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Defending the Prize

Posted on Thu Jun 2nd, 2016 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Se'Lah & Chief Petty Officer Arianna D'Tal & Captain Farenia Meowlith & Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Ensign Theron Storme & Cadet Senior Grade Syrena Hansen & Captain Akima Laveta

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: USS Islandica


Se'Lah stood on the bridge, quietly pacing back and forth as she waited for the away team's first report. Though she'd sent Mark on the away team, she was worried about him, and she was hopeful that maybe there would be survivors. The only reason she'd sent him instead of Mr. Myomoto was because she wanted to have the Chief Tactical officer on the bridge in case whoever had destroyed the freighter decided to come back.

"Commander, if you keep this up, you're going to wear a hole in the deck plating." Arianna said simply. "Worrying is not good for the soul."

Se'Lah's eyebrow came up in surprise as she looked over at Arianna. "If I didn't know better, I'd say that was a Human response, Chief."

Storme sat at the Helm and a smile came to his face, but didn't dare turn around during the exchange.

"I am not entirely Vulcan." Came Arianna's reply. She was going to say more, when she noticed two small ships warp into view on the view screen, followed by an alarm on the tactical, and Operations stations.

"Report." Se'Lah said, turning back to look at the view screen.

"Two small vessels have just warped into the area." Came the reply from tactical. "Both of them are moderately armed."

Under normal circumstances, Se'Lah would've ordered yellow alert, but they had yet to stand down from their earlier red alert. "Hail them."

"No response, Commander." the tactical officer replied. "They are charging weapons."

The two smaller ships suddenly split off, each of them firing on the Islandica from different directions. The ship shook, and Se'Lah shook her head with a sigh. "Return fire, and try to disable their weapons." She said, immediately turning serious. "Helm, evasive pattern Se'Lah echo. Try to keep us between them, and the freighter if you can."

"Pattern Se'Lah echo, Aye." Storme replied and caused the ship to flip and duck. Theron thought that out maneuvering these two ships was not going be a problem. Keeping the Islandica between them and the freighter was going to be the real trick.

Se'Lah sat down in the center chair, using the hand rest to get more information. As the ship shook from another volley of weapons fire, she opened a COMM channel. "Islandica to away team. We've run into some uninvited guests and we are taking fire."

=/\=Understood. We're still trying to find survivors, or any hint of what happened here, but I'll make sure we're safe here.=/\= Mark promised.

"Do what you need to do, and get back to the beam in point." Se'Lah ordered, without missing a beat. "We'll try to keep them busy in the mean time. Islandica out." The ship shook again, and Se'Lah looked at the display on her arm rest. "Helm, bring us about, heading 226 mark 56... full impulse!"

Theron understood exactly what that heading meant, but didn’t hesitate, “Aye Sir.” He then slowed the Islandica and banked it hard to port, straining the inertia compensators, and then increased impulse to full.

"On my signal, target the lead ship, and give them everything we've got." Se'Lah gave her next order. She wasn't about to make this easy for them.

"Weapons are ready."

As the ship came about, they found themselves in a head on collision course. Se'Lah wasted no time as she gave the order to fire. "Fire!"

Lined up for an easy shot, the Islandica let loose with a volley of torpedoes, immediately followed by phaser fire, before the ship quickly veered off out of the direct line of fire.

Ens. Storme tried to keep the heading as he watched the phasers fire on the main view screen.

That was when the turbolift doors to the bridge opened up to deposit a young Betazoid-Human female wearing command red and sporting four small solid gold pips on her uniform's collar. She wasted no time as she marched up towards the console that Farenia had been sitting at, "I would not bother sending over an away team, Commander." She commented as she glanced towards the main viewscreen, "I'm not sensing that anyone is even alive on that ship."

At the same time, Drasko came out of the turbolift, having been sent as an escort by Mark, who didn't trust the woman he hadn't met before. "Se'Lah, Mark's away with the team." He said.

"We'll be beaming them back once these two ships are taken care of." Se'Lah replied, without missing a beat, then turned back to look at the view screen.

"Excuse me, Captain." Arianna addressed the newcomer to the bridge, allowing Se'Lah to command during the battle, but keeping ready to take over should the woman shift personalities again. "An away team has already been sent. Right now we are protecting the freighter, until they return.

