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City Battle (Warning Graphic Violence Scenes)

Posted on Thu Nov 12th, 2015 @ 11:40am by Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah & Kalin 'Shae' Brennan & Enlisted Cadet Riddly Piddler

Mission: Turalek Misadventure
Tags: Vulcan Split

Mark looked around at the buildings, and frowned as he heard the noise coming from the centre. "The place looks pretty much the same, yet very different." He said, as he led Se'Lah into one of the buildings. "We'll cut through the buildings to get to the centre." He said.

"Wait." As they stepped inside, Se'Lah gently grabbed him by the arm, turning him to face her. The look she gave him was filled with compassion, and understanding. After seeing the horrible carnage they'd found at Mark's old camp, she wanted to know what this was going to be for him. "I'm not going to let you do this alone, but I need to know, Mark... Are you here for justice, or vengeance?"

Mark looked at her. "Today...they're the same thing." Mark said. "I will make them pay for what they've done. No one will ever fear them again." Mark replied.

She looked at him for another moment, as if gauging his words. "Correction, Mr. Whistler." She told him simply. Though she cared deeply for him, the use of his last name somehow seemed more appropriate at times. "We will make them pay for their transgressions. I came here to support the man I have fallen for... I will help you get your vengeance."

Mark nodded, and stood face to face with her. "Whatever happens, Se'Lah, just know that I love you." He said, kissing her softly.

Though she wasn't quite ready to say those three simple words. Se'Lah cared deeply for Mark, and somewhere in the back of her mind, she found herself worried that she was going to end up hurting him somehow. "I know you do... but now is not the time to discuss it." She told him, as she took his hand in her's. "If we are to get this done, we must be quick, and efficient."

Mark drew his kulaks, and led the way through the building, racing up the stairs. As he reached the third level, he exited the stairwell, and made his way through the corridors, which led to a large hole in the wall of the building. He leapt out and landed on a metal tower that was acting as a bridge between the buildings, before racing into the next building.

Se'Lah was right behind Mark, her movements silent with all the skills of a highly trained operative. As they entered into the next building, they found themselves in the middle of a crowd of cannibals. It wasn't long before they were noticed by one of the group. At first, they seemed like all the rest, but Se'Lah quickly noticed that many of them had metal implants of some sort. "Careful." She said to Mark as some of the cannibals began to advanced menacingly. "They've been altered."

"And you won't get the chance to tell anyone else!" One of them said, before they started rushing towards them, intent on ending both of them.

As several of them began rushing the two, Se'Lah reached into her trench coat, producing her shotgun. She knew that with this group coming at them, the sread on the shotgun had the better chance of taking out more than one. She pulled the trigger, cutting a man in half, and dropping the one right behind him. She primed the shotgun, and fired again, taking out another.

Leaping over one of the men, Mark landed and wrapped his arm around the man's neck. With a satisfying crunch, he twisted the man's neck, snapping it. As the man fell to the ground, Mark brought his Kulak's up, facing one of the men, who stopped, seeing him. His eye's widened for a moment, and he then smiled.

"Hell's Messenger. Whistler, isn't it?" The man snarled.

"I'm here to send you straight to hell." Mark said. He ran at the man, and stepped to the side, before bringing his knee up to the man's chest. As the man stumbled backwards, Mark brought his dagger to the man's neck. However, his target managed to roll out of the way, before kicking Mark in the chest. Quickly recovering, Mark was able to bring his foot down on the man's back, sending him flying to the floor. Mark then brought his foot down onto the man's head, hard. Normally, it would have crushed the man's skull, but Mark could feel metal there instead, so he grabbed the man's arm and pulled it backwards, breaking it as he did. As the man cried out in pain, Mark brought his kulak down into the man's neck, twisting it. He heard a crunch and a whirring sound as the man's head jerked about and then stopped moving.

While Mark was busy with those two, Se'Lah continued taking out others with the shotgun, until it was empty. She immediately dropped it, pulling out her sword, using it to defend herself against one of the cannibals who'd attacked her with a pipe of sorts. Sparks flew each time the pipe impacted with the sword, Se'Lah's skills allowing her to properly deflect each swing. What worried her was the immense strength that these men had. It was as if the crude metal implants were enhancing their strength.

