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Hold On... Did You Just Say I'm 'Pregnant'?

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2016 @ 1:21pm by Ensign Theron Storme & Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: USS Islandica
Timeline: June 1 - 1830 hrs
Tags: Ensign Theron Storme


After speaking with Theron by the turbolift and parting company with him; Syrena went to continue on with her tour of the ship and started to walk back down the corridor she came from, deciding not to take the turbolift that Theron had just come out of earlier. As she walked, she wondered why she didn't receive her menstrual cycle this month. After all, Syrena didn't see any blood in the shower stall when she took her shower earlier this morning, neither did she feel any cramps or moodswings that typically indicated when her expected period was about due to arrive, which to her, seemed rather odd. But she dismissed it as probably something stress-related that caused her to miss it, and probably thought it was just being a day or two late. However, as Syrena walked, she didn't get very far down the other side of the corridor, when a passing crewman caught her in his arms the second she suddenly started to faint and had tripped over her own two feet, causing her to fall towards the deck's floor. "Are you alright, Ma'am?" The crewman asked as he helped pull her up and attempted to keep her steady on her feet.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Syrena instantly grumbled and pushed the crewman's hands away, releasing her from their grip once she'd completely regained control of her balance. "I just had a little clumsy moment for a second, that's all. Carry on with whatever you were doing." Without another word, Syrena rushed past the crewman, who raised a thoughtful, yet concerned eyebrow at her before shrugging and continuing on his own duties. As she moved down the corridor, Syrena wondered why she had that little clumsy moment. She'd never been that clumsy before, except once when she was a child during a camping trip with her parents, and she'd tripped and fell over a small tree branch when she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking, and had scraped both her knees up in the process.

She decided it was best to pay a quick visit to Sickbay; just in case she'd have injured herself when she slipped and fell, and entered the turbolift upon reaching the other side of the corridor. She spoke to the computer once the doors closed in front of her, "Deck Five, Sickbay."

Once the turbolift stopped at the deck she'd ordered it to take her to, Syrena exited the turbolift and entered Sickbay. I hope I don't make a habit of this. She thought silently to herself, since after all, this would have been her second visit to Sickbay in a matter of just a couple of days. Looking around Sickbay, she could not find the doctor, so she decided to activate the EMH.

"Computer, activate the EMH program."

The EMH shimmered into existence in front of Syrena, and as he did, he spoke, "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

Sighing, Syrena pushed a strand of her hair out of her face, clearly embarrassed about her sudden clumsiness in the corridor of Deck 4. "I uh.... wanted to make sure I didn't injure myself since I apparently had a little clumsy moment on Deck Four a bit ago, and I slipped and fell." She didn't want to admit this little incident, since being half-Klingon, her pride was a little wounded right now.

"I see." Replied the EMH, "Please lie down on the biobed, and I'll be back in a moment to scan you to be sure your injuries aren't serious."

"Alright." Syrena shrugged, then moved to a biobed and laid flat on her back on it. Waiting patiently as the holographic doctor went off to fetch his tricorder and other medical equipment in order for him to take a few scans of Syrena.

When he returned, he immediately set to work on initiating his scans of her. After several seconds, he raised his eyebrow and muttered, "That's strange."

"What's the problem?" Syrena asked with a look of concern, "Is it serious?"

The holographic doctor shook his head, "No, there's nothing to be concerned about. You're as healthy as a Targ." He noted, seeing as Syrena was half-Klingon, and it seemed to her like he didn't want to insult her for fear of what she might do to him if she didn't exactly like what she might've heard. "I just had to double-check my scans for a moment since I detected another life-sign inside you."

This prompted Syrena to sit straight up and widen her eyes in surprise, "You detected WHAT inside me?!" She nearly shrieked at the doctor, the look of both shock and disbelief, mixed with anger now covering her facial features.

"You're pregnant, Cadet." The EMH clarified with a smile, "Congratulations."