"Thank you Ms. D'Tal." The half-Betazoid Captain responded, "However, That may not have been necessary seeing as I can't sense anyone being still alive over there." She noted the look of surprise about to form on the woman's face, "I am half-Betazoid, By the way; Just in case you were about to ask me how I can sense who's alive, and who's dead." Akima smirked a knowing smile, "Also, I knew your name before I came on this ship; Because I read all the relevant information about it, Including the personnel roster before I came on board from your brief stop at Glebben Station where I was temporarily assigned until it arrived there."

Theron sat at the Helm listening to all the explanation, but he had more questions than he knew what to do with. But for now he needed to focus on the Islandica and where she lay in this mess. Storme glanced back at the woman giving all the explanations. She looked fairly attractive and saw the 4 pips on her collar, but then realized that she had not informed the Bridge who she was nor why she was there. He also noticed that Ensign Hansen was now also on the bridge. He had to wonder if her and this Captain had something to do with each other. After seeing Syrena he also felt very concerned for her and their unborn child. WOW he exclaimed to himself. I really have to focus. There are too many distractions taking place for me.

Syrena barely registered the new woman's presence while she'd taken her place near the back corner of the bridge, Observing what was happening during her presence there. As Syrena listened to the woman's explanation, She caught a glimpse of Theron looking right at her from his station; His facial expression looked to be one of concern. Probably for the well-being of her and their unborn baby, Which she was now carrying inside her. Syrena understood the look he gave her, and didn't say anything, but she gave Theron a reassuring nod as her hand floated up towards her stomach. Silently letting him know that she and their unborn child were alright, and that she was concerned for him too.

As the lead ship veered off out of the direct line of fire, another quip came from Tactical. "Direct hit, Commander." He said. "Their forward shields are down." Just then another volley of phaser fire hit the shields, causing the ship to shake. "Our shields are down to 70%."

Se'Lah hadn't failed to notice the Captain who had entered the Bridge, but her attention was focused more on the battle than anything else right then. "Mr. Storme, evasive pattern Se'Lah Alpha." She ordered, knowing this would bring the ship around, allowing them another volley of fire against the lead ship. "When we come around, hit them again. Let's disable the lead ship, and move on to the next one."

"Disable? All due respect, they want us dead. We should return the favour." Drasko said, standing near Mark's station on the bridge.

"No offense, but this is not Turalek, Mr. Drasko." Se'Lah said, turning her attention to the man. She remembered the short stint she shared with Mark on Turalek, where she'd first met Drasko. Their mission had been full of death, but the killing had been the only way to complete their mission. By her logic, that was not true in this case. "Starfleet is not in the business of taking lives, unless absolutely necessary... and neither am I."

Ens. Storme brought the ship about as requested. He also angled the ship for a more narrow profile with its side toward the enemy ship.

As the ship lined up, Se'Lah barked the next order. "Fire!" She watched as phasers lanced out from the ship, striking the hull of the lead ship.

"Direct hit. The lead ship is disabled." Came the reply from tactical.

"They're trying to kill us. Seems necessary." Drasko commented. "But your ship, your call." He added, as the ship shook from weapons impact. He frowned as he looked at his console. "Looks like there's some additional life forms on the other ship. Could be they detected Mark and the team." He said.

"Inform the away team that they have incoming, possibly armed." Se'Lah replied

Arianna moved from her seat to the station that this new woman was standing at. "Forgive me for being rude, Captain, but this is not the best time to complicate things on the bridge." She said simply. "It would help to know who you are, and why you're here."

"I have been sent by Starfleet Command to replace your current captain, Farenia Meowlith; As the Islandica's new Commanding Officer." Akima announced to the entire bridge crew. "I am Captain Akima Laveta, For those of you who are wondering who I am." She glanced over at Drasko, Who had checked her credentials merely a few moments earlier, ”Mr. Drasko, Won't you kindly inform the crew that my orders are genuine?"

Drasko glared at her, a little annoyed at being put in the middle. "Unfortunately, she's telling the truth. Mark decrypted the orders himself and showed me." He confirmed. "Although Mark, and the rest of us, are wondering how she got aboard without us knowing."

"That's something we can work out a little later." Se'Lah replied as the ship shook again. "After the battle has ended perhaps?" She turned her attention to Theron. "Mr. Storme, bring us around for another pass. It's time to end this fight."

"Aye, aye." Storme replied with confidence as he brought the Islandica back around a with a touch of a spin that allowed the weaker shields to be on the back side and away from the on-coming vessel.

"Fire again." Se'Lah ordered, and she watched as yet again more phaser fire lanced out to hit the second ship, followed up by a few torpedoes.

