they wanted people. I never understood it myself, but I never wanted to either." Mark explained. "We should get out of here quickly, in case there are anymore of them."

"Well, if their food source has run short, it only makes sense for them to change their tactics," Shae said in regards to the cannibals' unusual behavior, then looked around. "Although they should eat well tonight. We certainly left them enough offerings. They shouldn't be much trouble when we have to come back through here." That is if they behaved like any other predatorial species in existence, although she and Mark both knew that people on this planet didn't exactly operate on the same wavelength as the rest of the universe.

Mark nodded in agreement. "We should head for the old camp." He said. He faced the group. "If Cannibal's are nearby, I need to make sure my tribe are okay."

"Lead the way." Se'Lah said simply, as the group began moving again. "They are part of the reason we are here, aren't they?"

Mark nodded. "Yes." He replied. No point in lying about it. "I made them a promise years ago, and I trusted Starfleet would fulfil my promise. But I let my freedom go to my head, and I didn't pay any more heed. I failed them."

"You are here to do the job Starfleet didn't." Se'Lah said, falling in step with him as they walked. Though she was distracted by his presence, and their conversation, she was still mindful of their surroundings. "By that logic alone, you didn't fail them."

Mark looked at her, and flashed her a brief smile. "Thanks, Se'Lah." He said, as they made their way quickly across the plains. "I just...I hope we're not too late. If the Cannibal's are out this far, then they could be in danger. The Camp's over those hills." He said, pointing to a series of hills ahead of them.

"I haven't found any established hunting trails yet. The Cannibals might be getting bold, but I don't think they've gotten as far as our camp," Shae said. That wasn't to say the Cannibals hadn't made it that far, only that this development was recent enough that a regular path hadn't been tread, which was hopefully good news. "I'll take up the rear and make sure we aren't followed or tracked to the settlement," she added, then darted off again.

"Cannibals, and gunmen, and gangs, oh my..." Gonnadie said dryly as he followed Mark, Se'Lah, and the Security Officers. They'd only been here a few minutes, and already they'd been attacked by cannibals. He'd been even more surprised to see the quick, and bloody way those men had been killed. "What have I gotten myself into?"

"Hell, Mr. Gonnadie, you've found yourself in hell." Mark replied dryly, knowing that soon, all hell would break loose.


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