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Make like a tree and leave!

Posted on Sat Jan 23rd, 2016 @ 7:22pm by Captain Farenia Meowlith & Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah & Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Lieutenant JG Tyler Alvarez & Lieutenant JG Andrea O'Grady & 1st Lieutenant Joseph Myomoto & Ensign Theron Storme & Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen & Kalin 'Shae' Brennan & Chief Petty Officer Arianna D'Tal

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: Islandica - Bridge

After having dealt with the issues, and questions following the botched assassination attempt earlier in the day, Se'Lah, and Arianna were both sitting on the Bridge, while the Captain was taking some down time in her quarters. With most, if not all of the repairs to the ship complete, all they were waiting for now was the final reports from all departments, and the go ahead from Glebben Station that they were cleared to depart.

"Unless something critical happens, we should be ready to depart the station within the next few minutes." Arianna explained to Se'Lah in low tones. "At last check, repairs were nearly complete, and Daimon Galm's goons have been paid up-to-date for our parking space."

"Good." Se'Lah replied. She raised an eyebrow at Arianna's use of the word 'goons' as she noticed more and more that this woman wasn't your typical Vulcan. "Recall the crew from the station, and have them report to their assigned posts." She said loud enough for those on the Bridge to hear. "We've sat idle long enough."

"No arguments from me." Mark said, having just entered the rear of the bridge. "Sorry I'm late." He added, having just returned from the planet he had held the funeral service for both Marla and Amelia.

"We haven't left yet, so you're not exactly late, Mr. Whistler." Based on her reply, it would be hard for most just showing up on the bridge to figure out which of her personalities were in control. With her permission, the basics of Se'Lah's condition had become common knowledge to the Senior Officers, and only vague hints to others of the crew. She found interest in the odd looks she got from many crew members upon seeing her on duty wearing civilian clothing with rank insignia tacked to her collar. "Is your business taken care of?" She asked, being deliberately vague.

Mark nodded. "Everything's done." He replied simply, not wanting to open up about it on the bridge. They would talk about it later, but for now, there was nothing to discuss.

Ens. Storme entered the Bridge and walked quickly to the Helm. He had just finished up the last of a checklist of items to personally confirm. He gave an acknowledging nod to the Ensign at the post, who then turned and moved away. Theron took up the Helm seat, scanned over the controls one more time, closed his eyes, and took a long slow breath. It was finally time for everyone to see just how great a vessel the USS Islandia was and how it could handle. There was no finger crossing here. Over the last two days, he has personally spoken to the engineers and service personnel on board. The ship was ready. He was ready. Theron was just waiting on the word.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyler Alvarez was already sitting at his station, doing last minute checks on everything. His hands danced over his workstation, dark eyes glued to the monitor that was embedded into the workstation itself. He only looked up briefly when Ensign Storme entered, then he went back to his work. Everything was running smoothly... so far. But, as an operations officer, he knew that things eventually would hiccup. It was just a matter of when. However, for now everything checked out, and the smallest of smiles tugged at the corners of his lips at seeing every thing in the green.

Myomoto entered the bridge after completing his walk through security checks. He stopped as he got to the security station and made a brief report "The ship's security is as tight as a drum. All personnel are alert and report all stations secure." He knew that lately he hadn't been performing as well as he could be and was thankful that Mark had been filling in remarkably. He vowed to never be slack again and that started today.

"Good." Se'Lah replied simply. "All departments, report status."

Andrea's scottish accent came over the intercom. "Engineering is ready. Engines and Power systems are green across the board. Deflector is running normally."

The Engineer's lovely Scottish accent was then complemented by Shae Brennan's soft Irish lilt over the comm, "Astrometrics reporting ready, course is plotted and with flight control."

"My team is ready to go, we've gotten all the intel Starfleet has on the Expanse, and some intel they don't have." Mark said. "We're as ready as we'll ever be."

With a notice showing up on her arm rest that all the crew were aboard, Se'Lah decided it was time to get things started. "Mr. Alvarez, please hail the station, and tell them we are ready to depart."