As Mark brought his daggers up, he faced one of the cannibals and shoved his blade into the man's face. The man fell to the ground, ending the battle, so Mark turned around to face Se'Lah.

As he opponent swung the pipe from overhead, Se'Lah blocked it with her sword, then push kicked him to the ground. As he was starting to get up, Se'Lah quickly drew her pistol, and fired several shots at him, until he stopped moving. After all was said and done, she stood there somewhat absently with her gun still facing the now dead cannibal, and her sword in the other hand, still ready to swing. She inwardly wondered to herself if this was what she had become in her life.

Mark approached her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Se'Lah, are you okay?" He asked. When he got no response, he frowned and gently shook her. "Se'Lah?"

After a moment, Se'Lah finally lowered her gun and looked at Mark, sheathing her sword. "Is this what I've become?" she asked him sadly. So far, everyone she'd encountered on this trip had met their death, and part of her silently wondered if someone would eventually come for her as well.

"This is Turalek, and this is what we must do. Taking a life doesn't make you bad, Se'Lah. Not feeling guilt about it...that's the darkness. I have it in spades. You do not." Mark said, frowning as he heard something. "Sounds like more people above us. Stay behind me. I'll handle this." He promised.

As they moved, Se'Lah turned all business. She'd been counting her shots, and knew she had one more clip left for her pistol, after this one was empty. She also had two clips for the Uzi hidden in her coat, which is what she pulled out as they moved. ~ Short, controlled bursts...~ she thought to herself as they moved up a flight of stairs to a tattered doorway. They each took a side of the door, prepping themselves quickly, before Se'Lah nodded to Mark, showing she was ready.

Mark kicked the door in, and immediately launched himself at one of the guards, grabbing him by the neck and twist hard enough for a loud crack to be heard, before throwing his blade into the face of a second guard.

Se'Lah ignored the blade that barely missed her as it embedded itself into the second guard. As she saw the crowd in the room, she found she was glad she'd opted for the Uzi on this one as she started unloading her clip in controlled bursts, dropping several of them in short time, before moving back out the door to switch clips.

Racing past the dead guard, Mark bent down and grabbed his blade, before using it to block a strike from another guard's blade. As Mark felt the guard pushing down to try and kill him, he brought his knee up into the man's chest, before spinning around and slicing the man's throat. He then grabbed the man and used him as a shield as another guard, racing in from another room, began firing bullets at him. Mark threw the now dead body at the newcomers, and quickly ran past a group of hostages, and shoved his blade into the guard's throat, twisting it before pulling it out.

Around the corner, and somewhat out of sight, several people were being held in makeshift cells. One of the prisoners was Riddley Piddler; the same young girl responsible for stealing the Islandica's deflector dish. "To hell with this!" She swore low as the sounds of gunfire reverberated through the room. Pulling her hood back, she reached into her hair and removed a few pins she had concealed there. "There's always another way..." She said as she started to work on picking the crude lock. Being stuck in this cage with no information on what was going to be done with her was not part of her plan, and she wasn't sticking around any longer than possible.

As Se'Lah shoved the new clip into the Uzi, she pulled the slide back to load the breech, then stepped through the open door again. What she failed to notice was the man standing just out of sight, who had moved to hide behind the door. As she moved into the room, firing off controlled bursts from the Uzi, the man stepped up behind her, breaking a board over the back of her head.

The impact reverberated through her head like the sound of an explosion, as the hit knocked Se'Lah to her hands and knees, causing her to lose her grip on the Uzi, which promptly slid out of reach. She blinked several times, shaking her head as if trying to regain her senses, but this was interrupted as she was yanked to her feet by her hair.

"I've heard that Vulcan stew tastes real good!" the man said, before he moved to plunge his blade into her neck...

With an imminent sense of danger, Se'Lah simply reacted. As the blade came towards her, she promptly grabbed his wrist. She yanked it off to the side, bringing her other elbow into his face. As he was hit, he stumbled, letting go of her hair. Se'Lah bent his wrist back until she heard a snap, and as he cried out in pain, she took his own blade, shoving it into the side of his neck, and twisted hard. Sparks flew from the point of impact, and the man simply dropped dead. With the immediate threat gone, she stood unsteady on her feet, reaching a hand to the spot on the back of her head where the board had broken.

