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Finish what you start (Part 2)

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2015 @ 8:05am by Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah & Lieutenant Mark Whistler

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: Islandica - Holodeck
Tags: Vulcan Split

Standing in the holodeck, Mark saw his attacker standing a short distance from him. He had loaded one of his training programs, and rain was now pouring down from the sky. They were atop a ruined building. The program was of a city hundreds of years after the end of a war, and a scenario Mark enjoyed running. He gripped his sword, and ran at her, swinging his blade at her head, before spinning and launching into a new tirade of attacks.

The woman was easily able to deflect Mark's swing for her head, side stepping as she moved to block his oncoming attacks. During the attacks, Mark tossed a Kulak at her comrade, which gave her enough of a distraction to strike. She deflected his Sword, and grabbed him, using all her strength to fling him in the direction of the edge of the roof top, hoping to end him right then.

As he skidded towards the edge of the roof, Mark rolled backwards, and he rolled over the edge, grabbing the side of the building, and using it to launch himself back up onto the roof. As he landed, he spun around and kicked her in the head, before picking up his sword which had fallen from his hand. It was then that her mask fell off, and her face became visible to Mark. Now, finally, he understood why she was attacking him. Staunt had used her anger and hatred of him against her.

Her name was Marla, and she had been a member of his clan, and his sister, the daughter of his adoptive father, Scourge. He had been closer to her than anyone, except for Carrie, until she had been captured years earlier. "I failed you, Marla. I failed you." He confessed, hoping to reach her. "That's why you hate me so much." He said, feeling a pain in his heart, hoping he wouldn't need to kill her.

As Mark kicked her, Marla spun around, nearly hitting the ground, but managed to steady herself. Yet again she was bleeding from the mouth where he'd kicked her. Instead of touching her mouth this time, she spit fresh blood onto the rain soaked roof top. She looked at Mark with hatred in her eyes. "You left me alone on Turalek to die!" She told him. "Had John not taken me under his wing, I would've been a corpse by now... You abandoned me!" With that, she launched herself at him, wildly swinging her sword as her anger and hatred flared out of control.

"Staunt was the reason we were fighting that day!" He reminded her, as he blocked every attack. "I had no choice. Cannibals were coming, and we couldn't hold them off." He added, as he launched a new attack, moving quickly. "I tried to save you. I came back, but you were gone!" He added.

As he launched his attack, Marla saw it coming. She deflected his sword, and the moment it missed her, she stepped forward, decking him square in the jaw, before grabbing him and forcing him backwards to pin him against a nearby wall, both of their swords dropping out of reach in the clumsy, yet powerful movements. "That man saved me from the cannibals, after you ran like a coward!" she told him. Tears escaped from her eyes to streak down her face along with the drenching rain. "I loved you, but I will never forgive you for leaving me, when I needed you the most!" As she held him there, she proceeded to punch him over and over again, working to let her hatred out against the man who was once her brother.

Mark allowed the first few punches to hit, before grabbing her fist, and holding it. "I'm sorry, Marla." He said, as he looked at her. "I'm sorry I failed you. Don't let me fail you again." He said softly.

"Let go of me!" Marla nearly screamed as she wrenched her arm out of his hand. Using the momentum that movement created, she spun around, bringing her foot up to kick him the same way he'd kicked her twice, coming back around in a loose boxing stance.

Leaping up, he faced her. "I won't lose you again Marla." He said. "I failed you before." He confessed, the rain striking his face, mixing in with his tears. "I remember the day father died. He told me to protect you, but I failed you. Do you remember him telling us to stick together? Always?"

Marla seemed to hesitate as she looked at him, but her anger and hatred were still there. "You disobeyed his dying wish, and Staunt was the one who took me in, and kept me safe!" She told him, nearly bursting into fresh tears. "Why did you leave me to die!?" As she asked the question, she reached up to a hidden pocket on her side, and with the flick of her wrist, sent a single blade hurling across the distance between them.

Mark caught the blade, and threw it to the ground. "Because I was scared." Mark finally confessed, revealing a secret he had never told anyone. "I was scared of losing everyone to the cannibals. I told everyone to run, because I didn't want them to die. But to save you, I would have had to fight ten of them." He said, still facing her. He saw his sword, but he refused to pick it up. "Now, I can do it. Back then...I was scared, Marla. I still am, but I've done a lot since then. I saved our family, the clan, all of them. But now, I need to save you."

She stood looking at him, but this time made no aggressive moves against him. Her loose boxing stance was still up, and there was still fire in her eyes. "What if it's too late?" She asked him. "What if I tell you that you've lost that chance?"

