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Aboard the 'FSC Venture's Bounty'

Posted on Sun Dec 11th, 2016 @ 1:31am by Captain Farenia Meowlith

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: 'FSC Venture's Bounty'

Vicky was the first to arrive in the transporter room, armed to the teeth with... well... a tricorder and a biohazard personal shield unit. She was sure the rest of the team would need EV suits, but as she proved in her cadet days, she didn't need much protection for a short stay in a vacuum. Hence she was particularly well suited to this sort of thing and why the call went out from the Captain herself for her to go with the team. What her particular skills would add to the mission, she wasn't sure about, but if there were survivors, she could at least tag them to be beamed to sickbay, she supposed.

Akima was the second person to enter the room, She was already expecting Farenia to be there as well, but alas, She wasn't there yet. She made a mental note to speak to the woman when it was convenient. Even if it meant having to relieve her of command on the away mission. Akima barely even registered Vicky's presence, Much less see her standing there. "You're Vicky, Islandica's counselor? Correct?" She asked as she turned to face her.

Tag- Vicky, changed this part to fix any errors or confusions here.

Mark walked into the room, having grabbed his weapons from his office, along with three other members of his team. All three of them were armed with phaser rifles, and bladed weapons. "Alright people, let's get this show on the road." He said. He checked his life support personal shield, and looked at the others. It was then that he registered the presence of the new person. "Can I help you?" He asked, using his wrist communicator to signal for another member of his team to join him, without being seen.

"Captain Akima Laveta." Akima responded to the man who'd just walked into the room as she gestured to herself with her thumb, "I'm here to observe everyone onboard ship. Then later, I will need to speak with your captain when time permits."

"Well, with all due respect, my team are departing the ship now. I don't know you, and whilst I would love to know how you got on board without me knowing, Captain, I have a mission to go on." Mark said. He then saw Drasko enter the transporter room. "This is Drasko, he's one of my men. Drasko, please check the Captain's credentials. If she isn't Starfleet, brig her." He said. He was blunt, and didn't care about offending anyone. "Captain Laveta, if you are on the level, then I'll apologise. Until then, this is a restricted area."

"Naturally." Akima said, Smirking as she did so, "But as you can see." She produced a padd with her transfer orders, and held it up towards Drasko, "I've been ordered by Starfleet to take direct command of this ship." She glanced back to Drasko, "Use decryption algorithm 96-Alpha. From there you'll discover my orders are indeed from Starfleet Command, and they are infact, One hundred percent genuine as plain as the nose on my face."

Drasko passed the PADD to Mark, and entered the code. As he looked at it, he frowned, and then passed the PADD to Drasko. "So Starfleet sent someone to take over from the Captain? Drasko, find out how we didn't know, but stay with her." He said. "The orders may be genuine, but at the moment, I've got a mission to complete. When I get back, I'm happy to discuss this with you." Mark said, as he stood on the transporter platform. "Vicky, Alvarez, let's go." He said, stepping onto the transporter platform. "Energise when ready." He said to the operator.

Tag Vicky/Alvarez

Drasko looked at Akima. "You'll have to forgive him Captain. He's normally a little friendlier, but there's been a lot of crap going on recently, including his sister and a friend being murdered, on this ship, and Starfleet jerking him around, trying to get him removed from duty." Drasko said.

"Tough luck." Akima murmured, More to herself than to anyone else as she glanced back towards the transporter pad that Mark and his cohorts had just stepped onto. She made a mental note to speak to the man personally, Once her tour of the ship was completed.

Tag Vicky

Mark looked at the transporter chief. "Energise." He ordered. He felt the transporter wash over him, taking him away from the Islandica.

Once Mark and the others had phased out of existence on the transporter pad, Akima left the transporter room, With Drasko trailing right behind her, Whilst she continued on with her tour.

(Aboard the Bounty)

Hanging in space, the freaighter FSC Venture's Bounty was silent, and dark. There was no oxygen, no heat, and what little power remained was dwindling away as consoles lightly flickered in various places. The silence, and darkness were broken as blue matter streams appeared, bringing with them the Islandica's away team.

As they appeared on the ship, Mark looked around. "Alright people, spread out, see what you can find. Vicky, Alvarez, you're with me." He said.

Tag Vicky/Alvarez

As the three of them walked through the corridors, Mark looked at them. "What do you think happened here?" He asked.

Alverez flipped open his Tricorder, taking scans as he looked for a usable console. "I don't know, Sir." He replied somewhat absently. "The energy signatures left behind by the blast aren't consistent with anything in the Starfleet database."



Az: I'm starting up the post for the away mission to the 'FSC Venture's Bounty' and I'm including Vicky for this. I should have a reprieve in my appointments long enough to get through this. If i missed anyone, please let me know.

Se'Lah: Am I added to this for COMM purposes during the away mission? Se'Lah's not leaving the ship is why I ask.

Az: you assume correctly. now we just need someone else to tag in...

Az: I think we should probably just delete this. and Vicky isn't in an EV suit...

Holly: D'oh! X_X I gotta remind myself to read these posts more than once before I respond so I can make sure I get the details right.

Se'Lah: Can I be confused now? lol Just quickly pointing out that Laveta being in this away mission literally puts her in two places at once, since she's coming to the bridge only a few minutes after this point in the post. To clarify, this away mission happens at the same time as the bridge post.

Holly: I was just thinking that. What should we do here?

Whistler: There you go, I just gave you an out, we'll have this set a minute or two before, giving her time to get to the bridge.

Se'Lah: I'll play the part of Alverez, since the player has resigned from the simm.


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