"But... But that's impossible!" Syrena cried out, not completely 100% sure why she was suddenly very angry now, "My period should've happened first..!!"

"I don't mean to pry, but when was your last expected period due?" Asked the holographic doctor as he began to put away his tricorder.

"I don't know- A day or two ago? I think." Syrena snapped rather annoyed, waving a hand in the air, presumably to dismiss the question. After sighing for a bit, she looked up at the doctor, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you, Doc. I just....this is very unsettling to me. How could this happen?"

"It is quite likely that you might've miscalculated your menstrual cycle, and you were instead on or close to your ovulation cycle." The EMH pointed out, "Do you remember what you were doing before you became pregnant, Cadet? If you'll pardon me for asking."

Sighing once again, Syrena shrugged her shoulders in response to his question, "Well, If I remember correctly, I was off-duty in the mess hall here on the Islandica when Ensign Theron Storme and Lieutenant Ranav Brott came and asked me to join them at a bar on Glebben Station; since I didn't have anything to do at that time, I decided I'd join them for dinner." She went silent for a moment to recount the events that happened that day, "We found a bar, had a few drinks, ate some food." She rattled off the items of what was done in that order.

"We had a few conversations, most of them being introductions to each one of us from the other person, and telling of our families and past histories, that sort of thing." She'd clarified afterwards. "I think the drink I had was called a 'Samarian Sunset', whilst Storme and Brott had their own drinks- I think Storme had a dark ale, and Brott had something he called Tarija?" She shrugged at this as she glanced back at the holographic doctor, "I don't know what that is, but I think he said it was some sort of tart wine."

She mentally counted further ahead after that part, "I think there was a brawl that had started between a couple of Klingons and some of the bar patrons; and after that, the bartender gave us another free drink that a gentleman ordered to welcome the three of us to the bar. It was yellow at the bottom, white in the middle, and cyan blue at the top of it, and if I recall correctly, while we had our drinks, I noticed a strange-looking alien standing at the other side of the bar staring at me, Storme and Brott the whole night with a big smile on his face before the three of us returned to the ship. I think he might've been that gentleman who ordered that drink for us. After that... things got really foggy, and I must've blacked out."

She paused to sigh once again, "Just a bit ago, I did ask Storme what he remembers about the bar situation, but he said he couldn't talk to Brott since the Lieutenant never returned the Ensign's messages." She paused for a moment before continuing, "Or mine for that matter either. Since I, too, have been trying to get in contact with the Lieutenant to see what he remembers about that night."

"Well, the way I see it, Cadet. The probable cause for your pregnancy is rather simple." He explained to Syrena. "You probably don't remember how it happened; and I don't mean to be indelicate with this, but it is possible that you might've been drugged or intoxicated to the point where you cannot understand, or even determine your actions very clearly. Perhaps that might've lead to your being pregnant now?"

Syrena sighed and nodded, "I guess that would explain it, but I don't recall doing that. The last thing I remember was returning to my quarters to take a shower." She'd left out the part where she'd discovered herself waking up in Storme's quarters early that morning. To spare further embarrassment for not only herself, but for Storme as well. Sighing once again, Syrena decided it was best to ask the doctor for a personal favor. "I have a favor to ask." She told the doctor after a moment's silence.

"Of course, Cadet. What can I do for you?" He asked after a moment's silence.

"Could you possibly check the DNA of the baby, and tell me who the father is?" Syrena asked as her hand now covered the lower part of her stomach just below her bellybutton, where the apparent baby-bump would probably now be beginning to form. "As I said earlier, I don't remember who was with me the night I got back here with Storme and Brott." Syrena answered after a moment's silence.

"According to the scans I just took." The holographic doctor answered as he checked the computer terminal he'd just walked over to, "There's no evidence of Bolian DNA present in the baby's genetic material. I have determined that Lieutenant Brott is not the father of your baby, but Ensign Storme is, as his DNA is present in these scans."