He looked at her, and looked into her eyes, their gaze meeting. "You never give up on family, even if they've given up on you." He said. "I won't give up on you."

"But you did give up on me!" Marla yelled at him. She stepped forward to attack him, wanting to just get this over with now, so the hurt would end.

He grabbed her hands, and looked at her. "I'm sorry, Marla." He said, before pulling her into a hug. "I failed you before, but never again." He whispered into her ear.

She struggled against him, trying to beat her way out of his arms, before finally relenting. She went limp in his arms, sobbing uncontrollably as her rage finally broke. "You left me alone!" she cried against him. "I was alone, and so scared!"

Mark kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry." He repeated, holding her close to him. "But I'm here now. We're together now." He promised. Unknown to everyone, another figure had made their way into the holodeck during the fighting. As he saw Marla's reaction to Mark, he knew what he had to do...

After another moment, she calmed a bit, but didn't pull away. "If I don't kill you, he will kill us both..." She finally pulled back a little, but not out of Mark's arms as she looked at him. I can't let that happen...!" As soon as the words were out of her mouth, a surprised look crossed her features, and a blade protruded through the front of her jumpsuit. Another moment passed, before the blade was ripped back out of her body, and she collapsed in Mark's arms, blood pouring from the fresh wounds on her back and stomach. "Too... late..." She managed to say as the life began to seep out of her.

"MARLA!" He shouted, as he fell to his knees, holding her. He lowered her to the ground, and faced the man who had struck her. "You're going to regret that for the rest of your life." He snarled. "Both seconds of it." He added, before launching at him, landing a strong blow at the man's face.

Unlike Marla, this new man lacked the strength implant. Instead he had one for speed, but even that wasn't enough to allow him to dodge Mark's attack, which sent him sprawling to the ground, leaving him dazed.

"You son of a bitch." Mark snarled, as he leaped onto the man's chest, and began to punch him again and again, over and over. He stood up, and looked down at the man. "When you get to hell, tell them Whistler sent you." He said, a phrase he hadn't uttered in many years. He picked up the man by the throat, and lifted him up. With a roar, he brought the man down, head first, onto the ground, snapping the man's neck, hard to the point that it tilted further than any head could. As he dropped the body, he ran over to Marla. "Hey, come on, we need to get you to sickbay." He said, cradling her head softly.

Despite the pouring rain, the area around where Marla was laying was covered in her blood. She looked up at Mark, reaching a bloodied hand to touch his face. "Thank you... for believing... in me..." with those last words, the last bit of life drained from Marla, and she went limp in Mark's arms with no more signs of life.

Mark trembled as he held her, and he leaned down and kissed her forehead. He then roared in pure anger, the sum of all his rage and hatred coming to the surface. Fire burnt within him, and as he gently lowered Marla's body, he went over to Marla's blade, and used it to cut his hand. "Staunt, I swear, I will find you, and I will kill you." He vowed. He then went over to the edge of the building, and saw Se'Lah and her attacker, Jonas, still engaged in a fight. Se'Lah was managing to hold her own, but soon, the man would know pain. He would know why it was a bad idea to cross Mark Whistler.


Meanwhile, Se'Lah's attacker was on a lower building, and smiled as he ran at her, swinging a fist at her, and striking her face. He grabbed her by her clothes, and threw her towards the side of the roof, watching as she landed and skidded along the ground. As the man went to move towards her, however, a Kulak shot past him, missing him by mere inches, thrown by Mark, but distracted him for a moment.

In that moment of distraction, Se'Lah stopped moving, and her eyes glazed over. With the heavy rain, a soft repeating beep heard only by her came from the device attached to her ear. She blinked a few times, then tapped the device, before she noticed the man who was now looking at her. Before he could resume his attacks, she simply launched herself off the side of the roof top, tackling him to the ground, attempting to pin him there. "Jonas Morin, I'm going to arrest you, but first, you're going to tell me where that snake Staunt is hiding." Though her Vulcan emotional control was intact, Se'Lah's words were forceful, and full of intent. "Where is he!?"

"Wouldn't you like to know, bitch." Jonas snarled, kicking her off of him and jumping up. "Won't do you any good, you'll be dead soon." He added, as he ran at her, attempting to launch a new attack at her.

Se'Lah landed on her back, kipping up onto her feet. As Jonas launched at her, she side stepped, grabbing his arm and using his own momentum to send him hard into the nearby wall, nearly losing her balance in the process. "Enough innocent lives have been snuffed out, Jonas." She told him, before lashing out with the intent of taking his feet out from under him, before he could recover. "Justice will be served."

