Search Party Antic - Part 1

Posted on Sat Jan 7th, 2017 @ 6:12pm by Ensign Theron Storme

Mission: Smuggler's Delight
Location: Devina IV
Timeline: Current


Ens. Storme crept through the jungle cautiously. There were so many sounds about him, coming from every direction; animals and creatures of all sizes and levels of danger.

"Ow !!" Crewman Stephens exclaimed as she slapped her knee.

Startled, Theron turned around to see Bree rubbing her leg. "Shh! Not so loud," he added with a whisper.

Bree stood up with hands on hips, "Listen here mister. I'm not going to hold back my exclamation of pain just to make you happy." She knew she was only a crewman first class and him an officer, but that had not stopped, could not stop, the affection they had for each other. So, she was definitely not going to let him boss her around, especially when they were alone.

Theron saw the expression on her face and took it as mad, disappointed, and a bit of contempt. He took a step toward her, bending down slightly with palms open toward her, "Okay, okay. I'm sorry for the bugs."

A more stern look came over her face, "And why was it, again, that you volunteered me for this assignment?"

Theron stood more erect with a smile on his face, "As I told you, we needed to do a ground survey for any signs of the grave robbers in this area." His actual intent was to move their search past a beautiful waterfall and pool of water that he had already seen in the aerial survey, but he knew she would not like that answer at all.

"And we couldn't do that from the air in the shuttle," Bree turned about in the direction they had come. The shuttle nor the clearing were anywhere in sight. Looking back at Theron still frustrated. There were so many questions, she didn't know where to start, but finally just said, "Why?"

His was where Theron needed to be very creative with his answer. He did not want to lie or mislead her, but didn't want to give away his secret intent, at least not yet. He took another step toward Bree, resting a hand gently on her shoulder, "Because I wanted to spend some time with you . . alone."

Bree's face softened as she looked up into his blue eyes, "I want that too . . , but Sweety . . " without turning her eyes from his, "the jungle is not my idea of fun. We could have done that on a holodeck."

Theron placed his other hand on her shoulder and slowly brought her closer. Their faces were much closer now, their breath intermingling, their lips parting, anticipating.

*SNAP* came a noise louder than the others of the jungle.

The two Starfleet personnel crouched quickly at the same time, turning in the direction of the sound. Theron silently pulled out his phaser and brought it up cautiously in the direction of the unknown.

An abrupt and annoying voice resounded, "Stand down Ensign!"

Storme definitely recognized that voice and stood slowly as he felt Stephons do the same right behind him.

Lt. Kramer stepped out of the jungle and onto the path the others had been walking, "The Commander has called off the current search. He wants us all to meet up at the temple ruins. That's going to be on a baring of 030 degrees for you. Understood?"

"Yes Sir," Storme replied as he put his laser away. He was wondering if he should ask the question on his mind, not sure if it was appropriate, but asked in the end, "Will you not be joining us?"

Kramer looked down at Storme, slightly irritated, "No. And even though it's none of your business, I'll tell you anyway. I'm on my way to meet up with Lt. Valdez. He has found a stone column in the middle of 'no where' directly south of here. So, . . I'm going there and you . . will no longer question my agenda. Understood?" His mouth came together with a bitter expression.

"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir," was Ens. Storme's meager reply. Both Storme and Stephons stepped off the trail to allow the Lieutenant to pass them by.

As he walked away, Kramer did not turn around but said, "No doddling you two."

Theron and Bree stepped back onto the trail, but neither replied to the senior officer, for he was in the bush and out of sight within a few seconds. This really messed up his plans for finding that waterfall, but he still might make it happen. He looked her as if they had just been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar, "Well, I guess we should keep moving."

Bree looked up at him grimacing shyly as she placed her hand on his upper arm and rubbed it comfortingly. "Ya, we should get going." As they both then turned to walk, Bree's hand slid down his arm to find his hand and gripped it tightly.

Theron hesitated for a second, looking back at her, but then griped it back and gave her a wink.