Unknown to her, the Uzi had slid nearer to one of the other cannibals. He picked it up, and seeing that the Vulcan stranger with Mark was vulnerable, he took aim with the gun with the full intentions of taking her life.

Mark heard the snap of the board as he removed his dagger from his downed opponent, so as he straightened up, he turned around, and saw one of the cannibal's taking aim at Se'Lah, who was currently preoccupied. Without so much of a second thought, Mark threw his dagger again, missing Se'Lah by a matter of centimeters, through his skill with the blade, which then embedded itself into the left eye of the cannibal with the weapon. He leapt over at the cannibal, and removed his blade. Looking down at his enemy, who was still breathing, Mark glared into his remaining eye. "This is for my friends. When you get to tell, be sure to tell them Whistler sent you" He said, before bringing the blade down into the centre of the man's head.

He looked around at the now empty room, and then at Se'Lah. "Se'Lah, are you okay?" He asked.

Just as the fighting seemed to stop, Riddley managed to get the lock to the cell open, allowing herself, and several others to get out. As she moved into the room, she saw a man, and a woman standing there, and several bodies on the floor.

At the mention of her name, Se'Lah pulled her hand away from the back of her head, and it was covered in blood. "I... I blacked out, when I got hit..." She said, showing him her hand, but then in an instant, her pistol was in her other hand, and she was pointing it at a girl standing behind Mark.

"Don't shoot!" Riddley's hands went up as soon as the weapon was pointed at her. She'd just escaped from a cell, because she didn't want to die... Now was not the time to get shot. "I promise I'm not one of them!" She said, haphazardly gesturing at the bodies on the floor.

As several others came around the corner to join the young girl, Se'Lah noticed that many of them were malnourished, and obviously mistreated. A quick assessment told her that most likely none of them were armed, or in a condition to put up a fight. She looked at Mark, showing him the blood on her hand that had come from the back of her head. "I'm ok, but I should get medical attention soon."

Mark nodded. "Agreed. We need to get you out of here." Mark said. He looked at the girl who had spoken. "Alright kid, I need you to listen very carefully. There's going to be more of them, so we need to get you, and everyone, out of here. Do you know if there were any more prisoners?" Mark asked, as he recognised a number of the people that were being held by the cannibals. He looked at Se'Lah's head, and ripped off a sleeve from one of the dead, and wrapped it gently around her head, using it to act as a bandage.

Just as Mark finished with the bandage, Se'Lah noticed movement behind him. Hiding in the shadows beyond the far doorway was another man. The grlint of metal told her he had a weapon pointed at Mark. Without a word, she forcibly pushed Mark aside, and threw a small blade across the distance, catching the cannibal right between the eyes.

Mark landed on the ground, and saw as her blade struck the target. "I'd say that makes us even." Mark said, with a small smile while he stood up. He looked at the girl who he had spoken to. "Kid, you alright?" He asked. "Are there more prisoners?"

Riddly looked a bit surprised as she watched the man simply fall to the floor dead after being caught between the eyes by a blade. It was the other man's voice that brought her back to reality. "Ummm yeah. There's another group being held in the center of town." Riddly said, then looked at the Vulcan woman. "Are... you ok?"

"I will be fine." Se'Lah replied simply, as she moved to help Mark up off the floor. "We need to get moving. The longer we stay here, the more likely it is more will show up, and we need to get everyone out of here."

Mark nodded. "Agreed. Kid, you need to stay hidden with these people. Find a place to hide, but keep an eye on what happens next. If we're lucky, we'll be able to save more people." Mark said. "Melissa, you sure you up for this?"

Se'Lah looked between the group of prisoners, and Mark, then sighed. "I'm nearly out of ammunition." She told him simply. "I can continue on, but I will have to take a more defensive approach... Especially if I want to keep my head."