"Aye." Tyler nodded. His thin fingers danced over his workstation, and within moments had gotten a response. "Operations has cleared us, Commander. We are good to go."

"Clear all moorings, disengage umbilicals, and docking clamps." She ordered. "Mr. Storme, Set a course for the Expanse, warp 6."

Storme confirmed and reported, "Aye Sir, all moorings and umbilicals confirmed disengaged. Rear thrusters at 1/4." The USS Islandica eased out of the bay. The stars filled the bridge's main viewscreen.

Tyler, found himself looking up, his dark brown eyes glued to the forward viewscreen. Despite how he felt about being in Starfleet, despite how he felt about serving on a starship, he always found this part breath taking. There was just something about a large starship being maneuvered carefully from the mooring web and into the openness of space. It was a testament to how far humanity had come over the centuries, and at that moment he felt some pride at being apart of something much bigger than himself.

Se'Lah quietly watched as the ship slowly backed out of the bay doors, revealing the beauty of the stars. It always gave her a sense of peace, as she thought of how many distant places had yet to be explored.

Myomoto wasn't new to starship travel but he was new to being in a ship command staff, and as such had never been on the bridge during a station departure. Watching as the ship was maneuvered with obvious skill impressed him immensely. The massive ship moved like a fish in water. The ship and the pilot were where they belonged and the joy the ensign took in his job was obvious. Hoping he was not out of order Myomoto spoke a few words. "Mr Storme, I have never witnessed this particular part of a departure before so I am not exactly an authority but I must say, well done." He grinned at the young pilot before turning his attention back to his station.

Storme reported, "We have cleared the bay, increasing thrusters to full."

Ens. Storme set a course for the Expanse. Once the Islandica reached 1 km, "Impulse engines engaged." The Diligent Class vessel pulled away quickly now from Glebben Station. "Sir, warp engines are at your command."

Se'lah opened her mouth the give the order, but froze before the words could come out. After a moment, a barely imperceptible repeated beep permeated the silence of the Bridge, and Se'Lah's eyes glazed over.

Theron waited for the command. It wasn't too uncommon to pause before going to warp speed, but he definitely wasn't going to dare and turn around and check on the XO.

Mark noticed the scene, and knew then he'd need to remain on the bridge. He also made a mental note to get an alert when Se'Lah had a...moment, so that he could take command as needed. It was, however, not something he relished, but it would need to be done.

After a couple soft beeps, Arianna realized what was happening, and took the initiative. "Engage, Mr. Storm." She said simply.

The instructions came from a different direction than expected, but understood the weight of the command. With his finger already poised over the button, Ensign Storme tapped his finger which activated the warp engines. The stars before them on the viewscreen streaked in the typical fashion, but Theron never got tired of seeing that spectacle.

Only moments after the jump to warp had been completed, Se'Lah blinked a few times, before reaching up to tap the device attached to her ear, stopping the alarm. She looked at the PADD she carried, after seeing the stars streaking by on the view screen. "I take it we haven't been at warp very long?" She asked, turning to Arianna.

"We just left the station a moment ago." Arianna explained simply. With what medical knowledge she had, and the extensive knowledge she had about Vulcans, she felt bad for Se'Lah. By her knowledge, it was rare to find a Vulcan suffering from split personalities... even more rare to find one that could still function.

"Ensign, how long before we enter the Expanse?" Se'Lah asked.

Storme glanced over the data and creating a program for arrival, then replied, "Remaining at Warp 6, we should arrive at the Expanse in 4.7 hours."

"Mr. Alvarez, any sign of ships on long range sensors?" Mark asked. He knew the expanse, and knew there would be at least three ships, one of which would likely be keeping an eye on the Islandica. If there was, he would bet big money on the Ferengi.

"Aye," Tyler said. His fingers danced over his workstation, bringing up the sensor readings for the long range sensors. "It's affirmative on the vessels," he called out. "Though, the Expanse is messing with the sensors, trying to compensate," for a moment he just concentrated on clearing up what he was seeing, adding filters, and using algorithms to do so. "It looks to be three ships, they are spaced out. One looks to be Ferengi in origin, but it's not specific enough." He turned to face Whistler. "We would need to be closer to get a better reading."