Syrena didn't answer this time, she only just nodded. Confirming her own theories as to how she discovered herself being in Storme's quarters instead of her own the morning she woke up. "How long will the pregnancy last?" Syrena asked the doctor, since she never had a baby at all in her entire life, she was curious to know when the baby would be born if she decided to keep it, if not wanting to abort it right away.

"Typically, Klingon pregnancies run around thirty weeks, but with mixed species, it's possible that it may be sooner or close to twenty-five weeks. Give or take a few days." he answered Syrena, "Would you like me to inform Mr. Storme about the baby?"

"No, I'll talk to him myself and tell him the news." She answered rather dejectedly. Syrena slowly slid off the biobed and stood upon her feet once again, "Thanks, Doc. Computer, deactivate EMH." She managed to say before leaving Sickbay through its double doors. She didn't even wait for the doctor to shimmer out of existence before she left.

Once outside Sickbay and a few steps or paces down the hall, Syrena tapped her comm-badge, "Hansen to Storme."

=^=This is Storme. Go ahead.=^= Theron froze after his automatic response. He looked about the bridge, as if to confirm that no one else was around, or at least listening to him.

"There's something that we need to talk about." Syrena said cryptically. A hint of embarrassment, mixed with uncertainty could probably be heard in the tone of her voice as she spoke, "When is your next time off-duty?"

After their last conversation, Theron was concerned what this was all about. He replied, =^=I'll be off in 30 minutes.=^= There was a long pause as he thought further about possibilities, but then wanted to be helpful and asked, =^=Where would you like to meet?=^=

Ah, Good. Thirty minutes to think about how I should tell Storme the news. Syrena thought silently to herself before answering, "Would the mess hall be alright?"

Considering the situation, Theron wondered if such an open location was the best, but then he wasn't sure what she wanted to talk about. =^=Alright. I'll meet you in the mess hall, just after 1900.=^= He looked down feeling drained and uncertain. I wonder what she has found out?

From behind Storme came a booming voice, "Mr. Storme if you are quite done with your nap, get back to paying attention. And quit taking personal calls while on the Bridge. I don't care if we are in dry dock or not."

Syrena had heard the verbal lashing that Storme had received just before the channel had been closed. Yikes. Glad I wasn't there in person to see that. She thought silently to herself. After a moment or two, Syrena decided to make her way down to the mess hall in order for her to meet Storme there.

To Be Cont . . .


1900 - Mess Hall

Syrena stood facing the mess hall's windows, not really paying much attention to the small crowd of people who were busily having various conversations with one another and laughing around her. She kept herself focused on what she had thought about saying to Storme when he'd meet her there.

Theron walked into the mess hall and hesitated as he looked about, searching for Hansen. He then saw her looking out the window. He thought, Too bad they were not in space where she could see stars. He walked casually over to her and stood next to her and in a cautious tone simply said, "Hi."

At the sound of Theron's voice, Syrena turned to see him standing next to her, "Hi." She returned the greeting he'd given her just a moment ago; she didn't really say much else, except, "There's something that we need to talk about." As she said this, Syrena gestured towards a nearby table, indicating to Theron that he should sit down before she said anything else.

Theron really had no idea of what was going on. He hoped that she had found out about something of their unknown activities. He gave her a nod and walked over to the small table and sat across from her. He leaned forward slightly with elbows on the table. With an interested look he asked, "Did you find out more information about . . you know . . last night?"

Syrena nodded, "Actually, now that you mention it, I did." She answered as she took her seat in the chair across from Theron.

Theron actually felt elated that they had some good information. "Well, don't keep me in suspense. What happened to us last night? Who caused all this?"

"Do you remember that shady-looking patron who stood at the end of the bar that we sat at last night?" Syrena asked Theron, hoping he would remember that shady-looking alien that had been staring at them that night.

Theron was feeling excited. He whispered, “Yes!” Raising both eyebrows wanting her to continue.