"Justice will be decided by us. We are the future." Jonas said, as he leaped up, and kicked her in the face, sending her flying backwards. "Your Federation will fall. All will fall before the Circle." He told her.

The hit was hard as she flew back several feet to land on her back. "Oh... that's gonna leave a mark." She said as she got herself up to her feet. She spit out green blood onto the roof top, then looked at him, bringing her hands back up into a Tai-Chi stance. "If you don't tell me what I want to know, I'm going to beat it out of you, Jonas." With that, she launched herself at him with a flying side kick.

Jonas smirked as he stepped to the side, and watched as her foot got stuck in the wall. "You won't beat anything out of anyone." He snarled, as he punched her hard, in the face. Yes, he had a blade, but he wanted to savor this moment, this kill. He landed another blow on her. "You think you're so much better. But you are better than no one."

He landed two hard blows to her face, and as he went to throw another, Se'Lah caught it with both hands. Using all the force she could muster, she held him firm, yanking her foot from the wall, and promptly caught him with a hard round house kick to the ribs. "I'm just the woman Staunt tried to kill two months ago." she said then kicked him again in the same spot. "I'm also the woman who's going to put him away for life!" her words were forceful as she landed a third kick, this one a hard push kick to the chest, which sent him flying back.

As Jonas landed on the ground, he groaned in pain, but managed to get up quickly. "You won't have the chance. I'll finish what he began." He promised, as he ran at her, and launched a new tirade of attacks, aiming at various parts of her body, again and again, not letting up, not giving her a chance to return the favor.

With this personality in control, Se'Lah had full control of all of her fighting skills as she expertly blocked, or deflected Jonas' attacks. The man's strength hadn't escaped her notice as she remembered Staunt adding implants to some of his crew on Starbase 122. "Give it up, Jonas!" She called as she side stepped to dodge one of his attacks. "You can't win!"

Jonas smirked as he faced her. "I remember the last person who told me that, before they died painfully." Jonas said, before punching her again and again, launching a quick flurry of attacks.

Se'Lah took a few hits, dodging, or deflecting others, but that last one hit her hard in the chest, sending her flying backwards to slam into the wall. As she impacted, her head hit the wall, causing her to see stars, and leaving her momentarily out on her feet, as she slowly shifted personalities once again, causing the device behind her ear to emit a softly repeated beep, heard only by her.

Jonas saw that she was stunned briefly, and quickly began to launch a new attack on her. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before the security officers of this ship would locate them, and would send a lot of people to capture him. Of course, he had his escape planned, but he needed to finish this woman off first, especially if he was going to receive his reward.

Though she was out on her feet, Se'Lah's instincts allowed her to react to the sudden threat on her life. As Jonas came at her, she brought her hands up, slapping his hands away, and decking him full force in the jaw, before following up with a strong side kick to the chest.

Feeling the blow, Jonas allowed himself a small groan of agony, but then rolled out of the way, before getting up quickly, and facing her. He spun around, and kicked her in the chest, aiming to send her towards the edge of the rooftop.

Just as the kick landed, Se'Lah finally came around to find a bad pain in her chest, and that she was in the air. As she went over the edge, she managed to grab it with her hands, one of them slipping off to leave her hanging from a roof top, hundreds of stories high by a single hand.

Jonas laughed as he walked over to her, smiling. "No safeties, no backup and no hope. What does that leave?" Jonas asked, with a grin, as he brought up a foot to stamp on her hand.

"Me." Came the familiar deep voice which suddenly sent chills down Jonas' back. A second later, he found himself thrown across the rooftop, as Mark stood there, the rain pouring down upon him, covered in blood. He reached down, grabbed Se'Lah and pulled her up. "Stay back." He said. He then turned and ran at Jonas, leaping into the air, spinning as he did, and as he came to land, he stretched out a leg, striking Jonas in the face.

Dealing with the pain this man had put her in, Se'Lah dropped to her knees, as she watched Mark take on the man who'd tried to kill her. She inwardly wondered how much she'd missed of this fight as she watched.