"Shields up!" Se'Lah ordered as she heard this, her emotions signalling that she was in the personality that the whole ship knew her as. "Go to yellow alert! Keep a close eye on those ships, if any of them approaches weapons range, go to red alert."

"Aye sir" Myomoto activated the yellow alert and raised the shields. His adrenaline started to kick in as this could end up being his first experience with ship combat. He calmed himself down with long practice and began to run calculations for target selection and prioritization for practice and preparation.

Just then, Farenia decided to make her appearance on the bridge. She looked rather worn down and slightly stressed out, but that didn't make her any less commanding as she took a place next to the helm and motioned for Se'Lah to stay where she was. "Status report please."

"We only left the station moments ago, Captain." Arianna spoke up, knowing that the Commander wouldn't remember enough to provide a proper report. "All departments have reported ready, and all repairs are complete. Weapons, and defensive systems are also fully operational."

Thinking over the report a moment and glancing at the navigational sensors a moment, Farenia set a small PaDD down next to Ensign Storme with coordinates not far into the Expanse. "I picked up a distress signal from an old... acquaintance... on an unlisted subspace carrier. Make for these coordinates at maximum warp and keep an eye out for the smuggling ship 'FSC Venture's Bounty'. Be ready for anything, including those other ships to come 'help' as well."

"Shall we go to red alert?" Myomoto asked.

"Let's wait until we get there. What's our arrival time?" Farenia replied, resting a hand on the back of Storme's chair for a moment before heading to an open side terminal and typing in an access code.

Ens. Storme imputed the new coordinates and recalculated for traveling at warp 9, "ETA on the new coordinates at Warp 9 will get us there in 2.6 hours."

Mark walked over to Ensign Storme, and looked at the coordinates. "So people have decided to run the gauntlet. Talk about stupid." Mark commented.

"Pardon me?" Se'Lah spoke up for the question that was probably on most minds on the bridge. "The Gauntlet, Mr. Whistler?"

"The gauntlet is an area of space within the expanse that generally people avoid. From the Intelligence Starfleet has from the Orions, ships have...disappeared there. It's considered to be similar to the old Bermuda Triangle legend of Earth." Mark said.

Theron glanced over his shoulder for a second at Lt. Whistler. He wasn't familiar with this Bermuda Triangle legend, but it didn't sound good.

Se'Lah queried her PADD about the Bermuda Triangle of Earth's legends, and raised an eyebrow at what she found. "An area on Earth where legend states that both air, and sea vessels had simply... vanished without a trace." She said, looking back at Mark. "Fascinating, and dangerous."

Syrena didn't really have a reason to be on the bridge; Except to deliver a padd with the latest security checks to Myomoto for his review, But she was there nonetheless and had heard the conversation going on, and chimed in, "And also interesting, to say the least."

Myomoto gave Syrena a severe look and said rather pointedly "Thank you for the reports CADET. I believe you have other duties waiting for you elsewhere." Inside Myomoto was mortified and angered by this massive breach of protocol. He breathed slowly and calmed himself down. This was a starship and not a marine combat camp. Things may be done differently here, but he was still going to go with his initial reaction to dismiss the cadet. She may be the ACTSO, but she was still a cadet who had lots to learn.

Syrena's face turned slightly red as she gave a nod to Myomoto and promptly turned and walked away from his station towards the turbolift, in effort to make a quick exit. Not that she didn't feel like he had slapped her down like some upstart kid. She did, however, feel like she wanted to just yell at him as loudly as possible; but instead, Syrena decided it was best to keep calm and not get angry with him since, after all, Myomoto was her superior officer. She was actually surprised that she'd kept a tight lid on her anger just now, which she'd felt building up inside her ready to explode at a moment's notice.