"I think he might've done something to our drinks while the bartender's back was turned, and we weren't paying attention to that because we were focused on watching the brawl between those three Klingons and the other patrons." Syrena clarified, "We don't remember what fully happened because whatever it was that was in our drinks, messed us up more than it usually would've done to us; also, I think because of that, you slept with...." She paused to let this last part sink in, "With me when we returned to the ship."

Theron was stunned; his mouth dropped open, he leaned back slightly, and his eyes became big in disbelief. After a moment he added cautiously, “Are you sure?” Then looked away feeling stupid for questioning the obvious. He looked down, looking side to side, “Of course you’re sure.” He looked to Syrena, “You wrote the note, right?”

Syrena simply nodded, "Yes. The note is mine. I wrote it on a pair of your underwear after I woke up next to you in your quarters." She sighed and added, "Since I couldn't find a piece of paper or a padd to write it on."

Theron looked down rocking his head side to side slightly, embarrassed by the whole situation.

"There is one more thing I have to tell you." Syrena said as a waiter came by their table and left a couple of drinks near them; both were alcoholic, but Syrena didn't even touch hers, instead, she'd opted for the glass of water that she'd replicated earlier.

Theron looked at the waiter and gave an approving nod before he walked away. Storme picked up the drink, looked at it as he took a big breath and let it out slowly. He then drained the drink in one gulp. Setting the glass down he looked to Syrena, “You were saying?”

This is it. Time to rip off that bandage of 'truth'. Syrena thought silently to herself, "I'm pregnant. The baby's yours." She added before Theron could even respond.

This was way too much for Theron to rationalize through by himself. He felt like he was looking about frantically, but probably only with his eyes as he leaned back in his chair with his hands pressing against the edge of the table. He thought, Asking ‘are you sure’ would again be a stupid thing to say. After a long moment Theron looked up to Syrena with her beautiful oval shaped face and dark hair. He could see the concern on her face as well as the seriousness of the situation. Somehow the words escaped his lips without control, “Are you sure?” He then slapped his hand over his mouth, as if to somehow stop any more words from escaping.

"Positive. I got the results of the test right here if you wanna look them over yourself." Syrena passed Storme the padd that displayed her medical file and the EMH's test results of her pregnancy on it.

Theron leaned forward accepting the padd and fingering through the different data readouts and scans. He laid the device down on the table, leaning forward again and spoke in a soft and compassionate voice. “Okay. I don’t want to call this a problem. That’s not who I am. This is a child . . “ he glanced down at the display, . “only a day of conception, but still a life.” He looked back at Syrena, “What have you been thinking . . ?” He wasn’t even sure how to finish the question.

Syrena sighed, though the question might've sounded like an insult, and everyone knew to never insult a Klingon, or suffer the consequences; however, she acted like it didn't even phase or anger her, "I wasn't, and obviously neither did you." With a shrug, she added, "We were both obviously too drunk to notice what we were doing last night. I didn't talk to Doctor Reen, as she wasn't in when I went to Sickbay and found out about this. I actually talked to the EMH, and he had told me that the Klingon-Human conception rate's very high, so that's probably how it happened to me... " She looked up at Theron, noticing the apparent slip-up she'd made, and added, "To us."

"No, no." Theron said without thinking. "No, I didn't mean to question that you didn't think through the situation last night." He rolled his eyes in confusion and looked about to see who might be listening, then back to her he said, "I know that was out of our hands, somewhat. I mean to ask what are your thoughts about the child and raising it?"

"Honestly? Well." Syrena began, "I won't consider getting rid of it, as that would be the wrong thing to do." She told Theron solemnly, "Though, I suppose I will have to rearrange my quarters to make room for the child when it's born." She was silent for a moment as she considered other possibilities, "I may have to consider finding a babysitter from time to time so I can continue my duties." She sighed and glanced up at Theron, the look in her eyes showed that though she'd never been a mother in her entire life, but she was willing enough to take up the task. "And there is the question of the child's safety. After all, it might not be an easy transition for the child to be raised on a starship, Especially if the situation becomes dangerous." Glancing up at Theron once again, she wondered what his thoughts were, and how he felt about their current situation. "What about you? What are your thoughts on this?"