Riddly looked at them, shaking her head. "You two are crazy." She said, then gestured to the others. "I'll get them into hiding, and keep an eye on you two." She said before ushering the others back in the direction Mark, and 'Mellissa' had come from.

Se'Lah picked up her Uzi from the floor. it still had half a clip, plus the one in her pocket. "Are you ready?" She asked Mark.

"Born ready." Mark replied, as he led Se'Lah through a corridor. As he did, he saw one cannibal, and quickly dropped him. As they reached a fire escape, Mark forced it open, and saw the large group. He and Se'Lah were then joined by three people, from his can. "Mark, glad to see you alive." Shamrock said, smiling.

"Glad to see you too Shamrock. Let's go save our friends. Melissa, you and Shamrock free the people when I start the distraction." He said.

At first, Se'Lah went for her gun, when she saw the others, but the recognition she saw in Mark's eyes stopped her. She listened to the small bit of conversation, then looked at Mark. "Don't get yourself killed." She said simply. It was her own logical way of telling him to make sure he came home to her, when all was said and done. She leaned in to place a light kiss on Mark's lips, then looked at him. "I'll signal you when we're ready."

With that, she stepped past him, leading Shamrock down the fire escape. The two of them stayed in the shadows as they moved into position. Se'Lah took the short time to screw the silencer on her pistol, then signaled to Mark that they were ready. From the looks of it, if the distraction went properly, her and Shamrock would only have 3 or 4 guards to take out in the process of freeing the remaining prisoners, and then they'd be able to meet back up with Mark's group after leading the prisoners to safety.

Mark led the other two, Mia and Leo, down the fire escape, and into the alley below. As they reached the entrance of the alley, Mark grabbed a grenade from his belt, the only one he had, and threw it at a large group of cannibals. As it exploded, Mark gripped his daggers and ran at the cannibals. As he passed through them, he swung his blade at them. It almost felt like slow motion as he moved, slicing the throat of one cannibal, ducking to avoid being struck before cutting into another cannibal, kicking a third, and then spinning around and kicking another. He ran forward, leapt into the air, and kicked two at the same time.

Several prisoners could see him, and immediately they knew who he was. Everyone knew who he was. Mark leapt into the air and kicked another two cannibals, sending them to the ground. These ones, thankfully, had not been modified, so they were entirely human, which made his fight a lot simpler. Leaping backwards, he landed, grabbed one cannibal by the head, and twisted hard, a loud crack signing that his neck was broken. Mark then shoved a dagger into the heart of one cannibal, and leapt away, landing in a small clearing, waiting for Se'Lah to make her move.

At that point, Se'Lah stepped out of the shadows, pulling her knife out of her pocket as she did. Quickly, and quietly, she snuck up behind one of the guards, covering his mouth with her hand, and slicing his throat. As the life drained out of him, she pulled him back into the shadows, then both her, and Shamrock emerged just seconds later. Se'Lah used her pistol to take out two more guards where they stood, as the two made their way to different cells.

As the refugees saw her approaching their cell, Se'Lah put a finger to her lips to signal them to be quiet. She quickly examined the crude lock, then looked at them. "Stand back." She said, and as they did, she fired a single shot into the lock. Sparks flew, as the bullet went clean through the lock, allowing the door to swing open freely.

Seeing the cages open, Mark leapt up and when he landed, he ran over to the now free group, standing in front of them. Gripping his daggers, he smiled at the group, and then faced the cannibals, who were regrouping. "For our freedom." Mark said.

"Freedom." Shamrock repeated, and that single cry began to resonate among the small force now ready to fight.

"FOR FREEDOM!" Mark shouted, before running forward. Immediately, every single former prisoner ran forward to join the battle.

Leaping up and landing behind one of the cannibals, Mark spun around and kicked the man in the head, sending him to the ground, before punching a second in the face, sending them flying backwards. He ducked to avoid being struck, and as he did, he pushed himself forward, grabbing his attacker by the waist and bringing him down to the ground, before shoving his dagger into the man's face.

Shamrock leapt up, spinning into the air as he went, and as he landed, he grabbed a cannibal by the head, and threw him over his shoulder, into the waiting arms of another two of the group. All of them, Mark's clan, had been given the same enhancements, steroids and strengths Mark had been given, so together, they were a force to be feared.