"Wait, Cadet." Se'Lah said as she stood up out of the center chair, glancing at Myomoto, before turning to face Syrena. In the two months that she could remember, Se'Lah had learned on her own that the ideas, and opinions of others were important, regardless of position, or rank. As well she also saw the potential for this young woman to learn valuable skills, and information that she could put to use later in her career. "As you are still a cadet, this could potentially be a learning experience for you." She said with some compassion in her voice. "If there are no objections from the Captain, or Mr. Myomoto, I'd like to invite you to take a guard position on the Bridge... At least for a portion of your shift. I believe your input could potentially be just as valuable as any of the Senior staff."

Syrena simply just nodded to Se'Lah, and stayed right where she was. Making absolutely sure that she was not in the way of everyone else. Her anger completely forgotten for the moment as she observed the activity going on around her.

Theron had listened to all the dialog about Syrena. He had a special connection now to her and felt bad for her, but could not interrupt nor even turn to give her an encouraging look. Theron was very relieved when he heard that the Cadet could remain on the bridge and the dismissal had been minimized.

"Not a bad idea. This is a good opportunity to see what happens when we're going into a ..." Farenia started before pausing and tapping at the console she was at. "Storme, increase speed to the best the engines can possibly give us. Fly her apart if you have to. They sent out telemetry of a massive energy burst and the signal cut out."

"Captain, I recommend against pushing the engines past warp 9.75." Se'Lah spoke up, her numbers showing her understanding of the ship's specification. "Doing so puts the entire ship at risk... and we won't be able to do any good, if we destroy ourselves before we arrive."

"Objection noted. Our last tests said we can do warp 9.78 for a few minutes. I want that at a minimum." Farenia replied as she closed down the terminal she was at and stared at the viewscreen with a concerned look.

Storme knew that meant to follow through with the original orders to bring the ship to maximum velocity. Theron had never been much of a religious person, but at that moment he wished he could remember one of the prayers his Nannam had taught him as a child. "Increasing warp velocity Sir, passing warp 6.5."

Se'Lah hesitated, but then tapped her COMM badge =A= Bridge to Engineering. Let's put those repairs to the test... Give us all the warp power you can. We're pushing the engines to warp 9.78. =A=

Andrea was in disbelief. Such speeds would really put the deflector dish to the test. 'Damn impatient commanders,' she thought before opening the comm channel. She glanced at the core and her team who were looking at her with similar concerns. "Aye. You fly her apart and we'll try to hold her together." She then turned to her crew. "Set flow capacitors to full and keep an eye on all systems. One hiccup and I want to know about it."

The engineering crew nodded and proceeded to their assigned areas.

Helm reported, "Now passing Warp 8, . . . and increasing." The ship began to vibrate and shimmy for a few seconds, but it passed and the Islandica continued on smoothly.

As the ship's speed increased, tensions on the bridge began to rise. Glancing over at Arianna, Se'Lah could tell the woman was anxious, and concerned. "Don't stop, until we reach 9.78, Mr. Storme."

Without hesitation Storme replied, "Understood Sir." He did not turn around, but did swallow loudly out of nervousness.

"Captain, Commander, I object to this course of action-" Arianna stood up, and started to openly object, but Se'Lah cut her off, by putting a single finger up in the woman's view.

"Your objection is noted, Chief, but before you say anything more, know this..." Se'Lah said sternly. "I may not be in the best of conditions, but that woman there is in prime condition, and she knows exactly what she's doing. Now sit!"

Arianna stood staring at Se'Lah in defiance for a few moments, before finally sitting down with a sigh. Her true reason for being here was to investigate Whistler, and because of her cover, she was forced to sit back, and watch as these two put the entire ship at risk.

"Mr. Storme, when we reach 9.78, hold that speed for as long as you can." Se'Lah said, as she eyed the Captain. She would allow this course of action, but she would take steps to ensure the safety of the crew too. "The moment such speed threatens the safety of the ship, drop down to warp 9.75."

Theron glanced out of the corner of his eye to see the XO standing there. He could tell there was a lot going on at the moment that was way over his 'pay-grade'. "Now passing warp 8.5".

