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Installing the Deflector

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2015 @ 9:56pm by Lieutenant JG Andrea O'Grady & Ensign Theron Storme

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Back Post: Ilandica in dry dock.


Andrea studied the readouts of the ship on the Master Console. Everything seemed to be in order and the deflector Dish assembly was coming along well. She was planning to go to Deflector Control and help out. Fortunately for her the previous Chief Engineer had done a good job of keeping everything organized. All that was needed now was to add her own touch to things and it would be perfect. She was, however, focused on the flow regulators operating at 92% efficiency. Well within Starfleet Regulations but she was sure she could increase it, giving the Islandica a quicker response and acceleration time.

Ens. Drake walked into Engineering with PaDD in hand. He stopped before the non-operational Warp Core and looked right then left. He looked sadly at the silent beast before him, “Don’t worry. You’ll be back in business soon enough.” Theron didn’t usually talk to inanimate objects, but it wouldn’t hurt he thought. Drake saw one of the engineering techs look at him strangely, so after cringing slightly he turned and got back on track to deliver the information to the Chief Engineer. After just a few steps, the Helmsman saw the senior officer in question standing next to the major engineering console. Upon arriving next to her, he came to attention, “Lieutenant O’Grady?”

"That be me," she turned and looked at the man who spoke. "What brings you to engineering?"

Theron extended his arm, holding the PaDD before the engineer, "I'm Ensign Storme, Helmsman. I was instructed to bring these computer projections to your attention. They are the interface reaction times between bridge controls and the thruster and impulse engines."

"I was actually just looking at those," she smiled as she grabbed the PADD and looked it over before handing it back to Theron. "If ye are free, I could use your help as you've been aboard longer and have more of an idea of what's goin' on aboard the ship."

Theron was rather surprised by the request, yet kind of pleased. He smiled and replied encouragingly, "Sure. I mean, yes Ma'am. How can I help?"

Andrea smiled and slapped Theron on the shoulder. "Relax. This isn't Security or the Marines. Down here, I'm Andrea. Ma'am makes me sound old, and I am not old. Want to help me realign the power flow regulators to the Deflector control from the core?"

Theron felt a bit of a lift emotionally by her encouraging and welcoming words. With a big smile he replied, "Sure, sounds like a lot more fun than just sitting at a console while in space-dock."

"Good," Andrea smiled in return. "Since the deflector has been physically reattached, we can supply power to the Deflector Control. I'll need ye to slowly open the circuits and steadily increase power. Don't want to overload the relays."

Theron nodded slightly as she explained, “Always a good idea.” He tapped his finger to his chin in thought and then said, “As I recall there are 120 individual relays. This could take us a few hours.”

"Better safe than sorry. It'd be a few days if we blew the relays."

Ens. Storme walked over to another console with a large display. He glanced to his left to see O'Grady getting ready. Storme brought up a diagram of all the deflector relays. A quick scan of all relays showed them to be attached. "All right. All relays are reporting as active and ready."

"Beginning to transfer power at five percent," she operated a nearby console. "So how long ye been aboard?"

Theron watched as the power gauges began to fluctuate and show the results. Without looking away from the monitor he replied, "A few weeks now. Not too long." He checked all the levels again and informed, "Holding steady now at 5%."

"Good. Increasing flow to 10%," she said. "I still cannae believe someone was able to steal the defector dish. Luckily the ship didn't explode in the process."

The power levels increased slowly as expected. Theron kept an eye on the situation, and replied, "It was a real miracle. In some ways I wonder if they had someone on the inside, but there has been no evidence supporting that theory."

"I'm not a big believer in miracles and luck. Someone knew their way around a ship's systems in order to pull off such a feat so well." She continued to slowly increase the power flow. "Anyhow, that's the past and I'm here and nothing will harm this girl again," she grinned.

Theron couldn't help from grinning because of the Engineer's pride in her new vessel. He glanced toward the lieutenant and back to the console. He could have sworn he saw a smile from the side of her face. "Levels are balanced across the board."

Andrea heard a warning alarm go off. She glanced at her console. Power flow was proceeding normally on her end. "What are the readings on your side showing?"

"Ahh . " That's all Theron could get out as he frantically tried to narrow down the issue. He said excitedly, "Here it is, here it is. The relays for delta 4 and 5 are constricting the flow." He looked over to the Engineer for confirmation or instructions.

"Let's see what we can do about that." She tapped in a few commands into the console to confirm the problem. A moment later the problem flashed on her screen. She looked at Theron with a grin. "Easy enough to fix. Decrease the flow in those relays and distribute it evenly with the rest. They should be able to handle the slight increase in load."

Theron looked over the different views of the relays and confirmed that the flow was balanced, "Yes Ma'am, all the levels are balanced now and standing strong." He looked to her and asked, "Will those relays need to be replaced later or will this compensation be good enough for the time being?"

"They'll have to be replaced but they should hold during the power up phase," Andrea stated. "Once that is done, I will be able to transfer the extra load to auxiliary relays and replace them. If we replace them now, it'll take longer to get them powered up and you know how ship commanders are--they're like impatient two year olds. They want everything done now."

Theron held back a chuckle. He knew full well, as Helmsman, he had experience quite a bit of expectation and at times demands from the big chair, but not necessarily this CO. Without turning he simply replied, "Yep." After a couple seconds added, "All relays looking good."

"Good," she grinned as she continued the power flow.

An hour later, the transfer was complete. "The deflector is stabilized and fully operational," Andrea smiled. "Ye'd make a great engineer, Theron."

The Helmsman made a comical sideways grin and shrugged. "Ya, . . Maybe, . . . if I can stay out of trouble long enough." He was very proud of his accomplishments with the Chief Engineer setting up the relays to the deflector dish. Maybe one day he could go back to being an engineer, but for now he truly was looking forward to flying the Diligent Class vessel . . . and soon.

"Well, I don't know about you but I'm grabbing a bite to eat." She turned, "Li, get those damaged relays replaced while I'm gone. Be back in a bit." She then turned to Theron. "Wanna come?" she said, walking past him.

Theron with a smile took a step toward her and replied, "Yes. Definitely a good idea."

Andrea smiled. "Good. I hate eating alone."



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