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TBD - Val/Vicky

Posted on Wed Mar 9th, 2016 @ 12:07pm by Lieutenant JG Victoria "Vicky" Iniya & Lieutenant Commander Valyre Reen

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: Vicky's Office/Quarters

It had been a nice moment the day she'd gotten to work and discovered that Farenia had changed her title from 'Head Nurse' to 'Chief Medical Officer.' As much as Valyre liked Ronnie, she'd harbored some resentment over that; it always felt like she was being punished somehow for being a doctor of nursing instead of medicine. In the days that had followed, however, Valyre was beginning to wonder if she should have taken Starfleet up on their offer to work for Starfleet Medical when the Aristotle was decommissioned. Surely the patients there would be less strenuous than the ones she dealt with on the Islandica! If it wasn't amnesiac Vulcans shooting fellow crew members, it was ensigns getting beaten up having sex with people they didn't know. It was all getting to be a bit much.

After surviving one of those insanity-fueled shifts, Valyre scooped Snickers up in her arms and went to find Vicky. Knowing that her friend's office occupied part of her living quarters, Valyre found Vicky's cabin and respectfully rang the door chime.

At first there was no answer as Vicky was currently in her tree form sunbathing. It took her a few seconds to register the door chime and to hurriedly morph back into her humanoid form. Though she forgot her clothes this time... Silly silly clothes... She had such trouble with them sometimes...

"Come in," she called, realizing the lack of fabric on her lower self and turning away from the door so she could concentrate on forming those all important garments. "What can I help you with?" she asked once she was done. How much had her visitor seen? she wondered as she turned to face her guest with a slightly embarrassed smile.

"Relax, it's me. And I just need to be somewhere the crazy people on this ship won't look for me." Once the door was closed, Valyre set Snickers down on the floor, smiling a bit when the little holographic fox went immediately to Vicky to be petted. "I'm starting to understand why the dusty old Antican wanted to eat everyone."

Scooping up the little fox, Vicky cooed softly and scritched under his chin tenderly as she made her way to one of her comfy chairs. "So you come to the place where they all congregate? Fair enough. Sometimes I wish I was back on the Sanity's End. At least the patients there know they're crazy."

"I figured if you pretended you had an appointment they'd stay away." While Vicky entertained her pet, Valyre commandeered Vicky's fainting couch, sprawling on it as lazily as the worm in her belly deemed semi-dignified. "This ship is the least sane place I've ever been. The first officer is a textbook example of dissociative identity disorder, the chief intelligence officer is a murderer who openly admits to being one, and then there's the rest of them... getting drunk and having stupid wild sex with people they don't know."

Still petting the cuteness that was Snickers, Vicky chuckled softly. "And that's just the tip of the ice cream. At least Mark is reforming nicely and Se'Lah... She's at least functional in a limited capacity. Technically we now have a Yeoman as our XO for all intensive purposes. On the note of crazy, what do you think of our newest Captain?" Vicky pretended to be sly in asking this, but it just made it seem that much more blunt.

"She's a nut, but I kind of like her. She did do away with that stupid 'head nurse' nonsense that Ronnie stuck me with." It wasn't nice, but Valyre rolled her eyes anyway. "And she pranked me! Her first day here and she let me think for ten minutes she was a really sick Vulcan. I'd have smacked her if it wasn't so funny."

Vicky chuckled softly, shaking her head. "Yeah that fits her profile. I think she enjoys it a bit too much. The reason I ask is because she's not come by to see me for anything but official business and she seems somewhat guarded around me. I might need your help when it comes time for her annual eval. I know she probably wants to seem like a bastion of strength, but everyone has bones in their closet and I'd like to make sure she's ok with them as they are."

"Ew. I hate psychoanalyzing people." Valyre made a face at her. "But sure, if you need me I'll help. Same with your actual crazy Vulcan... even if I don't agree about putting her on duty, I trust you to handle her. But if she gets to be too much, just say so."

"Thank you. I think I have that ok, but I might need to run her through that big biobed in the middle of sickbay. The scanners I have aren't geared for the full range of molecular scans that your toys are." Vicky smiled as Snickers hopped out of her arms and went prowling and sniffing around the rest of the office, being all cute and stuff. "In the meantime, I've been researching her history trying to find something that might help the personalities join together in a healthy way. Information on Vulcan psychology is limited at best and nonexistent at worst. I might end up making some feces up and using her as a grinning pig."

"Guinea pig," Valyre corrected, grinning and trying not to laugh. "I swear, I think you mix those phrases up on purpose."

Nodding, Vicky smiled widely. "That's it. There are just so many to keep track of. At least I hope I'm finally using them right."

"Getting better at least. 'Tip of the ice cream' was still a bit weird, but at least I understood 'bones in the closet'." Valyre grinned a big wider, knowing Vicky wasn't likely to take offense. "It takes time, and I have the unfair advantage of an ancient worm in my belly who's heard all those expressions before."

"And my people never developed that particular vocal anachronism. Verbal communication in general is minimal." Vicky thought about it a few seconds longer before asking another question. "What does rats racing in a maze mean, then? No... Rat race... and rats in a maze... aren't they the same thing?"

"That's one I've never really understood myself, beyond that rats in a maze means you're lost and being experimented on and a rat race is... well I'm not sure what it is, actually." Valyre had never really put any thought into either expression.

"I'll try to avoid them then," Vicky replied, obviously about to change the subject. "So what else is on your mind, anyway? Have you heard from anyone back at home?"

"No one writes to me. I'm the red-headed black sheep, I swear." Forgoing dignity and ignoring the worm's protests, Valyre flopped over dramatically on the fainting cough and sighed. "Well, Ilarra's kid does sometimes, but mostly because his dad and I told him that if he sends me pictures, it's like his mom gets to see them."

"That sounds slightly more exciting than the weather reports I get from my home world. Nothing more interesting than calm skies for an entire cycle." Vicky let her disdain for those reports punctuate her point. "On the more interesting side of things, our orbit seems to be a fraction of a millisecond faster than last year."

"How thrilling," Valyre remarked dryly. "Ilarra might have found that fascinating... and so might Jorin. To you and me... that's useless information. It means nothing."

"At least they still care enough to send them though. There is that, at least." Vicky pointed out.

"Yeah, true. I guess that's something." Val rolled over on her belly, waving her fingers at Snickers, who cheerfully ignored her in favor of sniffing around Vicky's cabin.

"But no one ever said this wasn't a lonely life, being in Starfleet. Just look at all the singles at the bars on shore leave." Vicky replied.


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