Farenia nodded, moving across to the other side of the bridge to check a readout on the structural integrity field. It all looked solid and within tolerances, thankfully. She might be able to pull this off if the ship could get fast enough... Punching in a few commands, she glanced to the viewscreen and prepared to execute a secret command level order that only captains and above should know about. Something that the Enterprise 1701 had done on accident. "What's our speed now, Mr. Storme?" she asked calmly, giving no hint as to what was hopefully about to happen.

Storme glanced down and replied, "Warp 8.8, 8.9, now 9.0 Sir. And still increasing."

Having managed to see what Ferenia entered into the nearby console, Se'Lah understood what was happening. Despite the fact that only Captains, and above were supposed to know that code, Se'Lah had used her clearance to do her research before coming aboard, and knew the deal. Silently, she made her way over to where the Vulcanoid Rigelian stood, and leaned in close. "What you're doing is dangerous." She said in tones low enough that only the two of them heard. "Artificial wormholes can be extremely unstable, and there is no telling where we might end up... Not to mention the damage you could do to this ship."

That Se'Lah recognized the commands shouldn't have come as a surprise to Farenia, but she still paused and stared at her a moment to process that information. "The fact that this ship has that flaw has the highest secrecy classification. I'd ask how you know about it, but me using it should tell you what I think of that." Farenia spoke in hushed tones, leaning in even closer for the next part. "I assume you also know that it's at Warp 9.78 that the wormhole effect forms. As soon as it does, we'll have less than thirty seconds to get the ship under control or we'll fly right past our target and into a sun on this path. Consider this a test of your command ability under stress, Commander." She didn't mention that she knew exactly how to knock the ship out of the artificial wormhole. Part of her wanted to see if Se'Lah had come across the trick to it in her research. She still had a torpedo loaded for the necessary blast, just in case.

The Helmsman called out, "Warp 9.5".

Knowing the dangers inherent in what was happening worried Se'Lah to no end. She looked around the Bridge at officers, many of which were watching the two of them. After a few quiet moments, the station that Ferenia had most recently walked away from grabbed her attention. She moved across the Bridge to the station, noting the Torpedo controls prepped to release a torpedo that could theoretically knock them out of an artificial wormhole. Finally, she looked over at Ferenia, and sighed. "Things are about to get really interesting..." She said, then looked to the helm station. "What is our current speed?"

Again Storme swallowed hard and he could feel a cold drop of sweat trickle down the left side of his face, and he replied, "Warp 9.72". He looked over his display one more time and reported, "and now at warp 9.78".

For a moment all was calm and the ship was running perfectly as if nothing was about to happen. Then the viewscreen started changing. The star streaks faded from the center outwards into the walls of a red tinted wormhole. As the ship continued into the effect, it started to shimmy slightly and the red alert sounded automatically, the lights dimming accordingly.

Farenia looked at her chrono and started counting the seconds, glancing up at Se'Lah expectantly. They were now fourteen seconds from their target if her calculations were right.

Tyler sat calmly as the increase to warp speed was happening, he wasn't entirely sure what was going on but he didn't question it, now did he voice an objection. Starships pushed the limits all the time, though to him it was reckless, it wasn't surprising. Was he nervous that the ship would tear itself apart? No not really. Would it have sucked royally? Definitely! But, at this point it was what it was. His gaze lifted multiple times from his station, the stars streaked by just like always when a ship was at warp. It was a mesmerizing effect, but one he had gotten used to over his time serving on a bridge. Then the viewscreen started to change, and as it did he knew his jaw went slack. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, and more to the point he couldn't believe that the Islandica was still in one piece after what he was seeing. "I don't believe what I'm seeing," he said under his breath. The words came out as more in awe than anything else. He tore his gaze from the viewscreen for a moment to check on his readings. Everything was going haywire, and his dark brown eyes tried to keep up with the streaming data, but it all looked like a jumbled mess... a jumbled mess he would have to untangle later. "It seems stable..." his brow furrowed in confusion at what he was looking at, but yet he couldn't tell which way was up or down at the moment.

