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New Chief Engineer

Posted on Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 8:12am by Lieutenant JG Andrea O'Grady & Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: En route to Engineering

Andrea had only been aboard for thirty minutes before she stepped into her tiny quarters, having reviewed the Ilandica's deck layout while enroute to the ship. The small, spartan space made the red haired woman sigh, tossing her duffel bag onto the deck next to her bunk. "At least it's not a Defiant Class," she sighed. In all honesty though, she liked smaller ships. That meant a smaller team for her and less of a ship to take care of. "Betta go an' see the Captn' an' Commander," she told herself as she walked out of her quarters and headed for the nearest turbolift.

As Andrea was making her way to the turbolift, a door where a guard was standing opened, and a Vulcan woman exited into the corridor. Unlike most Vulcans, her long hair was somewhat on the wild side, and she was wearing a bright blue knee length skirt with black pants underneath, a bright blue short sleeved blouse with a long sleeved black shirt underneath, and bright blue fingerless gloves that covered her wrists. The woman stopped, raising an eyebrow as she saw Andrea approaching. "Excuse me Lieutenant." She said simply, her voice laced with curiosity. "Either you're new here, or you don't belong here."

Andrea looked at the other woman for a moment. Her looks wasn't something she'd expected from an officer, yet a ship this small wasn't likely to have civilians as the larger vessels did. "Well, I'm pretty sure I belong 'ere," she held up a PADD. "Orders an' everthing," she grinned.

The Vulcan woman took the offered PADD, skimming over it in short time. "Everything appears to be in order." She said, handing it back. "I am Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah, the ship's XO."

"Ah, excuse me, Commander. I didn' recognize you," Andrea replied with a smile. "It's good to be aboard."

"Welcome aboard." Se'Lah said, offering a handshake, which was something unusual for Vulcans. "I was about to go for a walk around the ship. Would you like to join me?"

"Well sure," she replied happily. "Lead the way, Commander. Could ye catch me up to speed on things aboard the ship?"

Se'Lah took two steps in the direction of the Turbolift, but then she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. For several seconds, she stood staring, seemingly at nothing as her eyes glazed over. Finally she blinked her eyes, looking around, and a soft, but repeated beeping sound could be heard. Se'Lah reached up pressing her finger to a small device just behind her ear to stop the beeping, then glanced at the PADD in her hand, before looking back up at Andrea. "This is going to sound odd, but I have no idea who you are, or what we were talking about." She said simply, and before Andrea could reply, she continued. "Please forgive me. I suffer from a condition of split personalities. Each one appears to have it's own set of memories."

Andrea was silent for a moment as she was unsure of how to continue. A vulcan with split personalities? Was that something new? Usually Vulcans were boring save for every seven years. "Um, ok. I'm Lieutenent O'Grady. The new Chief Engineer."

"Assuming I've already checked your orders, welcome aboard, Lieutenant." She said as she resumed walking, figuring this new Chief Engineer would follow, as the security guard fell into step behind them. "Have you had a chance to meet with the Captain yet?"

"No, I haven't, ma'am," she said before glancing back at the security guard. Was the guard for the commander's safety? She hadn't seen senior officers with a security escort outside of battle conditions. "Could ye update me on what's goin' on?"

"According to the reports I've seen in the last few days, the ship is undergoing minor repairs, mostly to the computer, and a bit for the deflector dish that was recently stolen." Se'Lah replied simply. They arrived at the lift, and the doors opened. Se'Lah stepped inside, along with the guard, both moving to make room for Andrea. "There is also an investigation taking place into the group which was responsible for stealing the deflector dish... among other things."

"H-how'd in blazes did the deflector dish get stolen? What else is being investigated?" she gasped. She was aboard the ship of the damned...or the demented.

"Apparently with a transporter." Se'Lah replied to Andrea's first question. "Main Engineering." She ordered, and the lift began it's journey downward. "There is also an investigation into the possibility that a group on the station is affiliated with those responsible for stealing the deflector."

"Great," Andrea sighed, closing her eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose as she digested the information. "Has the Engineering crew aboard been cleared? It would take a group knowing exactly how to disengage the latches and connectors or else they'd blow the ship in the process."

"The deflector dish has already been attached." Se'Lah said simply. "At this point, it's mainly minor repairs from damage caused by transporting it away."

"I can only hope," Andrea sighed heavily. "Is that why we're en route to Engineerin' ?

"Just a coincidence that this is where I usually start my walks." Se'Lah explained. "Did you wish to go somewhere else?"

"No ma'am. Jus' curious is all. Besides, it'll give me a chance to look over Engineering."

"Indeed." Se'Lah replied. "The plan is to leave the station within a few hours. As long as the critical bits are done, and the deflector is working as expected, any other repairs can be completed in transit." Just as she finished speaking, the turbolift doors opened onto the Engineering deck, and Se'Lah gestured towards the door. "After you, Lieutenant." She said simply.

"Thank ye," she said, stepping out and getting her first look at Engineering. The Warp Core was currently dark and offline. It was a sight she always hated as an Engineer. To her, it made the ship seem dead with no heart beat. "We'll have that rectified in no time, commander."

"Of that, I have no doubt." Se'Lah said simply. "I will leave you to it, but I recommend you see the Captain, and check in with the Doctor for your boarding physical."

"Aye. That I'll do. Best to get the rest of my check in before I'm labeled a stowaway," she chuckled.

Se'Lah held out her hand, offering a hand shake. "Welcome aboard the Islandica, Lieutenant." She said simply.

"Thank you, Commander," she replied, shaking the woman's hand while wondering why as many vulcans did not offer handshakes.

"You're welcome." Se'Lah replied, before she headed down the corridor, away from Engineering, followed by the guard assigned to her.



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