Leaping up, Mia kicked two cannibals at the same time, sending them down to the ground, and as she landed, she leapt up again, and wrapped her legs around the head of a cannibal, pushing herself forward and bringing them both to the ground, where she twisted her legs, snapping the man's neck. Standing up, she grabbed a knife from a cannibal, and threw it into the face of another cannibal, hitting the man in the eye.

Mark grabbed his dagger, and threw it into the neck of a cannibal that had been just about to attack Se'Lah, before racing over to her. "Still glad you came along?" He asked, as he stood back to back with her, blocking attacks from one of the cannibals.

"Sure." Se'Lah replied. She blocked a flurry of attacks from another cannibal, before catching him with a fatal slice with her blade. "Had to make sure you came back home after all.". She saw one of them about to get Mark, while he was occupied. Instead of giving them the chance, she speared him to the ground, then stabbed him in the heart, before moving to put her back against Mark's "Did you really want to leave me behind to have all the fun yourself?"

"You and I have very different definitions of the word fun." Mark quipped, as he blocked a knife attack, and forced the man's hand to his chest, sending his own knife into the man's heart. "I wouldn't have thought of this for our second date though."

"Things don't always work out the way we expect them to." Se'Lah replied. She threw a knife several feet away to land a killing blow on a cannibal who was about to attack Shamrock from behind. "Maybe we should spend our third one in the holodeck... How does the beach sound?"

"Like paradise!" Mark exclaimed, as he shoved his fist into the face of one of the cannibals, sending them flying backwards. As one charged towards him, Mark lowered his head, and grabbed him by the chest, lifting the man up. He then threw him into three more who were approaching. "I'll bring the picnic hamper." He added, as he spun around, his back against Se'Lah's briefly, before he grabbed a cannibal's arm who had been about to strike Se'Lah, and with a quick motion, broke his hand. The sword the cannibal was holding fell from his hand, and in one swift move, Mark caught it and ran it through the man's chest. He spun around again, and blocked a sword attack from a woman who was charging for him.

Quickly, Mark blocked the attack from the top, then from below, then from the top again. As the swords clashed, sparks flew, and Mark felt the heat of the battle. "And a force field generator." He added, bringing the sword into the woman's throat.

"I don't think we will need one." Se'Lah replied. Another cannibal approached her, and attacked. She blocked most of the attack, but the man got a lucky punch to her jaw, causing her to stagger only momentarily. As she quickly recovered, anger set in, and she simply clotheslined the poor cannibal so hard that that the impact killed him instantly. "On second thought, we might..." She said, then spit green blood onto the ground.

Mark spun around, his foot connecting with the chest of a cannibal, sending him flying backwards into a broken shard of wood, impaling him on it. As the man died, Mark grabbed a cannibal by the throat, and squeezed hard, crushing his neck. "I suggest we don't invite these guys." He added, throwing the body to the ground.

"I'd certainly think not." Se'Lah replied as she quickly pulled her pistol, pulling the trigger on a few of the straggling cannibals, each one dropping dead. She turned to take out another, but Mark acted first.

Mark grabbed his Kulak, spun it and then threw it into the face of a cannibal, watching as he fell. He grabbed one more, and with a quick motion, broke the man's neck. He looked around, and saw that the last of the cannibals were now either dead, or dying. Mark sighed with relief, and looked at the others around them. They were gathering around, looking at Mark, when Shamrock let out a loud cheer. Everyone else began to cheer, calling Mark's name as they did. Mark turned and faced Se'Lah, and smiled. "We...we won." He said, allowing his fatigue to finally show. " were amazing."

Seeing that the danger was over, Se'Lah put her weapons away within her trench coat. "I do try." She said simply. "I believe we should get these people, and the other smaller group together, and prepared to leave. Staying here for any length of time is not wise."

"No arguments here." Mark said, with a nod. He made his way to the crowd, and began speaking with Shamrock, and a number of others, knowing some would stay, and some would go. They had won a great battle, and maybe Turalek would be different for it, better for it. Only time would tell.


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