Theron watched intently the Helm control display before him. He glanced up at the view screen every now and then, but when he saw the stars start to disappear and turn red he began to hear singing. It was almost like an acapella chorus. He looked about the bridge at other’s faces, many of them ‘slack-jawed’ or otherwise transfixed on the visual on the screen, but no one was singing. The singing was not bothering him. He still monitored the helm; everything was on track and steady at warp 9.78. He thought, Am I going crazy? But then he heard a voice over the chorus, No Brother, not crazy, but a bit out of your realm. You should go back to your own, before it’s too late.

Theron Storme could not believe that he just had a conversation in his head. He had no understanding of how or why, but felt very secure in making the recommendation, “Captain, I would seriously recommend reduction in velocity.” After a second added, “Before it’s too late.”

The ride, quite bumpy at first, suddenly and seemingly without explanation became much more smooth, like the forming wormhole was suddenly not causing as much strain on the ship's structural integrity. Down in Astrometrics, a very irritated Chameloid was working furiously at her station, making minute changes to various ship-wide settings to lessen the strain of the wormhole on the ship and make both more stable. Figures that someone on the bridge would do something like this without consulting the resident expert on astrophysics, and Shae was going to have a serious word with said someone about it later, but for now she wanted to get through this jump without tearing the ship apart, silently cursing the genius who thought this was a good idea...

In Engineering, Andrea gauged the readouts from the Master Display Console with her arms crossed. She had a serious and unamused look on her face. She knew from experience that it would be futile to complain over comm channels. Stress levels were currently rising but still within acceptable limits. She glanced over at the core which humming loudly as it generated the necessary energy to propel the ship at these terminal speeds. 'Keep breathing, girl,' she thought as she continued to look at the heart of the ship beating hard. She turned her attention back to the Master Display Console. "Damned ship captains," she cursed to herself.

Arianna's jaw dropped as she saw, and could physically sense the sudden change in velocities. She'd heard of some ships completely ignoring the laws of physics in this manner, but it had been rare, and before her time. Somewhat disorienting, and definitely dangerous, it was still incredible that they'd even reached these speeds.

Mark remained silent, but as he remembered the logs of Starfleet, his mind went back to the fact that the Enterprise was almost destroyed when they created what he dubbed a Warp Tunnel. Some called it a Wormhole, of course, but he preferred his term.

As the ship traveled past the known limits of Warp velocities, Se'Lah stood, intently watching the timer, displayed on the console in front of her, glancing up every few seconds to see the awe inspiring view on the screen. "Mr. Storme. On my mark, drop to impulse."

Without taking his eyes or hands from the console, Storme replied in a straight tone, “Yes Ma’am.” Inside he was deeply relieved.

As the timer reached zero, Se'Lah pressed a button on the console, launching a torpedo with a trajectory that was directly in their path. She waited until just the right moment, then pressed the remote detonation button. "Now, Mr. Storme!"

It took just a fraction of a second for the Helmsman to flip a couple switched to disengage the warp field about the ship and reduce velocity. Unfortunately, even though the instruction had been given to the ship’s systems to leave warped space, the vessel had remained at Warp 9.78 for a couple more seconds until the torpedo detonated.

As the torpedo exploded, the wormhole explosively dissipated, dropping them out of the wormhole, and into normal space. At first glance, it was easy to see that they were not where they had started. "Damage report, and location please." Se’Lah said after a quiet moment.

Storme focused on the ship’s speed and close range sensors. Sensor indicators had become quite confused just prior to returning to normal space. He wanted to make sure that they were not flying into any kind of spacial anomaly, especially a star. He sighed deeply when he saw that they had returned to clear and empty space. At the same time he tried to read navigational coordinates, now that the computer could correlate their position to the corresponding stars.