As Jonas landed on the ground, he snarled in anger, and knew that now he had to give it everything he had. He had prepared to fight the woman, not the abomination. As he leaped up, he faced Mark and ran at him. He tried to land a blow on him, but Mark was quicker, and dodged every strike he made. Mark then retaliated by launching into a furious tirade of attacks himself. He punched Jonas in the chest several times, sending him stumbling backwards, before leaping at him, and landing a punch on his face, breaking the man's nose. As Jonas fell to the floor, he spat blood out of his mouth, got up and looked at Mark. He ran at Mark, and launched himself like a projectile. Striking Mark, both men fell to the ground, and through a skylight into the floor below. They both landed on the ground, and forced themselves up. Mark grabbed Jonas by the collar, and ran into the wall with him, smashing him against it. Jonas responded by bringing his elbow into Mark's face, sending him stumbling backwards, and then threw Mark into the wall.

As the two men fell through the skylight, Se'Lah got to her feet, moving to the now broken skylight. She peered down, quickly judging the distance, before she jumped down just in time to see Mark flying past her. Allowing her muscle memory to guide her actions now, Se'Lah ran towards Jonas, dropping down just at the last second, to vault into a cartwheel kick, before landing on her feet in a Tai-Kwon-Do stance. "Hands off the merchandise!"

Using the distraction, Mark got up and leaped past Se'Lah, and landed against Jonas, who was still trying to recover from Se'Lah's blow. As Mark struck him, both men went through the nearly destroyed wall, landing in the next room. Both were in pain, but both were trained to ignore the pain. The battle was all that mattered. As Jonas landed, he rolled away from Mark. "Computer, Katana." He demanded. The computer created a Katana, so Mark ordered the computer to create one for him as well. As he grabbed his, he immediately used it to block an attack by Jonas, and sent him flying backwards with a well placed kick, towards Se'Lah. He landed on the ground, but swung his sword at Se'Lah's leg, just as Mark ran towards him, aiming a strike from his blade, which was blocked.

As Jonas' katana came at her leg, Se'Lah simply reacted, her muscle memory allowing her to back flip out of the way. She considered the idea of calling for a weapon of her own, but decided to keep true to the orders she'd been given... no weapons. If Jonas came after her again, she'd have to make do without one.

Jonas now knew he had to ignore the woman, for now. His focus on Mark, he brought his blade up towards him as Mark ran at him. Swinging the blade, Mark was able to deflect it, so Jonas ran out of the room they were in towards a staircase which led back up to the rooftop. As he got onto the roof, he stood ready to attack Mark the second he came out of the staircase, but he wasn't prepared for Mark leaping up at him, sending them both to the ground. They got up again, and faced one another, and then ran at each other.

As Mark reached Jonas, he swung his blade at the man, again trying to aim for his head, then his chest, but Jonas was using all of his strength to block every attack. Jonas had his determination. Mark had his anger. Both were giving the men ungodly strength to continue this clash. Mark briefly became aware of Se'Lah coming out onto the rooftop, and also saw Marla's body out of the corner of his eyes. He knew Se'Lah would want to fight, but he wouldn't let her fight this man. She had almost been killed, and she wasn't in the best state. Primarily, however, this fight was his. Staunt would be his. Whatever happened, Staunt would die.

Jonas forced himself to push forward as he and Mark attacked one another, each swung their blade so proficiently, each using their strengths to their own advantage, and neither man having the advantage. Jonas could feel himself getting fatigued, but he wouldn't allow that to stop him. He had to win this fight. He would not allow any other outcome other than victory. He growled in anger as Mark cut his leg, and launched into a new furious series of attacks.

Mark blocked a new attack from Jonas, but this time, Jonas was quick enough to cut Mark with the blade. As Mark felt the blade cut into his chest, he let out a growl of anger and pain, and began a new attack. Jonas couldn't help but laugh as he saw Mark attempt to make the next move, and blocked it. "You think anything you do matters? We killed your family, we killed your father, Scourge. We killed your sister, Amelia, on this ship. And now, I will kill you." Jonas said. Mark's head snapped up, facing him. Suddenly, before Jonas could react, Mark leaped up, his head striking Jonas' chest, sending him backwards.

With every ounce of strength he had, Mark ran at Jonas, just as thunder roared through the sky, as if to express Mark's anger. He reached Jonas and punched him in the face, again and again. He swung his blade, cutting into Jonas' chest, and then punched him again. Jonas stumbled backwards, and tried to block Mark's next attack, but failed as he felt his arm get cut. Mark's eyes were then visible to Se'Lah, and they were terrible to behold. They held a fury never before seen, an anger that would not be extinguished. Mark picked up Jonas by the throat, and punched him again and again in the face, breaking his nose, before striking his chest. He held Jonas' hand, and snapped it, hard.