Theron had listened intently to Syrena. He agreed with all that she had said, but he knew better than to just say the same thing, which would make it seem that he had not though about it at all. He realized that at that moment he felt very nervous and under pressure. He swallowed, physically straining to do so. He finally said, "I too agree that it would be wrong to 'dismiss' the life you carry. It deserves all that 'we' can provide for it." He canted his head slightly in thought, "Safety and nurturing are most important for the young child." There was a long pause and after a deep breath, "I too would be willing to share in those responsibilities."

Syrena simply nodded and smiled at Theron in thanks, but the smile didn't last, it was gone just as quickly as it had appeared, and with a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders, she simply said, "I should warn you that with this pregnancy, I may experience some behavioral volatility according to the EMH. Which means, my anger might get a tad more difficult for me to control."

Theron raised both eye browns with caution, then frowned in thought before saying, "You mean because you are Klingon, you are expecting these anger mood swings?"

Syrena gave Theron a quick glance that looked as though she wasn't certain what he meant, but she answered his question with, "Well, lemme put it this way; When my mother was pregnant with me, my father kept his distance from her because he was afraid she'd shred him alive with her bat'leth." She took a drink of her water, then set the glass down on the table before she continued, "I believe he called the mood swings 'misdirected rage' or something like that."

"Well . . " Theron nodded, not sure exactly how to respond to that, "duly noted," and then smiled. "I'm sure that is something we will deal with as time goes on, but . . ." He looked down, rubbed his chin with his hand in deep consideration. He finally looked up and encouragingly said, "Well, I think WE have some planning ahead of us, which doesn't have to be decided today, except I believe we both want a positive outcome. Yes?"

"Of course." Syrena answered with a nod of her head. She smiled a little at what Theron had said, since he'd said the exact same thing that she'd been thinking. However, her smile faded a little as she considered something, "Speaking of planning; I don't suppose my roommate would mind finding a new roommate to share their quarters with, as I am not sure that my quarters will be large enough for him, myself AND the baby once it's born."

"Your're right, definitely right. But realistically, we will not need to make any changes for a while, a few months at least. During that time . . we can get to know each other better." A soft and caring smile came over his face.

Syrena nodded in agreement with Theron's point, "That's certainly true." She moved a strand of her hair away from her face, then added, "Would you mind if we ordered something to eat while we talk about this? I haven't eaten anything since lunch, and I'm starting to feel a bit peckish." She sighed, "Either that, or the baby's hungry and I'm not, and it's just wanting me to stuff my face to feed its own hunger."

With all that had been said so far, when Syrena stroked her hair from her face, a warm feeling came across his face and shoulders. He didn’t quite understand why, but it must mean something good. After the comment about food, Theron stood up awkwardly, nervous again, speaking quickly, “Sure, would you like me to get something for you?” He looked to the food replicators, then to her, “Anything you like, what would you like?” He realized his childish behavior and shook his head in an attempt to calm down.

Syrena could do nothing but smile at that moment when Theron stood up rather awkwardly, she glanced at the food replicators when he looked at them, then back to Theron when he looked back at her, "Fettuccine alfredo noodles with a touch of garlic butter and shrimp, a nice thick steak; Well done, and a little side salad with ranch dressing." She pondered whether or not to order something for dessert, but then decided against it since she felt like it might be a bit too much for Theron to handle. Though, Syrena would've ordered the Klingon food instead, but she felt like Theron wouldn't be able to stomach the sight of the more gross-looking dishes of the Klingon cuisine, should she'd have ordered it.

Theron sort of counted on his fingers as Syrena gave her list of items. He wasn't sure why he was doubting his own abilities to remember her request. So, it must have been nerves. As he walked away he thought, Is this how it will now be ?


Ens. Theron Storme
USS Islandica


Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen
Assistant Chief Security\Tactical Officer
USS Islandica


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