Andrea couldn't help to smile as she looked at the warp core. "Good girl," she said softly. She then ran a full systems check on the Master Display Console. "Warp engines have been strained and will need some time to cool down," she reported to the bridge over the intercom. "Recommend we not jump to warp for another hour. Impulse engines are functioning at 100 percent and all other systems show green across the board."

Ens. Storme had looked at the navigational readings, then double checked them, and was quite amazed. They had arrived very near the Expanse. Sensors indicated there was a ship just off to starboard. But the Comm activated and he listened to the Engineer’s report first. He totally understood what had taken place with the engines. Theron tried to refocus and reported, “Sir, we have arrived near the Expanse.” Theron was still amazed that they had stopped short of it. “I do have a sensor blip about 2 kilomoters out, at Zero-seven-two mark twelve.” He didn’t have the tactical readout in his sensors, but the ship or object didn’t look right. It was rather fuzzy, he thought, possibly debre?

"On screen," Farenia ordered, seeing how close they were. The image on the viewscreen was hard to make out - there was lots of weapons scoring on the hull of the notorious bulk freighter. As the main body rotated, Farenia's stomach sank as she realized the extent of the damages to this vessel. She doubted even life pods survived the blast this ship had took. The main hull... a thick Federation style saucer similar to an overgrown insignia class... It had been melted straight through the center by an energy blast. The only thing holding the cargo pods together was melted duranium - the entire central area was simply gone. The minimal engineering hull was blasted to shreds and all 4 nacelles were hanging limply in space. It was as if whatever hit this ship was powerful enough to forego the warp core breach and just vaporize the whole lot into subatomic particles. She had seen similar wrecks from Borg attacks, but never so clean as this. Slipping into one of the side chairs, still stunned at the sight, Farenia muttered something unintelligible under her breath before getting out her next order. "Sensors. We need answers. Scan... scan what's left of her."

Myomoto had pretty much just been riding along and filing away information up to this point. His augmented hearing had caught everything said on the bridge and he was going to have a talk with the Captain when time allowed. Now that they were back out of warp and in what he judged to be a combat zone he left everything else to the other bridge crew and brought weapon systems online. Taping into the scanner feed he kept and eye out for threats. "Weapons and defense systems online and ready captain."

"Mr. Myomoto, scan for any other nearby vessels, and keep us on red alert for the moment." Se'Lah said after a moment of quiet hesitation. What she saw was... powerful. Seeing the devastation of the freighter in front of them told her that this was no ordinary weapon. "If it moves, I want to know about it."

Arianna for her part just sat there, looking a bit uncertain. As the image of the freighter floated on the view screen in front of her, she studied it. In it's own horrifying way, it was fascinating to think of the kind of vessel, or weapon that could critically damage a ship in such a manner.

Storme calculated and laid in a course that would bring the Islandica near the wreckage, but waited for the order.

"Now that you've finished trying to kill us all, Captain, I'd recommend sending a team over there. Sensor's will only be able to tell us so much. That having been said, I don't recommend using transporters. The whole area of space is unstable. One electrical discharge, and our atoms will be scattered everywhere." Mark said.

"I highly doubt you will find any survivors." Se'Lah told Mark as she turned to face him. "I'd suggest wearing EVA suits, since it looks like systems such as life support won't be functional."

The Islandica was fast approaching the target debre, Ens. Storme asked, "Sir, should I fly a course about the de . . vessel?" Wow! Theron thought, I may have just stuck my foot in my mouth.

"Yes." Se'Lah replied simply. "Let's take a closer look at the damage, and scan for any survivors."

Andrea watched a monitor in Engineering as the Islandica approached the freighter. She let out a low whistle. "What in blazes could do such a thing?" she asked no one in particular. She then noticed the Islandica's course and speed. They were going to board the other ship. She wanted nothing more than to go and get a closer look at the damage on the freighter.

Tyler's gaze kept going from the viewscreen to his own readings. He was running continuous scans himself, watching power levels mostly. He was also feeding that information to the sensor analysis team. They were the ones who dissected what was being seen. He wasn't entirely sure what this was even about, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know. The less I know, the better probably, he thought to himself. However, the sensors were still trying to decipher what was what, the electrical discharges, combined with the instability of the space around them was wreaking havoc on what they were trying to see.