As Jonas screamed in pain, which could barely be heard over the thunder, Mark held his blade, and cut through Jonas' hand, severing it. As Jonas stumbled backwards towards the edge, he looked up, his eyes wide with fear. "Hell's Messenger...Whistler." He whispered, truly afraid. Mark held his sword in one hand, and a Kulak from his belt in the other. He threw the Kulak up, watching it spin as he did. As it came down, Mark grabbed it and threw it at Jonas, watching as it embedded itself in Jonas' chest. Mark gripped the sword. "For Marla, for Se'Lah, and for my family." He said coldly, running at Jonas. As he neared him, he spun around, and swung the blade, slicing through Jonas' neck, screaming as he did so. He watched as Jonas' head fell off of his body, and down the side of the building. In one last fit of rage, he kicked Jonas' body, which then followed the head. Jonas' blood was on the rooftop, now being washed away by the rain, just as thunder roared above them, and lightning flashed, brightening the sky. Mark, now covered in blood, turned and faced Se'Lah. His face was covered with Jonas' blood, as was his body, but that was mixed in with Marla's blood as well.

During the fight, Se'Lah had ducked out of the way as the two men nearly ran her over in the process of trying to kill each other. As she watched, Mark fought with a coldness she'd not seen in him, not even during their shared time on Turalek. She watched as first Jonas' head, then body went off of the rooftop, then stood looking at Mark. Through the eyes of a cold blooded killer, she could see a pain so intense it made her wonder how he'd ever managed to keep any sense of sanity over the years. She stood looking at him with uncertainty, knowing that her feelings wouldn't change from this, but at the same time seeing something that she knew he'd tried to bury. "Mark...?" She asked, trying to get his attention. She stood there, ready to react if he decided she was a threat in his dark rage.

Dropping his blade, Mark fell to his knees, tears and blood rolling down his cheek. He felt the darkness within, and he felt the rage, and an anger he had not felt in a long time. Turalek had almost brought out the animal within, but he had kept control. Now, however, he had lost that control. He had lost all control he had built up over the many years, and Se'Lah had seen it. But he had found his sister again, only to lose her, right in front of his eyes. He had lost everyone. He let out a loud roar of anger, of fury, which reverberated through the sky, as if louder than the thunder which continued to roar. He became aware of Se'Lah, and stood up, facing her. "This...this is who I am. Who I never wanted you to see." He told her.

"Your past is part of who you are, Mark." Se'Lah explained to him. I can't fault you for that, just like you wouldn't fault me for mine."

Mark walked over to Marla's body, and scooped her up in his arms, gently cradling her. He held her as he faced Se'Lah, standing next to the man whose neck he had snapped earlier. He approached Se'Lah. "Staunt will pay for this with his life. This was my sister, Marla. He turned her into this, and now killed her." He explained simply.

Se'Lah quietly watched as Mark picked up the body of the woman. She was about to say more, when the holodeck doors opened, and several security officers poured into the room, bringing phasers to bare on the two.

"Computer, end program." One of the security officers ordered, and the buildings, and rain were replaced by the normal holodeck grid, along with the two bodies, and the swords from Mark's quarters.

"Hold your fire!" Se'Lah called out. "The situation is under control, but we'll need to get an autopsy on these bodies over here." She pointed to what remained of Jonas and the other man, then turned to Mark. "I'll meet you in Sickbay when Security is done here."

"I have something to do. There is a planet less than an hour away. I have to go there. I have a funeral to attend to." He said, heading towards the exit, ignoring the looks of the security officers.

Se'Lah watched him leave as one of the security officers called for a team from sickbay to come get the bodies. "Guess I won't be getting any rest before my bridge shift."

As Mark walked out of the Holodeck, Arianna passed him by, sporting a Tricorder on one hip, and a phaser on the other. The two of them made eye contact, holding each other's gaze momentarily before each continued on their way.

"Seems I can't leave you alone for more than a few minutes, without you causing trouble, Commander." Arianna said as she approached Se'Lah.

"I didn't cause this, Chief." Se'Lah said with a raised eyebrow. "Mr. Whistler and I were both attacked."

"You look like you took a beating." Arianna said, puling her Tricorder to begin a quick scan of Se'Lah. "How do you feel?"

"I'll be fine, but it might be wise to send an Engineer to repair the door to my quarters." At the confused look Arianna gave, Se'Lah explained further. "I was forced through them."

"It'll get taken care of." Arianna said. "In the meantime, let's allow security to do their jobs, and get you in for some quick questions."

With that, Arianna led Se'Lah out of the holodeck. The young Chief had her work cut out for her with the task of getting Se'Lah ready for her bridge shift that started in only a few hours.


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