"Their shields are down..." He hesitated long enough to read the tactical display. "Both ships are withdrawing, Commander."

"Sir, according to sensors, those ships left their men behind on the freighter." Alverez said from the OPS station.

Se'Lah tapped her COMM badge. "Islandica to away team, report."


Mark leapt over one of the attackers, and as he landed, he kicked the man in the back of the leg, sending him spiralling to the ground. He then drew one of his kulaks, and lodged it into the neck of the man. "Bit busy at the moment Se'Lah." Mark said, withdrawing the kulak, and ducking to avoid being shot with a blaster. "Can this wait?"

=A= "The attacking ships have withdrawn, and abandoned their away team." =A= Se'Lah's disembodied voice rang through Mark's COMM badge. =A= "We're preparing to beam both teams to the Islandica on your order. Security teams will be standing by to take the other team into custody." =A=

Mark quickly landed a blow to the face of one of the attackers. "Not sure they like that idea." Mark said, before bringing his foot up into the face of the same man. As an energy blast shot towards him, he grabbed the man next to him by the throat, and used him as a shield. He then threw the body at the man who had fired the shot. "If you wanna get the other team off, now would be a good time." He added, diving behind a wall as three energy blasts headed for him.

=A= "Stand by." =A= Se'Lah replied, and without even closing the COMM channel, issued the needed orders. Having heard the conversation, the officer sitting at the OPS station was already prepared to beam them over. =A= "Security team to transporter room two. Erect a level 4 forcefield around the transporter bay in transporter room two, and energize." =A=

A moment later, Mark, and the remaining away team members found themselves standing alone on the freighter, the only sounds coming from their EVA suits, and the still opened COMM link.


"Now beam our team to transporter room one." Se'Lah ordered, then closed the COMM.

"Aye sir." came the reply from OPS. "The team is aboard."

Arianna, still somewhat skeptical, decided to do what she believed the Commander would do anyway. "Not that I don't believe Drasko over here, but I'll need to verify your orders." She said simply, holding her hand out, with a raised eyebrow. "Standard procedure."

"By all means. I've nothing to hide." Akima answered the woman, Then with a flick of her wrist, Akima tossed the padd over to Arianna as she added, "As I told Mr. Whistler, Use decryption algorithm 96-Alpha, and that should prove those orders are genuine and that I'm telling the truth."

It might not have been the smart thing to do, but that was the moment that Theron turned from the helm to get a look at this 'Captain Laveta'. Theron found that she was prettier than expected, especially her dark brown hair. His eyes then glanced at Syrena before quickly turning back at the Helm control. He couldn't read minds, but that look from her was not a happy one.

Syrena was glaring furiously at Theron when he glanced at her. After all, She was carrying his child inside her, and she'd just caught him looking at this "so-called" captain! Although, Technically speaking, Syrena and Theron weren't really dating or having a relationship with each other; They'd only had dinner and a few drinks together at the bar on Glebben Station before the situation, Which had ended with Syrena becoming pregnant with Theron's child, Had happened. Even though Syrena was still angrily glaring at Theron, She had to admit to herself that she and Theron weren't really in a relationship together, Since he never even asked her to be his girlfriend, or even his fiancée. When Theron turned back to his station at the Helm, Syrena heaved a quiet sigh, and silently told herself that she'd have to deal with Theron later. Right now wasn't the best time to get angry at him for the moment.

Arianna skimmed the contents of the PADD, pressing her thumb to it to verify that she'd seen the orders. As she did, another thumb box appeared, requesting Se'Lah's verification, confirming that the computer was aware they were working as a pair. "The orders look genuine, Commander." Arianna said as she walked over to Se'Lah, handing her the PADD. "It needs your verification."

Se'Lah looked over the contents of the PADD, providing her thumbprint verification. She stood up, and faced Akima, finally getting her first good look. The woman had a fairly attractive appearance, and very little, if anything, was out of place on her uniform. "You will find Captain Meowlith in the ready room." She said simply, as she moved to hand the PADD back to Akima. "If you haven't already, I would also suggest a visit to sickbay for your boarding physical."

Akima gave a nod to Se'Lah, "Very well." Though, she, like all Starfleet captains, didn't like going to sickbay. But she decided to take care of that later after she had a chat with Farenia. "The bridge is still yours, Commander." She answered as she headed right towards the doors to the readyroom, pressed the door chime, and waited for a response from the other side of the doors.


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