"It looks like most of the inner hull was just... melted away." Arianna finally broke the silence on the Bridge as she voiced what her eyes told her. "Whatever did this might be more than we can handle."

"Mr. Whistler, prepare a team to beam over." Se'Lah said, turning to Mark. She wanted to go with him, and felt somewhat useless with everything going on. "Look for survivors, and if you can get anything at all to work... try to get whatever information you can from their computer."

Mark felt a brief moment of curiosity, why he was being asked to go over and not Myomoto, but he had been given an order...and it certainly beat standing around doing nothing. "Aye, Commander." Mark said. "Mr. Alvarez, you're with me." Mark ordered.

"Whistler to Intel Team Alpha, meet in shuttlebay, with life support field generators, plus two extra's." He ordered, as he went towards the turbolift. "Whistler to engineering, I need three engineers, all equipped with life support fields." He added. "Shuttlebay." Mark ordered. As the turbolift doors closed, he looked at Tyler. "Garuda told me of the good job you did on the station." Mark commented.

Getting an idea of the Captain's mental state, based on her reactions, Se'Lah made her way over to where Farenia sat, leaning in close to speak low enough for only her to hear. "I know you're upset." She said. "Whatever did this could prove to be a great danger to this area of space."

Shaking her head to try to clear it, Farenia stood and nodded to her XO. "Sorry about that. Conduct scans and whatever research you can. If you find a trail to follow of the other ship, notify me immediately. I doubt they'll be back any time soon, but let's still hurry on those scans and samples. As soon as the engines cool down and Engineering gives us the ok, let's get back underway. And at a more reasonable speed this time. Commander, you have the bridge." Farenia turned towards her ready room and paused for a moment before heading into it.

Se'Lah watched as Farenia disappeared into the ready room. The woman would need someone to talk to eventually, but for now, they had other concerns. "Mr. Myomoto." She said, turning to the tactical station. "Let me know if, and when any ships enter the area." She then sat back down in the center chair, logging into the arm rest console. "If whatever did this comes back, we don't want to be caught unprepared."

"Aye sir. Weapon systems are still hot and I am linked into all scanner systems and keeping an eye out for anything that could be a threat." Myomoto was was a little confused as to why he wasn't being involved in the away mission but he figured command knew what they were doing and kept to his job. He envied Whistler his mission but instead of being bitter he sent a message to gis pad. "Watch your back over there. Shae would be upset if something happened to you and I wouldn't be to pleased either. We have BBQs to have and brews to share."

Ens. Storme cringed slightly when some small piece of debris hit the shield. He couldn't dodge them all, but made his rotation pattern bigger as they flew around the vessel and its debris field.

Down in Engineering, Andrea was in a Jefferies Tube cursed as the ship shuddered from a debris hit. Slapping her comm badge and rubbing her head from where she banged it against the crawl space of the tube.. "It helps NOT to hit the debris."

Ens. Storme at the Helm was not sure if he was supposed to respond to the Engineer's comment or not and glanced over his shoulder to the XO for a little guidance, raising his eyebrows.

Se'Lah raised an eyebrow, and gave Ensign Storme a light shrug. She tapped the COMM button on the arm rest. "There is a lot of debris." She said simply. "Kind of hard to miss it all."

Little did the crew yet know, but as soon as Farenia entered her ready room, she put out a call to the ship's counselor, tapping her comm badge. "Farenia to Lieutenant Iniya, Vicky... I want you to go on the away mission assembling now in the main transporter room. There's no atmosphere left over there so plan accordingly. And please... Try to find the remains of a man named Ven Kyro. he was... special... to me."

Vicky didn't have to ask any more about this - she knew enough just from the Captain's tone of voice. She'd make a note to sit down and have a long chat with her about it though. "Yes ma'am, I'm on my way." was her only reply before grabbing gear she had hoped she wouldn't need for a while longer.


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